Ascension, Solar Flash, Reincarnation and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

Ascension, Solar Flash, Reincarnation, and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

What Will Happen to Your Family When You Transtion Into the 5th Dimension?

Once you view these videos and everything in this blog post, you should have a general idea of what the 5th Dimension will look like.

Remember if you are a good person you will automatically go to the 4th Dimension and can live for a couple of hundred years — but if you continue to raise your frequency and vibrations then you can go into the 5th and to higher dimensions, where you will be ‘immortal’.

Many believe the Ascension Process is very close and that the Solar Flash is right behind it where we will gain back our Spiritual Gifts, but many are already gaining back their ‘Spiritual Gifts’ because they are doing the ‘Shadow Work’ — are you? (click here)

Everyone, not just the StarSeeds, DNA will be upgraded but still many might remain on a 3D Earth because they won’t be able to handle the high frequency according to Dolores Cannon. However, many especially the ETs are surprised that many are waking up.

Write down your dreams because many are having vivid dreams, which are messages to help you gain back your Superpowers.

Again, if you see another version of yourself in your dreams, in meditations, and in the mirror, it means that you are gaining back your Supernatural powers.

If you or your children have ever watched StarTrek, StarWars, and StarGate and read the Marvel and DC comics, then you are way ahead of many of us and should understand all the ‘Supernatural Powers’ we will have.

Check Out the Below Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

Next Level Soul

-Doctor Did 700+ Past Life Regressions & What She Discover Left Her SPEECHLESS! |

-Man Dies; Shown the FUTURE & Meets DIFFERENT Versions of HIMSELF: BONE-CHILLING NDE | Dennis Bullock 

-Holy Spirit SAVES Woman After Being Murdered by Husband


JeffMara Podcast

-During His Near Death Experience, He Learned Who We Are As Human Beings 

-He Was Told That He Died Thousands Of Times Before During His Near Death Experience

-Professor Died, Saw ASTRAL WORLD & Angels – Life Changing Near Death Experience

Love Covered Life Podcast with Melissa Denyce

-I Died and Saw the TRUTH of Earth’s ENSLAVEMENT

-My Son Didn’t Want to be Born; Pre Birth Memory and Near Death Experience 

-Most DETAILED Near-Death Experience Ever Recorded; Woman is given TOUR of the Universe! Venia Hill

-Woman is Shown Pre-Birth Plan and is SHOCKED to see she Did Not Accomplish her Life’s Purpose

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