Nov. 2, 2022 – 3-Year Van Anniversary and Updated Gesara News 

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Check Out Cathy’s Videos To See What Happened in 2020

Yes It Was ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – Apr. 7, 2020
Van Lifer’ Take On What Is Happening in this Country 

Action Plans for the Entire Family – Apr. 10, 2020
Van Lifer Lays Out Action Plans for Families 

Women and Children Were Being Kidnapped by Men from Other Countries – Jan. 8,  2021
What Really Happened Before The World Went Dark in March 2020 

Hospitals Were Killing People With Ventilators – Nov. 16, 2020
Cathy Harris Speaks from Sedona – 

It’s A Great Time to Be Alive – Feb. 2021
Cathy Harris Speaks from Atlanta

Stop Listening To Others and Conduct Your Own Research  – Aug. 4, 2021
Cathy Harris Speaks from Flagstaff, AZ

Respect Everyone You Meet – Aug. 23, 2021
Cathy Harris Speaks from Mancos, CO

Learn To Speak Kind Words – Sep.  1, 2021
Cathy Harris Speaks from Durango, CO

Moving On After Wearing Masks and Taking Vaccinations – Jan. 14, 2022
Cathy Harris Speaks from Twin Lakes, CO


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