"Black Beauty and Barber Shop (or Storefront) Initiative"




Support Our Beauty and Barber Shop or Storefront Initiative

Steps to Take:
1. Print out Press Release below or give us info for beauty or barber shops or other storefront businesses and we will contact these businesses and forward the press release for you.
2. Take Press Release to a beauty or barber shop or storefront businesses in your city and get permission to set up in their business once or twice a week.
3. Let us know what you are doing and we will add you to our business referral list and help you advertise your business.
4. Grow a successful business, provide for your family and be happy.


Print Out Press Release

“The Beauty and Barber Shop (or 'Storefront') Initiative" 

 Cathy Harris launches "The Beauty and Barber Shop" (or "Storefront") Initiative. This initiative is being launched by Cathy Harris from "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs" at and "The Essential Women's Movement for African American Women.". The initiative is created to help African American families gain access to good clean, organic foods, while they start businesses, especially around growing foods.

We are asking all African American Beauty and Barbers Shop owners or business owners with storefronts to consider allowing business coaches, consultants, mentors, tutors and other business owners to set up an area once or twice a week in your storefront, in order to educate the community. This would be a WIN-WIN for everyone because both the storefront owners and business owners would obtain more clients and customers, and storefront owners would MAKE A PROFIT off products sold.

We will announce this training through meetup.com groups, ads in newspapers, through churches and community meetings and on social media. Business training will include FREE consultations or coaching sessions on -- 1) The steps to start a business, 2) How to set entrepreneurial goals, 3) How to create a business plan, 3) How to obtain business start-up money, 4) Business ethics and etiquette training, 5) How to develop marketable skills, 6) How to network with local business owners, and 7) How to obtain business mentors.

Just some of the reasons that youth should open their own businesses include: 1) Young adults need to learn responsibility to prepare for adulthood, 2) It gives them something constructive to do with their time, 3) They can help their family out financially, 4) New businesses improves the conditions of the community, 5) They can pay for their entire college education, and 6) They have no other choice because of the economy.

Some easy to set up businesses include: Gardening and greenhouse consultants; Tutoring businesses; Resume businesses; Author/publishing company; Pet sitting/walking businesses; T-shirt businesses; Flyer distribution businesses; Newsletter/Marketing/PR businesses; Giving lessons - music, dancing, or cooking; Baking cakes, pastries or cookies; Garage cleaning; Lawn maintenance; Computer training; Website or Graphic Designing - just to name a few.

It's time to invest in our children! This is a great opportunity for multi-talented youth to use their skills and stay out of trouble. Children are much more energetic and resourceful than adults and they live in a world of technology so they can start making money in 2 weeks to 30 days by using their own skills, talents and passions.

So that we can prepare families to work in job's programs or grow their own foods and become business owners read Cathy Harris' business books entitled "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth and Adult Entrepreneurs" and "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Starting Your Own Business" (Series 2) and recently released "Overcoming Food Deserts in Your Community: How To Start A Home, School or Community Garden, Food Co-op or Food Coalition" -- available as e-books and paperback books at http://www.AngelsPress.com.

If you would like to sign your business up for this initiative and be listed on our website and receive free marketing, contact Cathy Harris, who is a National Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Speaker and Author at Angels Press, P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78760, website: www.CathyHarrisInternational.com, Email: cathy@cathyharrisinternational.com, and phone: (512) 909-7365.