Signs You Are Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening and Your Pineal Gland Is Activated

Signs You Are Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening and Your Pineal Gland is Activated

Cathy Harris, Spiritualist and Tarot Reader

Jan. 27, 2024


When we talk about a spiritual awakening we’re talking about specific events that cause profound shifts in consciousness that are spiritual in nature.

But keep in mind for some, it could be two awakenings taking place…a Spiritual Awakening and an awakening that you have been lied to since you were born.

Because the awakening process will be hard enough and many times a lonely experience, be brave enough to walk away from anyone who is keeping you from experiencing the joy of this transition into the 5D New Earth.

Many of you don’t even realize that what you have been experiencing over the past few months or even years is a Spiritual awakening.

Many of you are having ascension symptoms but you fail to realize this because you aren’t paying attention. You are distracted by others who are still living in their egos. 

This blog post is going to help you pay attention to what you are experiencing and get you back on track to living a life full of joy, love, peace, and happiness.

Once you look at your life from a more spiritual perspective, it can set you on a path toward awakening if you are not there yet.

The 5th dimension (aka #5DNewEarth, #GoldenEra) is your ‘do-over’ – your second chance at life. Don’t allow anyone to distract you from living the life of your dreams.

What You Will Experience When You Awaken

You Might Have More Than One (1) Awakening: Many receive signs from the Spirit world, but they might not pay attention so at that time they might not awake, or they might awake on a small scale.

It could be months or even years later before they experience more signs from the Spirit world then they might have a 2nd or even 3rd awakening. 

By their 2nd or even 3rd awakening, they will be ready to get entrenched into the Spiritual world. They can see the universal laws and the path that the universe is laying out for them.

They might be ready to seek a higher life purpose…a more meaning for their lives. The older their souls, the higher their calling will be.

You’ve Reevaluated Your Beliefs: Spiritual awakenings will likely cause you to revise your spiritual beliefs or adopt significant new ones. Whether that means connecting deeply with a new religion or belief or quitting your job to pursue your real passion, your priorities are likely different now.

You Feel Spirituality Becoming an Important Part of Your Life: It will be hard to ignore the call from your spiritual side as you go through this process. The desire to find meaning and fulfillment within your spirituality will likely become one of your biggest priorities.

Experiencing Life-Changing Events: Many life-changing events can also cause you to awaken such as losing your job, moving away from home, a car accident, life-threatening illnesses, divorces, war, pandemics, quarter-life or midlife crises, mental health crises such as clinical depression or anxiety, or even a near-death experience.

You find yourself in a position to learn something new — so it can cause you to awaken. Many awoke during the COVID shutdown when they could not go outside. They found themselves getting entrenched into the Spiritual communities online, which led to a spiritual awakening. 

You End Up in Complete Isolation: Spiritual awakenings are no easy undertaking, and while there’s hope for enlightenment on the other side, it can feel very lonely.

It’s isolating to have your whole life flipped upside down, especially if the other people in your life aren’t quite on the same page. For many to awaken it will take being in total isolation.

Many who awaken are put in a position where they have complete isolation such as #VanLife. You will just feel like doing you, which can and often does lead to your spiritual awakening.

You Feel Disconnected or Detached: At first, the spiritual awakening process can feel overwhelming and confusing. It can feel like everything you thought to be true about your life was a lie.  You may feel disconnected and detached from the things and people you used to enjoy.

Your Outlook on the World Feels Different: Again, spiritual awakenings aren’t easy, and the alienation and ego-shattering realizations that occur can make anyone feel like they are living in a new reality so just be ready to embrace your new change. 

Some Close To You Can Cause An Awakening: You notice that there is definitely a shift taking place. Spiritual awakenings are transformative, and the people in your life won’t always be able to appreciate that.

Someone close to you such as a close family member, friend, or even a Twin Flame or Soul Mate could cause you to have an awakening.

You may feel like your loved ones don’t understand you anymore because you are changing. Asking loved ones to respect what you’re going through, and reminding them that they don’t have to resonate with your awakening might be what you need but if they don’t honor your wishes — you might have to distance yourself.

Many times couples want to be on the same page so each will start studying Spirituality and one might cause the other to awaken.

On the other hand, if one person in the relationship isn’t awakened, then many will want to leave the relationship to seek out someone who is awakened. 

You Feel More Connected to the Natural World: While you may feel less connected to your friends and family at first, you will feel more connected to nature.

From plants to animals to the world as a whole, you will sense your interconnectedness to it all,  and it may be quite moving.

You Might Have Physical Symptoms: Several physical symptoms can accompany spiritual awakenings too, like fatigue and brain fog. Many are also having vertigo and blood pressure fluctuations.

Just keep in mind they can of course also be a sign of a medical condition, but they can also be ascension systems. 

There’s A Sudden Change in Your Habits and Routine: As your spiritual life begins to transform, so will your day-to-day life, including habits and routines. Perhaps now you make it a priority to spend time in nature or meditate, or you’ve ditched old habits that were no longer serving you.

Sharpened Intuition: You’re more intuitive. You now have newly heightened intuition or new intuitive abilities showing up. They were always there, buried beneath the layers of your ego, and now that you’ve awakened, you feel much more in tune with yourself.

You can concern between truth and illusion. Your intuition (or knowing) is strengthening. Your intuition is heightened, and you can tell if something is true or not or if someone is good or evil.

You Can Sense Inauthenticity and Manipulation: In addition to your heightened intuition, you’ll be able to sense any inauthentic or manipulative behavior when someone is deceiving you, as well.  It will be hard to be around those who don’t have ‘integrity’.    

You See Repeating Numbers: If you’re frequently experiencing mind-blowing synchronicities, like thinking about someone and randomly running into them the next day, or seeing angel numbers all the time, that’s a sign you’re on your spiritual path.

You see repeating numbers everywhere – sometimes two or three times a day. There have always been synchronicities in our lives but a person who isn’t awakened usually doesn’t notice them.

Many call these Angel numbers and say your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are communicating with you so pay attention to what you are doing when this happens.

You Want To Be of Service: As you begin realizing that every living thing is inherently worthy and equal, you will feel called to be of service, whether to people, to animals, or the environment.

It’s important to you that you have a cause you can get behind to make your life feel purposeful. It may not be about changing your current roles or jobs, but just approaching what you’re already doing with a deeper sense of service.

Your Teachers Will Appear: During an awakening, your spiritual teachers may appear everywhere with perfect timing to help you. These don’t have to be literal teachers. They might be a kind stranger in the store, a new friend you met by chance, or a literal spiritual or religious figure.

You Feel Light: You will feel light – not burdened anymore once you awaken.

You Have a Newfound Curiosity: Now that you’ve “awakened” to your life, you probably have a childlike wonder and curiosity for the world around you, even when things get tough. Being able to stay curious about your life and the people in it, even when you’re feeling emotional, is a sign of a spiritual awakening.

Become More Creative: You have increased creativity. You become more creative in any endeavor that you are doing.

What You Will Experience When Your Pineal Gland (or ‘Third Eye’) is Activated

Some of the below activations you can receive when you awaken and/or when you activate your Pineal Gland. Just understand when you work on activating your Pineal Gland, work on all your 7 main chakras too or it can lead to an imbalance.

The Pineal Gland can and will open by itself ‘naturally’ especially as you ascend into the 5D New Earth. Just continue to work on raising your frequency and vibrations.

-You Realize Everyone is On Their Own Path: When your third eye awakens, you start to see that we are all one and that everyone is just doing their best based on their level of consciousness.

As you figure out your own spiritual path, you also become more accepting of the idea that everyone else is on their own unique path, too. Things like winning arguments or convincing people of your views don’t matter as much anymore.

-You Will Start To Remember Some of Your Past Lives: When you activate your Pineal Gland (or “Three Eye”), you will gain back past life remembrances. This way you can see some of your past lives and even some of the superpowers you had.

The Med Beds can take you from a 4D negative to a 4D positive and help you remember some of your past lives, but they will only give you what you can handle. If all your past lives come back at once, you would go crazy.

You Want to Eat More Natural: An open third eye can make you more sensitive to all the energies surrounding you, even the energies of the things you eat. You might have the need to eat more ‘natural’ and might struggle with eating meat when your third eye opens.

You See a Movie in Your Head: Remember there is a light in your Pineal Gland so you will be able to see a movie playing in your head once your third eye opens. Your brain shows the past and present but your third eye shows the future.

You See Colors or Shapes: When you close your eyes, usually you just see darkness, but now you may see colors and shapes once you open your third eye.

You Experience a Pulsating Sensation: You will have a pulsating sensation in the middle of your forehead, or you will have light headaches once you open your third eye.

Vivid and Lucid Dreams: Not only is your waking life more vivid as a result of a spiritual awakening, but your dream life may become more vivid too. You might think it is a dream, but it is actually another reality or another dimension.

You Start To See Auras and Vivid Pictures: Your eyes are wide. You are so alert. Many can see auras around people so they can tell if others are good or bad. Colors will also look more vivid so your eyesight will improve. Vivid pictures will come to you even in the middle of the day.

You Will Hear Ringing In Your Ears: You hear ringing in your ears. Your body might be shaking, or you might feel jittery.

Many also believe ringing in the ears is your Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides reaching out to them so pay attention when this happens.

Your Senses Are More Heightened: Your senses will often become heightened as you become more tuned in to the present moment. Along with heightened awareness and senses, you may have other bodily sensations too. 

This includes sensitivity to physical, emotional, and/or your actions or thoughts. This is because your senses are becoming more in tune with both the physical and spiritual realms. 

You Might Have a Sensitivity to Sound and Light: When your third eye opens you may be turned off by places with bright lights or very loud music. It may become hard to sleep. You may also begin to hear things you never would’ve noticed before. Third eye openings also affect sinuses, eye pressure, ear pressure, neck pain, dizziness, and headaches.

You Have a Lack of Fear: There are so many fears that come along with the material realm because of how fleeting life seems here. When your third eye opens, you become aware of the presence of multiple realities and that we don’t exist in only one. All of a sudden, it’s not so scary anymore.

There are Gradual and Continual Changes: You may begin to notice that your life is gradually changing. Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. When your third eye opens, your perspective changes. Because of this, your outer reality changes too.

Spirit Guides Appear More: You start to easily see your Spirit Guides in meditations or dreams – not just faces but their entire body.

You Gain Telepathic Abilities: You may begin to notice that you seem to know what’s going on in someone’s mind and then they confirm it through their actions. You may also feel it when someone’s thinking about you and over time, you may even learn how to send telepathic messages.

You Become Clairvoyant: While the physical eye sees the past and present, the third eye sees the future. You may begin to see visions of events before they occur or get warning signs about a place or event.

You Will Become a Seer: Once your third eye is opened you might be seen as a ‘seer’. Seers are able to see things that other people cannot and, based on their observations, can provide otherwise unseen insights into current events or potential future outcomes.

You Will Be Able to Astral Travel: When your third eye opens many can astral travel and be more active in their dream life.

Messiah Complex: You might develop a Messiah complex thinking you are the chosen one. The messiah complex is a mental state in which a person believes they are a prophet and will save or redeem people in a religious endeavor.

The term can also refer to a state of mind in which an individual believes that they are responsible for saving or assisting others.

Many of us will be losing parts of ourselves as we transition into a 5D New Earth so don’t be afraid to walk away from ideas, projects, or even people that are no longer serving you.

If you are having trouble with your Spiritual Awakening, especially Ascension systems, try to work with New Earth Educators who have consulting services, Ascension Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, and Life Coaches.

Don’t always reach out to someone with a big audience or a lot of likes on social media, instead choose those that you resonate with to help you walk through your Spiritual Awakening.

Just remember many have ended up at doctor’s offices, only to find out with more research they are experiencing Ascension symptoms so understand what you are feeling won’t last long.

It is just a phase that you have to go through to ascend to a higher frequency. Eventually, everything will mellow out and you will be able to move forward and enjoy the Ascension process and the 5D New Earth.

Just prepare to make room for goodness to come into your life. Your greatest Spiritual teachers, Kindred Spirits, Soul Family, and Star Family are about to walk into your path.

Find the people who make your soul resonate with love, joy, peace, and happiness as we transition into the 5D New Earth. Welcome to the New World!!! #GoldenEra

Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening and Business. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and several other nonfiction books at You can email Cathy at or and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs ( and Cathy’s Caravan ( to your city.

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Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening, Business, and Spirituality. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and 20 other nonfiction books at You can email Cathy at or and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs ( and Cathy’s Caravan ( to your city.