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The 'Chevron Doctrine'  also called 'Chevron Deference' takes down all 439 Federal Agencies within the next 6 months. It also takes down the British Accreditation Registry (BAR) Judges and Lawyers, and also  Police Departments. Read more below...

This writeup is self-explanatory but if you still don't understand what is happening in the world, and you have 10 or more people in your group or community -- email and request a "Roundtable Discussion" by phone at

News - Jul. 17, 2024

News - Jul. 2, 2024




Quantum Financial System (QFS) Articles by Cathy Harris

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-Preparing To Move Into New Quantum Financial System  (What You Need to Know About the Gesara Announcement, Martial Law, EBS, Disclosures, and Redemption Center Appointments)

-What You Need To Know About Humanitarian Projects

-What You Need to Know About FREE Military Medical Beds

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