“Brothers Building Gardens” Initiative


Press Release
For Immediate Release
Jan. 1, 2018

Angels Press
Attn: Cathy Harris, CEO and President
P.O. Box 19282
Austin, TX 78760
(512) 909-7365


New Initiative “Brother’s Building Gardens”

“The Essential Women’s Movement for African American Women” has launched a new initiative for 2018. The initiative is entitled “Brothers Building Gardens.”  We will start working with gardening coaches and consultants to help them receive low-cost and FREE marketing for their businesses.

A gardening coach is a cross between a consultant, designer, and a landscaper. A gardening coach is for those gardeners who want to do their own gardening and landscaping, but need help getting started and knowing how to do specific projects.

Our gardening coaches and consultants would like to help you start your gardening projects, so decide if you would like to build raised bed gardens or grow foods in pots and containers on balconies, porches, roof tops, or in your kitchen or another room.

Gardening coaches will meet their clients and customers at their homes or gardening centers to help them select their gardening tools for special projects. If you would like to become a gardening coach or consultant and let us help you advertise, reach out to Cathy Harris, at cathy@cathyharrisinternational.com or call (512) 909-7365 and sign up.