Prepare for Ascension Symptoms and Mass Awakenings

Prepare for Ascension Symptoms and Mass Awakenings 

 By Cathy Harris, New Earth Educator, Speaker, and Author

 Mar. 6, 2024

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 No one knew how the Ascension process was going to occur. We don’t know if the “Solar Flash” will come before or after the “Ascension process” so all we can do is go with the flow.

One thing is for sure though, many over the past year, including myself, have been ending up in hospitals because of the full-fledged effects of all the Solar Flares and CMEs currently hitting the Earth at this time.

Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are large expulsions of plasma and magnetic fields from the Sun’s corona. They can eject billions of tons of coronal material and carry an embedded magnetic field (frozen in flux) that is stronger than the background solar wind interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) strength.

Ascension Symptoms:

Everyone, not just StarSeeds, is being upgraded to be able to deal with the 5D New Earth high frequencies so watch this video “How To Raise your Frequency and Vibrations.”

Many are having bad ascension symptoms so make sure you spend as much time in nature to help with these symptoms. Some are reporting that all they want to do is sleep for 12 to 15 hours a day. If that is the case, then do it. Just cut back on your normal activities and get as much rest as you need.

Last July 2023 after waking up from 8 hours of sleep, I went back to sleep for 4 to 5 more hours every day and this lasted for over 3 weeks. I then woke up feeling refreshed. 

I hardly take daytime naps so this wasn’t normal for me but I could not function during this time unless I went back to sleep. I also had ringing in both my ears, so my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides were communicating with me.

I did not know at the time that I was receiving frequency downloads to prepare me for the 5D New Earth. The downloads are coming in through your sleep, in meditations, and through your dreams. Keep a journal of your dreams and meditate daily. 

I have had 5 cases of vertigo and dizziness since my 4 years on the road. The last three cases over the last year landed me in a hospital being monitored for 6 hours, where I was diagnosed with BPPV or ‘positional vertigo.’

It took me months before I learned that the vertigo and dizziness were indeed ascension symptoms. Supposedly, since the Earth is on an axle and every time it spins, you are changing timelines, which also causes vertigo and dizziness so don’t beat yourself up when you experience these symptoms.

Just some of the Ascension symptoms will include:

-Vertigo/Dizziness/Mental Confusion and the inability to concentrate.

-Having High Blood Pressure.

-Restlessness, anxiety, and/or irritability.

-Headaches, migraines, and pressure/tingling in different parts of the brain or feeling like your head is full of water or air.

-Loss of balance and muscle weakness at times.

-A lot of pressure in the ears.

-Internal cold and/or chills.

-Feeling weird without being able to explain how or why.

-Having a stronger and deeper heartbeat (unlike the palpitations caused by a solar storm).

-Sensory hypersensitivity.

-Intermittent disconnection of what is happening around you.

You are likely to notice changes in your physical body such as bruises, red dots on the skin, more marked dark circles, greater or less muscle mass, swelling in some parts (should last less than 3 days), hair loss, cracked nails, and more blue or swollen veins without influencing the external temperature.

Everyone is experiencing the frequency and energy downloads. It is making everyone sick. It isn’t just you or me, but everyone is experiencing Ascension symptoms.

Tons of individuals have gone to doctors or ended up in hospitals only to be told, there is nothing wrong with them. It’s high-frequency energy. The energies are constantly rising and have been dramatically rising for approximately 12 years (2012), but according to Dolores Cannon, the Earth started evolving in 2003.

We are being encoded and prepared for a leap in collective consciousness. Again, don’t force your body and just be patient with the adaptation process. Just remember it is only temporary.

During this time make sure you eat good clean, organic foods, take daily supplements (multi-vitamins for men or women), get plenty of rest, and exercise if you feel like it (just walk in nature). 

Try to stay in nature and breathe in fresh air. Stay in the sun as much as possible to receive the downloads directly from the sun and don’t wear sunglasses. Walk in nature barefoot, sit with your back against a tree, hug trees, do yoga and meditate daily, and sungaze to relieve the ascension symptoms. Just go with the flow and practice #TheArtOfDoingNothing. Rest and take care of yourself as you are prepared for the 5D New Earth.

Mass Awakenings:

The following will cause a MASS AWAKENING but many — unless they find out about the transition to the 5D New Earth, will go back to sleep. Therefore, it is up to all of us to prepare to bring them over into the 5D New Earth. 

A mass awakening will be caused by:

The Announcement of Gesara: Once Gesara is announced it will cause a massive awakening, especially when many hear of the ‘Disclosures’ and are shown ‘Military Tribunals’ and ‘Public Executions’.

Constitutional and Common Laws Will Go into Effect: After the Gesara announcement, all law enforcement not arrested for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and not trained in Constitutional and Common Laws including police officers, lawyers, and judges — will need to step down. When many learn we are under a new law system, they will awaken and start classes in their communities and online.

The Election of Honest and Ethical Politicians: Communities will elect honest and ethical politicians, especially current and former business owners who can bring back Mom-and-Pop businesses ASAP, 120 days after the Gesara announcement.

The Launch of Humanitarian Projects: Communities will start food growing Humanitarian Projects such as organic farms and gardens, organic food co-ops, and Gardening Coaches and Gardening Consultants will start working with families on how to grow foods inside and outside of their homes.

The Military and White Hat Alliance has been destroying contaminated food since 2020 and sooner. Once families have the opportunity to eat good, clean, organic foods, their brains will be turned back on and their chakras and pineal glands will be activated, which will cause a mass awakening.

Many Will Move Into New Homes: Many will choose to move to other areas and leave cities for the countryside where they can grow food with families, friends, and neighbors.

The April 8, 2024 Solar Flare: A large Solar Flare is expected on April 8, 2024, but we have been receiving 5D New Earth activations with the Solar Flares and the CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) since Mar. 2023.

This has caused many StarSeeds to come into their Spiritual gifts. Stay in the sunshine as much as possible to get activated and in nature to relieve some of your ascension systems.

Walk barefoot, sit with your back against trees, hug trees, do yoga and daily meditations, sungaze, etc. Buy grounding and earthing products ( for your home.

The Rise of the StarSeeds: Many StarSeeds are being activated and they now remember their mission to help the Earth transition into the 5D New Earth. Read the blog Which StarSeed Are You?”

The Rise of the Rainbow Children: When 2020 happened, I kept hearing that the children would not get sick but being a GMO Food Educator, I knew because children had such a young and immature immune system, they would be the group to get sick if there was indeed a virus out there. However, I found out quickly that a virus was released but it was nothing but the FLU and was gone by the first close-down in March 2020.

At that time I knew very little about StarSeeds, so I did not understand that they were referring to the “Rainbow Children,” who were born with high frequencies that would shield them from sicknesses.

The Rainbow Children also called “The New Children” by Dolores Cannon are the first generation of StarSeeds that are being born without egos and they are here to give out pure love.

They were already born with their DNA intact, so they already have their ‘God-source genes’ and many already know about their supernatural powers.

Many already have their own Spiritual gifts and powers, but some will need guidance on how to control them and how to use them for good instead of evil so the advanced StarSeeds will be working with them.

I know you have seen these ‘Rainbow Children’ online on social media helping the homeless and they are teaching pure love and empathy. Let them teach. We will learn from them. Watch the series “Generation V” on Amazon Prime.

Cities Will Stop Putting Flouride in Water Treatment Plants: Flouride in toothpaste, sink water, showers, and other waters in homes and communities not only causes cancer, but it can cause many to become ‘lazy’ or ‘docile.’ Therefore, families can be easily handled and fed misinformation or disinformation.

Fluoride blocks the Pineal Gland from being activated. Many communities are already stopping the use of fluoride in their water treatment plants, in toothpaste, and other products, which will cause massive Pineal Gland activations everywhere. You will start to remember how powerful you are and will understand your Spiritual gifts.

Everyone Will Stop Wearing Sunglasses: Since 2020 we found out that the COVID tests with the long Q-tips were done to destroy the Pineal Gland. Also, we found out that sunglasses were created to block Pineal Gland activations.

As we go into Spring and hot summer months, many are no longer wearing sunglasses. This will cause Pineal Gland activations and mass awakenings. You will start to remember how powerful you are and you will understand your Spiritual gifts.

Everyone Will Practice Daily Meditations: It takes 2 to 3 weeks to form new habits. With all the mass awakenings everywhere, daily mediations will become part of daily routines, which will activate the chakras and Pineal Glands and help you remember how powerful you are.

Divine Feminine Female Events Will Be Everywhere: Many women are starting to hold retreats, workshops, and online events and they are teaching women and young girls how to bring back their ‘Divine Feminine’ energy.

Every women and men have BOTH feminine and masculine energy in them especially since we have lived lives as both men and women.

Understand that many women lost their ‘femininity’ because of what happened to them in past lives especially when they were abused and tortured. 

Once these women do the shadow work, they will be able to fully live a life of pure joy and happiness. That masculine energy that has ruled the Earth including the masculine transgender energy for quite some time will be going away and the New 5D Earth will be about the return of the “Divine Feminine Female.”

Even Grandmothers will show up again to help with their families. The women will be put back on the throne and run things in a much more natural nurturing manner than how it is today.

This will take time, but we are on course for this to happen. But the truth must come out first so we will know how to move properly with a much more informed view of the world.

Movies and Documentaries that Can Help With Mass Awakenings

-Sound of Freedom: The movie “Sound of Freedom” was over the target and is making a major impact. I see mothers online all the time demonstrating how they are now holding on to their children after watching the movie. This movie is showing for FREE now on Amazon Prime.

-MK Ultra (2023): It is out now on digital, and DVD. “MK Ultra (2023)” – Trailer –

“Into the Light”: This is a full documentary movie, which has a powerful message to all humanity on porn and sexual sin in churches. It was released on Aug. 4, 2023, at

“Kaleidoscope”: The movie is based on a real-life event where 70 billion dollars worth of bonds were flooded in Hurricane Sandy. 

TV Shows on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix

-Goodbye World – on Amazon Prime

-The Boys – Amazon Prime

-Generation V – Amazon Prime

-Leave the World Behind – Netflix

-Sweet Tooth – Netflix

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