5D New Earth Changes

Cathy Harris, New Earth Educator, Speaker and Author

Sep. 20, 2023

5D New Earth Changes

Ascension, Solar Flash, Reincarnation, and Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

How To Raise Your Frequency and Vibrations to Transition into the 5D New Earth


This Page Will Continue to Be Updated With 5D New Earth Changes

I am a New Earth Educator. This is just a short overview of some of the upcoming 5D New Earth changes.


The Ascension Process and Symptoms

There are currently two Earths running side by side with each other – the old 3D Earth (aka “The Matrix”), where there is turmoil, chaos, and sadness, and the Spiritual 5D Earth, where there is peace, joy, love, and happiness.

Ascension symptoms include:

-Vertigo/Lightheadedness/Dizziness/Mental Confusion and the inability to concentrate.

Fluctuating Blood Pressure

-Restlessness, ‘anxiety’, and/or irritability.

-Headaches, migraines, and pressure/tingling in different parts of the brain, or feeling like your head is full of water or air.

-Loss of balance and muscle weakness at times.

-A lot of pressure in the ears.

-Internal cold and/or chills.

-Feeling weird without being able to explain how or why.

-Stronger and deeper heartbeat (unlike the palpitations caused by a solar storm).

-Sensory hypersensitivity.

-Intermittent disconnection of what is happening around you.

You are likely to notice changes in your physical body such as bruises, red dots on the skin, more marked dark circles, greater or less muscle mass, swelling in some parts (should last less than 3 days), hair loss, cracked nails, and more blue or swollen veins without influencing the external temperature. Don’t force your body and be patient with the adaptation process. It is only temporary.  (Read more)

3rd Dimension vs. 5th Dimension

The 3rd Dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted. Because so many of us have lived in this 3rd-dimensional reality for so many lifetimes, we assume this is all there is. We live in a very limited, restricted reality of experience.

The 5th Dimension also called “Golden Era,” “New 5D World” and “New 5D Earth” is kind of like a fairytale…Humanity will live in harmony and peace while respecting all people and Earth and living in oneness with everything around them.

There will be no more control, corruption, hunger, poverty, separation, or crime. Everyone will be ‘sovereign’ and living without fear and judgment — living with alignment and connection with Mother Earth.

This is the first time that Planet Earth has ever gone through an Ascension process. Many #StarSeeds (read Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves of Volunteers”) volunteered to come or to be reincarnated on Earth to help the Earth and humanity ascend into the 5th Dimension. 

Some say when we have the final Ascension process, we will be put to sleep and the Earth will separate into two Earths. Others say we will travel through a portal. However, what they both agree on is when we wake up from the Ascension Process everything around us will be beautiful just like dreaming a vivid dream.

The Solar Flash

The Solar Flash, which should occur in 2024, is a two-way process:

-Firstly, it will be an external event. We have seven (7) main chakras. The Solar Flash will collapse the seven (7) chakras into oneness – into a single white light. 

-Secondly, that will be a cue for the sun to release the signal and activate the dormant DNA. Currently, we are only using 4% of our DNA. Wait until we start using the other 96%. StarSeeds and Non-StarSeeds’ DNA will be upgraded to the next stage and there will be different levels of upgrades.

-Thirdly, it will completely get rid of the ‘Nanotech’ (Nanobots) from the COVID vax. Many of these toxins are disappearing now with Med Bed treatments and because we are activating our dormant DNA. If it wasn’t for our dormant DNA being activated, many more would have gotten sicker from the vax.

-Fourthly, it will cause a #MassAwakening. It will wake up everyone worldwide and snap them out of their ‘hypnosis’ and/or ‘mind control’. However, many will fall back asleep.

Once we have the Solar Flash, we will be able to heal ourselves with our own frequencies and manifest whatever we want as we become ‘Superheroes’, the “New Guardians of the Earth,” where many StarSeeds:

-Will become ‘Immortal’

-Will become Psychic, a Medium/Channeler

-Will be able to Teleport themselves into other dimensions

-Will be able to Astral Travel/Fly even in the daytime

-Will be Telepathic (read others’ minds)

-Will be able to use Telekinesis (move objects)

-Will be able to see into the future (Psychic)

-Will be able to Remote View

-Will be able to send healing energy to others (Reiki)

There Will Be No More Reincarnations Unless You Stay on a 3D Earth (#Matrix)

We all came from source — where we were only a beam of light and this is where we will go back to eventually. We have lived thousands of lives on Planet Earth and other planets and we were even ETs before.

Some of us have been other sexes and other races, but when we come back we lose our memories and have to start all over again as a baby. 

Remember #PlanetEarth is an #EarthSchool, where many volunteer to come to learn lessons. If you say you did not learn anything, then you have to repeat the school so you will come back again or be reincarnated again — sometimes with your same “Soul Families.”

Before we come back we sign a ‘Soul Contract’ and we can pick our parents, siblings, and how hard we want our lives to be.

We can also choose how we will come in and go out. We choose if we will come in by ourselves or with a group (COVID babies) or go out by ourselves or with a group (Natural Disasters).

Those Not Transitioning into a 4D or 5D Earth Will Be:

-The prisoners who are still joining gangs and committing crimes and haven’t tried to reform themselves. Many prisoners have become ‘lightworkers’ and started to heal themselves and others, so, therefore, they will go into the 4D world. Remember there are many INNOCENT people in jail.

-Those still committing crimes.

-Those who are just plain evil (#Satanists)

4D vs. 5D Earth

We will take our bodies with us so again, there will be no more reincarnations unless you stay on a 3D Earth. Since this is the Earth’s first time going through the Ascension Process when we shift into the 4th, 5th, and other dimensions our bodies will go from being a carbon base to a crystalline state, which will also cause us to get younger, thinner, stronger, as we heal our selves. 

On a 4D Earth, we will have QFS, Med Beds, and government but not on a 5D Earth. On a 5D Earth, there will be NO QFS, NO Med Beds, and NO government and we will be FREE and ‘Sovereign.’

Our frequencies will be so high not only will we have Superhero powers once we reach the 5D Earth, but we will be able to manifest what we need and cure ourselves and we won’t even need money.

If you haven’t forgiven others and are entrenched in negativity, this means you haven’t done the shadow work or worked to raise your frequency and vibrations.

This also means you won’t be able to transition into the 4th or 5th dimension until you do the shadow work. Remember the 5D New Earth is about peace, joy, love, and happiness.

The goal is for everyone to eventually evolve into the 4th or 5th dimension, but for some, it will take longer. However, again if they can’t get out of the negativity and forgive others, then they will stay back on the 3D ‘MatrixEarth, where there is nothing but turmoil, sadness, and depression.

Just keep in mind that you can transition at any time into the 4th and 5th dimensions, once you do the shadow work. Read the blog “How To Raise Your Frequencies and Vibrations and Transition into the 5D New Earth.” Also, remember to stop judging and remove your ego.

Those transitioning into a 4D Spiritual Earth will live for a few more hundred years but continue to work on raising their frequencies and vibrations so you can go even further into other higher dimensions.

You will still see all your Earth family that are in the 4D Earth with you. Those in higher dimensions (5D and higher) will be able to lower their frequencies and come and visit you.

However, the people who have crossed over have lived out their ‘Soul Contracts’ so you will never walk side by side with them again.

They are now living in other dimensions in other bodies and are now even other races or sexes, but it is possible for others to seem familiar to you and they might become a part of your ‘Soul Family’ in the future.

The only time you will be able to recognize those who have crossed over is when they come and meet you at the ‘Pearly Gates’ of Heaven when you crossover.

Read Dolores Cannon’s book “Between Death and Life,’ which will explain where you go when you die. There is no reason to feel sad. They are happy and want you to be happy too — https://cathyharrisinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/LoveandLight-Vol.-14.pdf 

Med Beds vs. Celestial Chambers 

Check out Jared Rand on Telegram who often discusses “Celestial Beds”, which like the FREE Military Med Beds also came from Offworlders.

Jared compares the FREE Military Med Beds to a “Volkswagen” and the Celestial Beds to a “Spaceship”.

One problem with the Celestial Beds is they are run by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is our ‘true enemy’. He is looking to raise $60,000,000. Then they will turn over the technology to others, which I see might also be a problem.

I would not trust just anyone to build these beds especially since they were initially built by Offworlders.

Sure, the Celestial Beds are more advanced than the FREE Military Med Beds, but we will be able to get there on our own after the Ascension Process and Solar Flash once we develop our ‘crystalline’ bodies.

Also, the 6000 Tesla patents from Nikola Tesla, who is still alive at 167, will have ways for us to heal ourselves naturally too. 

Yes, Tesla is still alive and is a time traveler. They age very slowly in other dimensions and don’t forget Tesla also has your own age regression Medical Bed (#MedBed). 

Replicators are Now Mainstream

Replicators will be given to all those creating Med Bed Centers. Replicators can replicate (duplicate) clothing, foods, and even buildings such as Med Bed and Healing Centers, just like what you saw on StarTrek, etc. 

Go back and watch Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and the Superhero shows including X-Men, Superman, etc. because this is where we are headed on a 5D New Earth.

Much of what happened during the filming of these shows was our true Galactic history so go back and watch these shows if this is what it takes for you to truly wake up.

Also, the Marvel and DC Comics are real too so if you are reading these you should understand the direction the 5D New Earth is heading in.

Big Pharma Will Go Away#RIP Big Pharma

The Secret Space Force Program “FREE Military Med Beds” will take over Big Pharma within the next 1 to 2 years.

Big Pharma has already been taken down and is now making NATURAL ‘homeopathic’ medicines. Those who practice it claim it is a holistic system of medicine based on the theory of treating ‘like with like’.

COVID Doctors are Being GITMOED 

Crime won’t be tolerated and will eventually go away on a 5D Earth. One out of 3 Covid vaccinations was a ‘Placebo’ (or ‘Saline Solution’).

Over 19,000 doctors were indicted for their involvement in COVID-19 and at least 10 were hanged. According to the Nuremberg Code, humane experimentation is justified only if its results benefit society and it is carried out following basic principles that “satisfy moral, ethical, and legal concepts.”

Time is Speeding Up

There were supposed to be 13 calendar months not 12 so no one knows what time it is. We will be leaving a Georgian Calendar and will return to a Julian Calendar.

You had to notice that time is speeding up here. Time is very fast in other dimensions but they don’t age as fast as we do here. The closer we get to the veil…or the 5th dimension, time will speed up and the people on Earth will stop caring about time. 

Time only matters on Planet Earth. Other planets don’t go by time. They have light crystalline bodies, which keep them active. They don’t need 8 hours of sleep at night and they are certainly not lounging around on couches all day.

They are out moving about and having fun. Soon we will join them as we go to the Moon, Mars, and other planets as we start Space exploration and traveling. There are many already living off-planet. 

We Will Be Able to Travel to the Inner Earth

We Will Be Able We have civilizations on the inner Earth according to Ismael Perez. They have everything we have on Earth. The sun is at the center. They have lakes, oceans, and rivers.

They don’t age there. They are in their mid-30s. They have life spans of hundreds of thousands of years and since the Earth is no longer quarantined, we will be able to travel anywhere including to the inner earth after our dormant DNA (#GodSourceGene) is released after the Solar Flash.

New Flying Cars Being Announced

Flying cars are coming out in the next two years. They already have a fast rail system above and underground. 

Fox News announced that flying cars are in the works, and they are taking orders. The cost is around $300,000. That is how things start. 

I believe they have already announced the cars that you can drive underwater too. Airports will turn into parks in 10 years or sooner and cars will be going away.

Eventually, we will run out of cars and you will have to put your name on a list just to buy a car. On the 5D New Earth, we won’t need cars or planes to travel.  We will be walking through walls, flying, and teleporting.

Future Clothing 

Because clothing today is causing sickness, everyone, especially all women, is encouraged to stop wearing ‘tight-fitting’ clothing. Our future clothing will be ‘loose-fitting’ and will look similar to pajamas.

Future clothing will be high-frequency and made out of natural products such as linen, wool, cashmere, hemp, organic cotton, or leather.

Many in the future will be using Replicators (to duplicate clothing) to choose their clothing. Others will be bartering services and this includes swapping clothing with each other. 

Going Back to 1955 Prices

We will eventually go back to 1955 prices and everyone will be able to live with many resources. 

Grocery Stores Will Turn Into Farmer’s Markets

Many big box grocery stores will be closing down. Many grocery stores containing toxic foods will become farmer’s markets with foods grown within communities instead of being shipped in from other countries.

No one will have to leave their neighborhood to go to another neighborhood to buy anything. Everything will be in their own neighborhoods especially as we bring back Mom-and-Pop businesses and especially food-growing businesses. 

If we are going to build ‘high-vibrational’ thriving communities then it’s important to understand the difference between a “Neighborhood” versus a “Community”.

Most people use the words “Neighborhood” and “Community” interchangeably but they don’t necessarily mean the same thing.

A neighborhood is a geographic area or a local region in which people live near each other. It usually refers to a small area within a town or city.

Neighbors are people who live close to each other, and they may share common physical features like streets, parks, or schools.

Neighbors may interact with each other regularly, but they do not necessarily have a strong sense of shared identity or purpose beyond living in the same area.

A community on the other hand is a group of people who share common characteristics, interests, or values, and who come together for a shared purpose. Read the blog post “How To Turn Your Area into a ‘High Vibrational’ Part of the Country.”

Every Home Will Have a Green House/Garden 

On a 5D Earth, many plants will be growing in every season or all year round. Even flowers will grow in the winter months because the temps will be mild.

It should take about two years for the weather to mellow out and the low temps to stay at 50 degrees maximum. There will also be a NEW FRUIT that tastes like chocolate so there will be many new foods. 

Every future home will have a Green House inside or outside so many will be able to consume foods grown by themselves, their neighbors, or from local farmer’s markets.

Remember with your Med Bed general healing session, you can download a “Gardening Program” so you can grow your own foods.

Many will grow food in the ground, in raised bed gardens, or in pots and containers on patios, rooftops, balconies, porches, or in their kitchen or another room with grow lights, especially since we won’t pay for power (#Electric), which is coming with the 6000 patents. #FreePower

There will be many other ways to grow food. Many will be opting to leave big cities for the countryside so they can breathe in the fresh air and start their own ‘organic’ farms and just be in nature.

We Will Stop Aging

According to the ETs meat was one of the reasons that caused aging. Since we will be consuming less meat or not meat at all, we will stop aging like the ETs in the 5th Dimension. Those 50 and older will go back to the age of 30.

Appetites Will Be Decreasing

ETs, which are in the 5th dimension, don’t eat but they can. As we go into the 5th dimension many appetites will be decreasing.

Remember there won’t be any cruelty to animals so families won’t be able to hunt animals for food unless they live way off the grid and that is their only way to survive.

Many have already cut back on their food and some have already given up eating meat.  Many will only eat fruits or other foods sparingly. Some are just craving smoothies and no longer have a taste for certain foods.

There will also be a NEW FRUIT that tastes like chocolate so there will be many new foods. Just allow your body to pick your foods for consumption, but if you want to keep raising your frequencies and vibrations always go for ‘organic’ foods with very little cooking or raw. 

Cites Will Stop Adding Flouride to Water Filtration Systems

Flouride blocks the ‘Pineal Gland’ or ‘Third Eye’. Once cities stop using fluoride in water filtration systems, in toothpaste, and other products, everyone’s Pineal Gland will be activated and they will remember who they were, what spiritual gifts they have, and how powerful they are. It will cause a mass awakening.  This is happening now!!!

Chemtrails and HAARP is Going Away 

Get ready for a bright new beautiful world. Chemtrails and HAARP have been controlling the weather so now that HAARP is in the hands of the White Hat Alliance or the “Good Guys,” Chemtrails are going away and the weather should be ‘mild’ everywhere once everything settles down and we are in the New Earth. However, those remaining on a 3D Earth still might experience bad weather. 

Google.com Is Going Away

Google.com (‘Google Chrome’ aka #Adrenochrome) was KING at one time but they were extremely evil and were taken out by the White Hats.

Google owns YouTube.com and I remember when that CEO was arrested for “Crimes Against Humanity.”

Google will no longer be able to steal elections because Google is going away and will be taken over by SquareSpace.

Google domains have already migrated over to SquareSpace.com domains and Google Pay will be unusable from Jun. 4, 2024.

Apple and Microsoft Will be Next After Google.com to Go Away

After Google.com is taken down, Apple and Microsoft will be next. Elon Musk will probably buy Apple,  Microsoft, Google and YouTube.com.

Apple’s latest product, “Apple Vision Pro” has failed. Customers are returning the device because of headaches, motion sickness, and the weight of the device. Apple Air Pods are also dangerous (click here).

The Future of Social Media

Get off the Social Media groups below ASAP with a Red Mark beside them (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Edge, Baidu, and We-chat) and use discretion on the rest of them. 


Facebook, which owns Instagram (aka “Pedogram”) was created by the CIA and DARPA and since there will be no more CIA, do we really need these social media platforms? No.

YouTube is still deleting the accounts of Anons, Patriots, Truthers/Whistleblowers. YouTube recently deleted my entire traveling channel “Simple Life RVing” www.YouTube.com/SimpleLifeRVing in Jan. 2024 after 4 years of hard work simply because I said, “Google is going away.” #FreeSpeech.

Since 2020 most Anons, Patriots, and Truthers had to make backup channels on Rumble.com and Bitchute.com. Again, these are the Deep State minions still left behind and this is the only type of havoc they can do. 

This type of unfairness won’t be tolerated on a 5D New Earth because EVERYONE WILL BE TREATED THE SAME. They haven’t gotten away with anything because once they have their Redemption Center appointments, I doubt seriously if they will be able to pass STATION ONE — the “Pure” or “Good Heart” test.

TikTok shows different and positive images in China compared to what they put out to the rest of the world, so there is a good chance they won’t survive either. They want to corrupt the children everywhere but in China.

Twitter was taken over by Elon Musk so it is one of the safest platforms to be on right now. However, they discuss too much politics for me on that platform so I post and keep it moving www.Twitter.com/CathyHarris 

Most of those social platforms were ‘low vibrational’ 3D Earth platforms so start getting away from the social media platforms and work on increasing your Spiritual awareness by taking classes, reading books, and audiobooks. Start with Dolores Cannon’s books. 

The Truth Will Come Out About the World Map and the Size of Africa

The world’s map is incorrect. We know they lied about the size of Africa. Mother Africa is one of the largest countries on the continent.

This is why other countries stole all of its treasures. This is also why Bill Gates tried to sterilize women and kill off African children with vaccinations. #Depopulation

The Military is the New Intelligence Gatherers 

Since we won’t have any more wars and we will have one thousand (1000) years of peace, the Military will have new missions:

-The FBI and CIA will be going away so the Military will take over intelligence gathering.

-The Military will continue to make arrests for “Crimes Against Humanity.”

-The Military will watch over and guard Med Bed centers until the Med Bed Humanitarians are ready to take over, but I doubt seriously if the Military will ever turn all the Med Bed Centers over to humanitarians.

Just remember though there are probably close to 50 Black Ops CIA agencies that have been involved with sensitive issues (dogman, werewolves, giants, hybrids, aliens, UFOs, etc.) over the years so it will take some time to close these down, but the New Earth is upon us.

Big Box Companies and Other Businesses Will Disappear

Big box companies such as Walmart, Target, Amazon/Whole Foods will be going away especially since Mom and mom-and-pop businesses will be returning.#TheRiseOfMomandPopBusinesses.

Just some of the disappearing businesses by 2025 will be — Applebee’s, Big Lots, Staples, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kirkland’s, Neiman Marcus, J.C. Penney, Petco, DSW Shoes, Fry’s, Jo Ann’s Fabrics, Party City, Kohl’s, GNC Live Well, etc.

Companies Choosing to Use A.I. Will Probably Disappear

It is Man vs. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Mainstream Media (MSM) will never give out correct figures but unemployment is hovering around 50%.

An Indian CEO laid off 90% of their company for a Chat-Bot. Companies using A.I. such as Google, Sony, MSN, Ikea, Dukaan, Duolingo, BlueFocus, Salesforce, etc. will probably disappear.

Business Forms Will Be Changing

The entire business structure will be changing because we are getting away from Maritime and Admiralty Laws, which kept all the jails and prisons full of innocent people, and going into Constitutional and Common Laws.

Even the BAR exam will be changing, which stood for the British Accreditation Registry so the BAR had nothing to do with American law.

Business forms will be changed into a more easier read. They made all of these business forms difficult to understand so that people would not engage in business ownership. Basically, the Deep State Cabal set the people up for failure. Nothing will be hard on a 5D Earth.

‘Non-profits’ Will Disappear

Once you have your Redemption Center appointments — ALL Non-Profits will disappear. Remember anything evil on the New Earth won’t survive. Non-profits never distributed funding fairly and equitably.

I know several people who said when their groups received grant money, $8,000-$10,000 or more of the funds went directly into their own bank accounts and they were able to fund their children’s private education with the funds.

Some were caught doing this and were sent to prison, but the majority got away with it so they had been committing fraud for years.

The I.R.S. Will Be Closing Down

Janet Yellen, U.S. Secretary of Treasury, was GITMOED for ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’

Millions have already stopped paying their IRS taxes because IRS.gov was an illegal business entity. It was never legal — according to many IRS whistleblowers. No law states that paying taxes was ever legal.

The Lottery is Going Away

Again, anything evil is going away. Supposedly, the lottery is to gain funds for schools and other projects, however, it is just another illegal system put into place to take funds from hard-working individuals.

Many who have won the lottery, were denied the proceeds because of the people who worked there. They even came up with ways to grant the funds to themselves or their family or friends. 

-Stock Market Will Go Away: Everyone should remove their funds from the Stock Market. If you look at the history of the Stock Market you will see it was evil so again all evil entities will be disappearing. 

The End of Hollywood and Entertainment: There is already a movement to #CancelHollywood so we will no longer idolize, worship, or bow down to movie stars or entertainers. No one is above you and no one is below you – WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!! #Oneness.

Hollywood is over!!! This is the end of Hollywood and the Entertainment industry. Many were arrested for “Crimes Against Humanity.” Others not arrested moved to Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and to the ATL (Atlanta) or “Lil Hollywood.”

Netflix/Hulu: Netflix was Hollywood’s occult streaming channel so it should go away along with Hulu since Hollywood is over.

Other Possible Changes:

-The Two-Party System Will Disappear: Remember anything that divides the country will disappear on a 5D Earth including politics. There will be no more division. We will love each other and live in harmony.

At first, we will need a government but a much smaller government — to help bring in the 5D New Earth. Then eventually — the Federal Government will turn over power to the States, and the states will turn over power to counties, which will turn power over to neighborhoods and communities.

We will be FREE and #Sovereign to rule our own lives. The 5D New Earth motto is “Do No Harm to Others Including Animals.” 

-Home Owner Associations (HOAs) Will Disappear: HOAs are like little political parties. They work with politicians and take bribes also so they will disappear. We will take pride in our neighborhoods and communities so we won’t need HOAs telling us what to do.  We should be able to grow foods in our front and back

We Will Have New Q-Phones: The old phones or ‘SPY phones’ will be going away. 

CPS/Foster Care System: This was an unfair evil system that was used to traffic children so it should go away. Let’s see what it is replaced with.

The Hybrid People and Animals Are Coming: By 2030 we will be living in the “Golden Era” (also called the “5D New Earth” and “5th Dimension”).

Some say it might be as early as 2028, ETs may land everywhere to prove that they exist but others say it will be much longer. However, by 2040 we will be walking hand in hand alongside ETs that will look like us, but you will still be able to see they are not human.

There are civilizations on the other side of Antarctica with many hybrid animals. You can see these animals on social media so they are trying to introduce the new hybrid animals to everyone.

Also, understand that we have Pleiadian, Reptilian, Anunnaki, and Grey’s DNA in all of us so the hybrid people and animals are coming so get ready. There will even be blue and green people.

Check out the Netflix show on hybrids called “Sweet Tooth.”   Many of you are StarSeeds so read the blog post “Which StarSeed Are You?”

Meanwhile, read the following to help with your transition into the 5D New Earth:

-Spiritual Newsletters – https://cathyharrisinternational.com/spiritualnewsletters/

Also read “Signs You Are Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening.”

Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at www.CathyHarrisInternational.com and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening, Business, and Spirituality. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and 20 other nonfiction books at www.AngelsPress.com. You can email Cathy at AskCathy@DearCathy.com or Cathy@CathyHarrisInternational.com and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs (www.MobileLearningClubs.com) and Cathy’s Caravan (www.CathysCaravan.com) to your city.