Action Plans For
  • Practice Being Grateful: Write down 3 to 5 things everyday that you are grateful for. Practice being grateful everyday and eventually you will realize what you have is enough. #Minimalism.
  • Keep Telling Your Story: Remember that no one will get out of this life without being scarred. No one’s life is perfect. I did not just tell my story about my workplace,, but I told my story about my upbringing when I was raised with 8 siblings as a ‘Black Sheep’ child and that’s how I was able to heal. Find your voice and keep telling your story. There are power and strength in telling your own story. You can do this by writing blogs, articles, books or get a podcast. The goal is to look back over your life with pride and joy and don’t have any regrets about what you went through or how you chose to live your life. Remember “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
  • Keep Working On Yourself: Read self-development books, pamper yourself with yoga and meditation, the two best exercises for your brain and learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This takes practice, but it can be done and it all starts with living a natural and holistic lifestyle.
  • Turn Your Home Into a Learning Center: Turn off the TV and turn your home into a learning center. Go on and and research topics that interest you. Learn how to grow and prepare foods naturally. Build a home library with books and read books online, on your phone and listen to audiobooks at
  • Practice Minimalism: When you don’t have so much stuff, #Materialism, your life will be easier and uncomplicated and you might just have more money in your pocket. Downsizing might be the key to you finding #TrueHappiness.
  • Commit To Goals: Set goals – weekly, monthly and yearly goals around your health, family and financial life and business and career.   
  • Start A Business: Having a business can accompany you through this thing called life. Or get a hobby, join groups on or travel. The goal is to live your life in your own way – a life with no regrets.
  • Know Your Circle: Know the people that you are hanging out with. The person you will be 5 years from now depends on the types of books you are reading and the people you are hanging out with. If you are the ‘smartest person’ in your group, you need to get another group — so you can grow.   
  •  Start Masterminds in Your Community: Start your own Strategy Meetings, Think Tanks and Masterminds. Start off in small groups with 2 or 3 women and just be there for each other. Hold each other accountable. Meet at someone’s home or start meetings in your community and grow your groups. Start the conversations and come up with solutions and share information with each other. #GrowTheseGroups.
  • Start Masterminds by Phone: Use, Zoom.US, etc. and start these conversations by phone and reach women all over the country.
  • Start Bookclubs: Get everyone in your household and your community back reading again so start bookclubs, especially around non-fiction books.
  • Respect Other Black Women: Remember all black women that we are all “Queens.” Start practicing how to be respectful to other women and men. Just say nice things to each other especially online and #Smile more. Get back to the mentality of #ChasingHappiness. When you put yourself first, the happiness will come.
  • Stop Forwarding Negative Images of Black People: Only forward positive pictures of black people. Stop forwarding negative photos of black men and women. It will be extremely hard because of social media, but let’s all try to do this.
  • Ask Older Black Women for Help: Mature black women or #BabyBoomers would love to help younger women out, but they need to be humble enough to ask for help. Remember that asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you want to remain strong — so ask for help.
  • Grow Your Own Foods: Start an organic garden by using natural and organic seeds, soil, potting mix and fertilizers (No Miracle-Gro, No Roundup Ready Weed Killer, etc.) Learn more at our “organic food movement” and Steps to Start Growing Your Own Foods ($4.99 audio). Start the initiative in your city. 
  • Gain Access To Good, Clean, Organic Foods: If you are not in a position to grow your own foods, then gain access to good, clean, organic foods. Make an effort to go to farmer’s markets, health and wholefood stores and join food co-ops.
  • Build ‘Garden-Based’ Education With Schools: Approach your children’s school board and make sure they implement school-based gardens in schools.
  • Start Your Own ‘Garden Club’: Gain local and online support from family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues by building your own ‘Garden Club’ — the same way I did at
  • Educate Your Own Family, Friends and Neighbors On Foods: Set up ‘in-home’ GMO movie screening parties and discussions around these movies Food Inc. MovieGenetic Roulette, ConsumedThe World According to Monsanto (FREE on, etc.). Or bring Speakers, Trainers or Presenters into your home or community to educate everyone ( 
  • Grow Foods With Family Members, Friends, and Neighbors: You can help maintain a garden with family, friends, neighbors, and others and even turn these into a food co-op. 
  • Buy A Home Without a Homeowner’s Association: Most Homeowner’s Association (HOA’s) won’t allow you to grow foods in your front yard. You need to be able to grow foods — everywhere — front and backyard, on porches,  patios, balconies, in your kitchen and other rooms.
  • Buy a Home with Land: Most men won’t buy a home with land because it’s more land to maintain (lawn maintenance, etc.). However, you should buy a home with land so you can rent part of the land out for others to grow foods. This way you will have a steady supply of good, fresh, organic foods for years to come. You can also rent the land out to commercial vendors.
  • Move Into Communal Houses: You can move into a community house with other families and grow your own foods. 
  • House Share or Co-Parent: Don’t lose your home because you don’t want to allow another person, especially a black woman with children, to move in with you. Think about #HouseSharing (live in the same house) and/or #CoParent your kids, especially if you are a single mother and the mother of an #AutisticChild. Do this until your circumstances improve.
  • Move Into a Car, Van or RV: If you are desperate for shelter, move into a Car until you can figure out your next move. You can also move into a Van or RV to save money. You will then have enough money to eat good, clean, fresh, organic foods.
  • Start a Facebook Group or Facebook Page: Start a facebook group or page and educate others on social media.
  • Start an Instagram Account: Most young people are on Instagram so make sure you build an account to reach young people.
  • Put Up a Free Blog: You can put up a FREE blog at or so build a #PositivePresence on the internet. #Write, #Speak, #Teach.
  • Attend Undoing Racism Classes: If you want to help people in the community, first of all, you need to understand why they are poor in the first place so attend “Undoing Racism” classes. You can have these trainers come to your city or you become an “Undoing Racism” trainer.
  • Become a ‘Self-Educator’: Some educators can be ‘self-educated’ so hold webinars at or Zoom.US and teach topics on health, business, etc.
  • Retired Educators: If you are a retired educator, the black community still needs your expertise. They still need to know how to read and write. Become a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach and write a book and set up your own line of Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Consultations, etc.
  • Set up Carpools or Vanpools: Black people are quick to travel to other areas for pleasure, why not travel to these same areas to get the information you need. We need to set up carpools and vanpools and travel to other areas to work with legitimate black businesses dealing with natural and holistic living, growing organic foods, growing your hair back, etc. and set up these businesses in our own cities. You can also travel very cheaply on
  • Set Up Summits, Conferences, Symposiums, and Town Hall Meetings: Many of these can be set up online. Let’s recognize black events that are truly educating people or set these up ourselves.
  • Create Criminal Justice Coalitions: Create Criminal Justice Coalitions in your city to deal with police killings. These coalitions must be comprised of community activists and advocates, media and legal experts including lawyers, paralegals, law students, etc. Read the book “Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home,” — to get started. It is a small book — only 50 pages and it needs to be read by every 10 to 15 year old —especially boys. Everytime a black child, male or female is killed by the police, we need #1000PeopleStrong to show up and hold a ‘Candlelight Vigil’ at the officer’s house who killed them and when their families, friends and neighbors see our pain or when they think their family is in danger since we know their addresses, they will think twice about killing another black man, woman or child.
  • Form Political Action Committees: Hold politicians accountable by forming Political Action Committees. Let’s hold politicians accountable and start to vote them out of office. They should be given a rating – A, B, C, D. All C’s and D’s need to be voted out of office. We must demand that they put communities first — especially our kids and Seniors.
  • Join These Independent Media Outlets:                                                                                                                                                                                          


List of ‘Ethical’ Business Owners

  • Atlantic City, NJ – Karim Miller – Black Couple Revolution.
  • Austin, TX – Fatima Georges, Founder and CEO, “Sacred Movements, Corporation” ( For women going through postpartum depression, (214)702-6432,,
  • Conyers, GA – Cornelius Stephens,, Holistic Chiropractor. Find out what you are allergic to.
  • Conyers, GA – Lenn and Mary Cain, Natural Path Health Food Store, Publix Shopping Center, 1910 GA Hwy. 20, (770) 760-0433.
  • Conyers, GA – Laverne Little Usher, ND, CHNHP, Nutritional Counseling, Healthy Health Today (Iridology, Kinesiology, BTA Body Test Analysis), Phone: (770) 760-7279, Email:
  • Dallas, TX – Foxye Jackson,, Nurse, Author, Sexual Abuse Coach, Reiki, and Jewelry Making. 
  • Dallas, TX – Sheryl Grace,, Author, Radio Host, and Mental Health Counselor.
  • Houston, TX – Cathy Harris,, Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Love Coach and Advice Columnist at, Self-Publishing and Business Coach and author of 26 non-fiction books, email: or call (512) 909-7365.
  • Killeen, TX – Luvina Sabree, Founder, Annual Armed Forces Natural Hair and Health Expo, Killeen Civic and Conference Center, 3601 South W S Young Drive, Killeen, TX 76542. 
  • Las Vegas, NV – Keidi Awadu,, Author, Vegan Chef, Radio Host, and Holistic Health Healer.
  • Las Vegas, NV – Spirit Halima,, The Strategies & Mindset of BEING a Magnetic & Worshipped Woman.
  • Philadelphia, PA – Dr. MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree, Yearly October, Natural Hair Classes. 
  • Richmond, VA – CR Hamilton from,  hosting services at, (703) 345-2379, Email: 
  • Washington, DC – Sean Ali, Supreme Health and Fitness, Healing Therapist, REIKI Master, Certified Nutrition Specialist



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