What Type of Crimes Won’t Be Forgiven on a 5D Earth

What Type of Crimes Won’t Be Forgiven on a 5D Earth

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I am a New Earth Educator, Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, Investigative Journalist and author of 26 non-fiction books at AngelsPress.com.

So keep in mind that I am not a lawyer and many of the current laws, rules, and regulations, whether federal or state, will be changing as we move from Maritime and Admiralty Laws to Constitutional and Common Laws on a 5D Earth.








As a former government Whistleblower (TheCathyHarrisStory.com), soldier, and retired employee of the U.S. Customs Service (now called “Customs and Border Protection”), I am as ‘ethical’ as they come. As a Blue Ray StarSeed/Indigo Hybrid and ‘black sheep’, I grew up in the school of #HardKnocks.

I have a moral value system. In other words, I have a moral compass even though I have no formal education. Everything I do is #SelfTaught (#SelfEducated).

Did We Understand How Bad Things Would Get?

I knew how bad things would get because I was paying attention as a Truther and Patriot. Others just did not know how bad things were going to get but it still doesn’t mean you should go out and commit crimes.

Many don’t know what 2020 was about so many children and young adults have turned to a life of crime especially because of all the survival movies such as “The Walking Dead,” “Fear the Walking Dead,” and others.

This was all a strategic plan by the Deep State Cabal Satanists, by Hollywood/TV/Media (which was created by the CIA), Religion, and Academia to drive people mad and have them going out scavenging for food and other essentials even if they don’t need to.

This is what you are seeing now with all the crime. Again, many don’t know that rescue (#Gesara – Globally and #Nesara – U.S.) is on the way. 

Just know that only a small portion of the population knows about Gesara and what is coming so many, especially young people, have taken matters into their own hands and are now committing crimes. They are throwing their lives away. 

Those Not Transitioning into a 4D or 5D Earth Will Be

On a 5D New Earth, there will be Constitutional and Common Laws in place until people can learn how to govern themselves ‘legally’ and become “Sovereign.”

Those not transitioning to the 4D and 5D Earth will be:

Prisoners: The prisoners who are still joining gangs and committing crimes and haven’t tried to reform themselves. Many prisoners have become ‘lightworkers’ and started to heal themselves and others, so, therefore, they will transition into the 4D Earth. However, they will have to work on raising their frequencies and vibrations to go beyond the 4D Earth. Remember there are many INNOCENT people in jail.

Criminals: Those still committing crimes.

Satanists: Those who are just plain evil (#Satanists).

There Is No Place for ‘Evil’ on a 5D Earth

The 5th Dimension is a forgiving world, but the NEW MOTTO is “DO NO HARM TO OTHERS!!!” Since 2020, we have all seen tons of young individuals on the internet committing crimes.

Some of the crimes were ‘misdemeanor’ crimes. Some were ‘non-violent’ crimes, and others were very, very violent ‘felonies.’

So will we have a heart and still allow them to move into a 5D Earth? No. Did you know that tons of people are upset because they thought that everyone — ‘good or evil’ was going to be able to move into the 5D Earth?

The correct information is you need to FORGIVE EVERYONE especially those who harmed you such as your ancestors. And you also need to forgive evil entities that were trying to destroy #PlanetEarth.

Not forgiving people is like carrying around negative baggage for the rest of your life. No one is saying these individuals will be able to sit side-by-side with you again or allowed to move into a 4D or 5D Earth.

It is quite the opposite. Only the ‘good’ will be able to move into the 4D Earth, where they will be able to live for a couple hundred more years.

If they work on raising their frequencies and vibrations then they can move into the 5th dimension and higher, where they will have ‘immortality.’ But they have to do the shadow work and work on themselves.

Can Med Beds Wipe Out Memories and Make People Good?

According to Skye Prince over the Med Beds, there will be ‘Healing Centers’ for those with cigarette, alcohol, sex, and other addictions.

The Med Beds won’t be able to wipe out memories, especially from Veterans, but Med Beds can heal the brain, which means that they might also be able to heal that part of the brain that has the bad memories. 

I heard early on that the young Rothchilds, Rockefellers, and other Satanists’ children will be using the Med Beds to heal their brains so that they don’t carry out a life of crime as their ancestors did, but I don’t know if this is true or not. 

How Much of The Crime Especially by the Youth Do We Blame on Society?

When handing out punishment, especially to the youth, under Constitutional and Common Laws, we must keep in mind if society, and especially 2020, played a role in them turning evil and committing crimes in the first place. 

The Deep State Cabal Satanists just did not steal our money and our ancestor’s money from the Central Banking system but they stole our family’s value systems.

Now that we know that the schools, including the colleges and universities, preyed on the children and indoctrinated them by using #MindControl, along with Hollywood/TV/Media, and Religion, how much can we blame on these entities? 

The LGBTQ movement forced children to attend LGBTQ/Transgender sex-change classes in school without their parent’s permission and because of this many children became confused and started cross-dressing and identifying as an animal. Many even went as far as to have transgender surgeries, which the Med Beds can reverse.

-The LGBTQ/Transgender movement took lifetime achievements and awards from girls when they had to compete with boys in sports.

The LGBTQ/Transgender movement put many girls and women in danger when they had to use the restroom with Transgendered Men. There were many rape cases recorded.

The LGBPT+ (plus) meant “Pedophile” and they did not care if people knew it. The state of California even tried to introduce laws to make it legal to sleep with 11 and 14-year-olds. 

Under the Constitutional and Common Laws, many of the ‘child-bride’ laws are being changed making it illegal to sleep with or marry children here in the U.S. and in other countries. 

It is no secret that Transgendered Men don’t like ‘Natural-Born’ women at all. I believe it has to do with the fact that they can’t conceive a child, but of course ‘Natural-Born’ women can.

Many of the women in the Women’s Liberation Movement including Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, and others were born men, so they were transgenders.

Therefore, the Transgender community has been working for years to destroy the family value system.

Once they took the men out of their homes by telling the women they couldn’t receive welfare if a man was in their homes or sending men to prison with the 3 strike laws, the women had to leave the home to work, which left the children as latch-key children being raised by the TV. 

After the children became latch-key children, they turned down the frequency of the music, which continued to destroy the family value system. 

When a person dwells on negative thinking or feelings, it can contribute to the development of depression and anxiety or worsen existing conditions so negative music can cause that.

Around this time, we started hearing about the #MilkCarton children missing. There are government officials who made deals with the bad ETs, (Draconians and Tall Greys) to bring them children in exchange for favors such as Space Traveling.

They experimented on these children and many of their remains were sent to fast-food businesses for disposal. So this is why we are eating human meat.

The bad ETs (Draco Repnians and Tall Greys) were removed from Earth by the Galactic Federation, which is guarding the Earth along with the Military/Space Force, who are all a part of the Earth Alliance. 

I believe Dwight D. Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, who has repeatedly said on many podcasts that her grandfather did not have anything to do with permitting the bad ETs to kidnap people, especially children.

She said he was a farmer, a Mennonite, and a good person, but was betrayed by those in his administration. There have been many T.V. shows and discussions making Eisenhower out to be wicked for making deals with bad ETs.

How The Gay and Transgender Agenda Was Used by the Satanists

Keep in mind that the “Gay and Transgender Agenda” was used by the Satanists to further their evil agendas so it did play a role in corrupting society.

The LGBTQ psyop was set for one purpose only:

-Legalization and acceptance of pedophilia.

-The first step was to legalize gay marriage.

-Then came the Transgender agenda.

-Then the adoption of children by homosexuals.

-Grooming in government schools by pro-LGBTQ teachers.

-Acceptance and legalization of pedophilia was next. 

My only problem is as a “Black Sheep,” I grew up with discrimination within my own family and eventually wrote 3 books on “Workplace Discrimination” because of the Military and government workplace so I believe in treating everyone with equal rights. 

The year 2020 was the year of the “Great Awakening” because that was the year I found out one of “Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secrets.”

The secret was that the Gay and Transgender community have totally dominated the Film and Movie Industry, which was very problematic to me — but it was much more than that.

You can’t be in the Film, Movie, or Entertainment Industry (even Singers or Dancers), on TV even on Reality TV or Commercials, and on the cover of magazines, unless you are Gay or Transgendered. 

No ‘Natural Born’ people (Men and Women) can be Movie Stars, Entertainers, Playboy Bunnies, Beauty Pageant Contestants, Professional Models, even the Little Tiaras (they are all boys), Professional Sports Figures, and in many cases News Anchors and Politicians unless they are Gay or Transgendered.

Even the makeup and lingerie industries are now dominated by Transgendered men. I suspect that every woman you see in panties or lingerie on the internet was born a man. You don’t have to be a discrimination attorney to see this is wrong in so many ways.

It’s been like this since the Roman Days, just like the  Maritime and Admiralty Laws that have been ruling us since the Roman Days. Therefore, is it even worth changing or discussing now? Will it be important on a 5D Earth?

I just want the entire truth to come out, so understand this is not about bashing the Gay or Transgender community because every community has good and evil in it — so we just need to love each other.

Remember many Transgenders were transitioned at birth by family members who had lived like this for generations. And some of them, especially the children, have had a hard time living their lives because of it.

Are Parents to Blame for Their Children Turning to a Life of Crime?

As a former community organizer and advocate, I worked in the trenches for years in Atlanta. I spent the majority of my time just studying people.

Did you know that your brain doesn’t fully develop until your early 20s yet many parents put their children out of the house (especially boys) at age 18, even though many have not finished high school yet?

Many children are put out of the house by age 18 or even before because they try to expose what their step-parents are doing to them sexually, but the mothers don’t want to hear it. They rather take the side of the man over their own children.

Even though 18 is the legal age limit for being grown, kicking children out of the home at that age, will and can have them turn to a life of crime —  especially if they came from an abusive household or even grew up in an underprivileged neighborhood with peer pressure all around them.

There is incest going on in families and being inside day and night, especially during COVID put many children in harm’s way. We need to start reporting these predators in our own families. 

When I worked for the “Department of the Aged and Disabled” as a Secretary in Houston, TX, I could not believe the cases that the Social Workers worked on.

-Many youths were molested and raped by family members. Fathers got several of their daughters pregnant.

-Grandfathers who were supposed to be caregivers even raped and molested their own disabled grandchildren (granddaughters), especially the ones that were in wheelchairs and could not speak.

-Elderly blind women and men were taken advantage of by a family member. They cashed their checks and stole their money and anything else worth getting their hands on. 

I heard it all working in this state job. I know that some of these young individuals who committed crimes since 2020, weren’t even taught ‘good hygiene’ by their parents.

They were just left out there to fend for themselves and this is why many join these gangs. They just want to belong somewhere!!!

I believe that many parents, especially parents of pre-teens and teenagers, know that their children are involved in crimes, even ‘petty’ crimes, but they have failed to warn them of the consequences. 

So something is telling me that these parents too should be sat down and counseled on the actions of their children — especially if they can prove that the children are still living at home.

They should also hold back on their Gesara funds if they can prove that parents or caregivers knew about these crimes by children in their care. 

When all these stolen goods start showing up at their homes, they have to question these young people or are they an active participant in the crime?

What Happened With Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Foster Care Children?

Boone Straight is the wife of David Straight (www.StraightEvents.com) and is a big advocate against the CPS.  What about all the 18-year-olds in the foster care system who are kicked out at the age of 18?

We now know the Child Protective Service (CPS) and other offices over the welfare of children, did nothing but set these children up for failure.

The CPS had its own CPS Case Workers, CPS Police Officers, CPS Lawyers, and CPS Judges, which held kangaroo courts, falsified documents, and stole children. CPS lawyers made $40,000 per child stolen each month.

Many children were illegally taken from their parents by the CPS system and put into foster care where they underwent abuse from their foster parents.

Then many of these children that were taken from their parents and those kicked out of foster care at the age of 18, ended up being sold in child, sex, and human trafficking. We especially need to look at all the factors involved with them when giving out punishments.

How Obamacare Opened the Gateway for Medical Kidnapping 

The only good thing about Obamacare, which is also international, it made it so that no one could be turned away at public hospitals, however, because of Obamacare it made it easier to Medically Kidnap your child. 

Because of Obamacare, all your Medical records were put in 3 big computers in Austin, TX, so CPS workers could go in there and view records at their leisure.

If parents especially mothers had any type of melt-down from post-partum depression from giving birth or any type of other mental breakdown, CPS could actually go into the home and take the child. 

Doctors were calling CPS for all types of reasons even if a mother missed a doctor’s appointment. Obamacare put a CPS Office in every major hospital so when a child was brought into the hospital from any type of accident, CPS would be in your face in 5 minutes taking the child away from you even though it was an accident. 

Obamacare followed pregnant women to see when the child was born. They had all the info on the child so they could decide when to kidnap the child.

If they really wanted your child, they would send in 3 to 4 adults to take your child. They were looking for babies for adrenochrome harvesting, little black babies and children for adrenochrome and organ harvesting, 5 to 10-year-old blond boys with blue eyes for sex trafficking, etc.

What Are Misdemeanors?

A ‘misdemeanor’ crime is a ‘minor’ wrongdoing. Supposedly, in California, if you steal items from a store and it is less than $900, they are calling this a misdemeanor, and you are not being held in jail if caught. You might still have a record but if you are underaged, it might be sealed.

Common misdemeanors include possession of controlled substances or drugs, petty theft, vandalism, perjury, trespassing, resisting arrest, public intoxication, and DUI (Driving under the Influence).

What Are ‘Non-Violent’ Crimes?

A ‘misdemeanor’ could also be a ‘non-violent’ crime if no one was hurt when you performed the misdemeanor.

Many women and men are walking out of Walmart and other stores with items without paying for them. These could be considered ‘non-violent’ crimes unless others were hurt in the process of them leaving the scene of a crime.

If a store clerk sees you walk out of the store with unpaid items and they obtain your license plate and turn it into the police, you will be sent a summons to appear in court. However, unless they have footage from the store, it will be your word against theirs.

I have seen a ton of videos online where individuals stealing from Walmart and other stores back the carts up against the store workers so these can be violent crimes. With cameras everywhere today, I am sure they have these individuals on video. 

When you go through the Walmart register, they can see every single item you scan and if you fail to scan an item, they can see that too so many times you will be sent a summons and asked to appear in court for your crime. If you don’t appear, they will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Many are saying they did pay for their items and are saying, the summons are incorrect. In this case, keep your receipts and get a lawyer to clear up the charge. 

If a summons was sent to you in error, you will have to obtain a lawyer to be acquitted of the charges. There is no other way around it. Just make sure the lawyer has been trained in Constitutional or Common Laws.

If legal documentation is served to the wrong person, it’s grounds for the opposing counsel to contest the service entirely and force the legal team to restart the case. 

You just need to stay out of Walmart. Walmarts are sinister. They will be closing down on a 5D Earth and we will go back to using Mom-and-Pop businesses because they were involved in Child Trafficking so you should have stopped going into these stores before now. 

What Are Felonies?

People aren’t that smart but many times if they hear that someone could be charged with a ‘felony’ –they will know that person is facing up to a year in jail.

Felony crimes are the most serious class of criminal offenses. Felony offenses are generally violent crimes punishable by a jail sentence of more than one year.

A felony prison sentence is usually served in a federal or state prison rather than a county jail. Some felony convictions can lead to the death penalty.

The below crimes could lead to the death penalty especially if a gun is used in the holdup:

-Crimes such as flash mob crimes where they are going into gas stations, Walgreens, or other department stores and stealing items. 

-Smash-and-grab robberies where they are smashing car windows and stealing bags, backpacks, etc. out of cars that are parked or at red lights.

-Those stealing cars or purses at gas stations when you are pumping gas. 

There have been many instances where women have jumped on their vehicles at gas stations and begged criminals not to steal their vehicles so these crimes could have easily turned into ‘violent crimes’ if they were injured.

What about knocking customers down, especially children, when running away or hitting other cars when speeding away from a crime?

Also, smash and grabs while people are at red lights – all of these crimes could have resulted in bodily injury or harm, so these are not NON-VIOLENT crimes.

‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Are ‘Felonies’

‘Crimes Against Humanity’ will certainly not be forgiven on a 5D Earth. This is why ‘Offworlders’ or interdimensional or multi-dimensional beings GIFTED us with the NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS) (and Med Beds) so the crimes could be stopped ASAP. Therefore, again, these will not be unforgivable crimes.

Some of these ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ include Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking, Child Pedophilia, Child Pornography, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, Murders, Rapes, Money Laundering, Gun Running, Racketeering, etc. However,  all crimes will be linked to QFS on a 5D Earth. 

The Differences Between State Prison and County Jail

The difference between State Prison and County jail comes down to the definition of duration of the term. County Jail generally houses inmates who are serving time that is less than a year.

Also housed in county jail are inmates who are awaiting their sentence, so they are currently making appearances in court and were unable to make bail.

In comparison, State Prison is for inmates serving lengthier sentences for crimes that are more severe.

The Difference in Federal or State Prison

If you’re accused of a crime, depending on the nature of the offense and where it allegedly occurred, you’ll either be charged with a state or federal crime. This determines the court where your trial will be held and where you may serve time if you are convicted.

Federal prisons and state prisons are in many ways quite different from each other, so having an understanding of these institutions and how they work can be helpful as you and your defense attorney plan your strategy. 

The federal government operates federal prisons and houses inmates convicted of breaking federal laws in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

They are often called federal correctional institutions. In contrast, state governments operate state prisons and house people convicted of breaking state laws.

Federal prisons are typically safer than state prisons as they hold inmates who are of a less violent and dangerous nature. There are many fewer federal prisons than state prisons, meaning they also have fewer prisoners.

Federal prisons typically have more rehabilitation programs, and prison terms are shorter than in state prisons. Both federal and state prisons are far different than local county jails, where inmates are held for short periods, usually under one year. County jails are owned and operated by the local city or county. 

Federal and state prisons are distinct entities operating under different jurisdictions and for other purposes. Federal Prisons are managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

These institutions house offenders convicted of federal crimes—those that violate laws passed by Congress. Federal inmates are tried and sentenced in federal court.

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) manages and regulates all federal penal and correctional institutions. The federal prison system houses inmates who commit federal crimes or violate federal laws, such as child pornography, drug trafficking, fraud offenses, racketeering, etc

Federal prisons have different levels of security, such as the following:

-administrative security

-minimum security

-federal prison camps

-low security

-medium security

-high security

State prisons are state correctional facilities operated by state governments. They are designed to house inmates who violate state laws.

State prisons typically hold more violent criminals or people who have committed more violent crimes, such as murder, rape, and assault with a deadly weapon. 

State prisons also have different levels of security, such as the following:

-minimum security

-medium security

-maximum security

Inmates in state prisons get tried and sentenced in a state’s criminal justice system. The average sentence is longer than a federal sentence.

The Military is the New Intelligence Gatherers and ‘Guardians of the Universe’

The Earth right now is being guarded by the Military/Space Force Program, Galactic Federation, which is a part of the Earth Alliance.

Over 95% of police officers are FREE Masons. Some especially the 33-degree FREE Masons, probably had hopes of moving up the ladder to the Illuminati.

Since we won’t have any more wars and we will have one thousand (1000) years of peace, the Military will have new missions:

-The FBI and CIA will be going away so the Military will take over intelligence gathering.

-The Military will continue to make arrests for “Crimes Against Humanity.”

-The Military will watch over and guard Med Bed centers until the Med Bed Humanitarians are ready to take over.

Just remember though there are probably close to 50 Black Ops CIA agencies that have been involved with sensitive issues (dogman, werewolves, giants, hybrids, aliens, UFOs, etc.) over the years so it will take some time to close these down, but the New Earth is upon us.

Many law enforcement especially the Sheriffs out in California were involved in ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ so they were arrested along with other criminals.

According to David Straight, (www.StraightEvents.com) who worked as a CIA and Navy Intelligence Officer, was a former Sheriff and teaches Constitutional and Common Laws, in 41 counties in California the Sheriff is also the Coroner and many of the Sheriff’s offices also have FREE Mason offices in the same building. Therefore, they can arrest you, kill you, and cremate you on the same day.

That is probably why so many people in California went missing especially people who were in the movie and entertainment community — who went out there for stardom but instead their remains were found in the desert with their organs missing. 

Satanists were even kidnapping people at Wine Tastings in Napa Valley. They were asking people if they had family and those who said they did not, were being kidnapped and taken underground and used for organ harvesting or used in Satanist’s ritual ceremonies. 

Eventually, there will be NO CRIME on a 5D Earth. Everyone will be Sovereign and FREE to govern themselves.  

Redemption Centers Will Know You Are a Criminal

When those aged 24 or older go into Redemption Centers, if they are criminals, these individuals won’t pass the FIRST STATION (or the #GoodHeart test) at the Redemption Centers.

The ETs with their telepathic abilities might physically be at Redemption Centers or they will for sure be on the other side of the screen at the First Station.

They will be watching you on screens and reading your minds so no one will be able to go in there and lie about anything. It’s unfortunate because these are young people. 

What Happens When Anyone With a Criminal Mind Goes Into Redemption Centers?

Eric Snowden, the NSA Whistleblower, said they had been watching everyone for years. They also can watch you through any screen – your TV, your phone, your tablet, or a computer.

Did we trade one BIG BROTHER for another BIG BROTHER? We don’t have too much of a choice. The new Big Brother is not as opposing as the other though. This was the only way to stop some of the “Crimes Against Humanity.”

If you have a felony, you can still go into a Redemption Center. However, you might have to designate a ‘trustee’…an attorney and they can do it for you.

Just ask at the 800 number that you will receive from Wells Fargo, the Gesara bank when you sign up at www.BigCallUniverse.com or www.DinarRecaps.com. Look for the email messages entitled “Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel.” 

You can get your money taken back from you if you put money into the wrong accounts. Your funds will be confiscated if you put them in the wrong accounts.

You will be given a list of companies (a 55-page booklet) at your Redemption Center appointment that you CAN and CANNOT donate to or invest in.

Remember if you are just sending money, then that is ‘charity’ so be careful who you are sending money to. There are certain restrictions.

You can’t give money to script clubs, child, sex and human trafficking, pedophilia, drug trafficking, gun running, money laundering rings, etc., and other “Crimes Against Humanity” groups.

If you take on a Partner and he or she committed “Crimes Against Humanity,” you will also be investigated and you can lose your QFS funds too and of course face jail time.

You have to be careful who you talk to especially a NEW boyfriend or a NEW girlfriend. Be careful with the people that are going to come into your life. The less they know about you – the better. Don’t tell people how much you are making.

They (the ETs working with the Military and Galactic Alliance, who are telepathic) have already scanned everyone. They already know who you are.

Anyone with a criminal mind or the minions who are disturbing the peace, especially BLM/Antifa, once they go into Redemption Centers, they won’t be able to redeem their currency until they pass the first station.

They have to have their hearts scanned first before they can move on. If they don’t have a pure heart, their money will go back into the Humanitarian Projects’ pool, and they won’t be allowed to proceed.

Punishment for the ‘Non-Violent’ Offenders Since 2020

So with all these societal norms, how badly should we punish those committing crimes, especially young people?

Remember that the entire school curriculum is changing and many will be taught Galactic history, along with self-defense and most of their knowledge and training will be in nature or with advanced StarSeeds. Therefore, we will be in a complete New World. #GoldenEra.

The year 2020 is when everything went wrong that never should have happened especially with all the close-downs and the sicknesses people got just from wearing masks, using sanitizers, and staying inside for months. Also, don’t forget that many lost parents, relatives, and caregivers to COVID or the COVID vaccination.

Again, we are not monsters!!! If it was me over the punishment of these young individuals up to age 25, who committed ‘non-violent’ crimes since Jan. 2020, I would just allow them to move into the 4D Earth. However, I would still place all of them in ‘Re-education Camps’ for 2 years before releasing the Gesara funds to those over the age of 24.

After a year, they should have the privilege to leave these camps to work in communities with Humanitarian Projects so they can learn how to be compassionate when it comes to others.

During their stay there, they should undergo Spiritual training along with being trained in fields that interest them.

For the really young — the “preteens”, they would need to carry out weeks of community service. But they and their parents need to undergo some type of “Re-education Camp” especially if you have a child that young and they were out there committing crimes.

This is not about locking anyone up and throwing away the key, especially with young people, who did commit non-violent crimes. However, those who committed violent crimes against people need to be locked up but they also need to bring back rehabilitation programs. 

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Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at www.CathyHarrisInternational.com and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening, Business, and Spirituality. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and 20 other nonfiction books at www.AngelsPress.com. You can email Cathy at AskCathy@DearCathy.com or Cathy@CathyHarrisInternational.com and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs (www.MobileLearningClubs.com) and Cathy’s Caravan (www.CathysCaravan.com) to your city.