Glamping vs. Boondocking on BLM and National Forest Land

Glamping vs. Boondocking on BLM and National Forest Land

Are You Ready to Live the ‘Nomadic’ Life?

Once Gesara goes through many will be looking at living ‘Nomadically.’ Everyone does this Nomadic life differently. Some will choose to buy a Class A, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, Van, or just come out in their vehicles. No way is the wrong way. Again, it just depends on how you want to embrace this lifestyle.

As a Speaker, Writer and Author, my Nomadic goal was to travel and see family, and friends, make friends on the road, hold seminars and workshops, and see sites along the way.

Therefore, ‘boondocking’ (dry camping or free camping) on BLM and National Forest land out west has worked for me over the past 4 years. Waking up in nature breathing in fresh air and being able to live in peace is what has got my creative juices flowing. 

Why The Glamping Lifestyle Isn’t for Me

At 67, I am a ‘girly girl’, a very feminine female, but I still don’t like the ‘Glamping’ lifestyle as a Solo Female Traveler, #VanLife. I can camp out in these luxurious spots for special occasions, but not daily.

I am currently having a #LoveAffair with nature, which means there is nothing like waking up and rolling out of bed on a trail with very few people around and being one with nature.

The Glamping industry seems like a crowded industry. Many still want to sleep in dwellings and don’t really want to experience nature first-hand.

They seem to be participating in ‘Glamping’ to show off their materialistic treasures or to gain publicity. And many are still living in their egos. 

Vehicle Warnings

-Flood Zones: It is quite easy to get stuck when boondocking on BLM or National Forest Land even in vans or cars. Be careful parking in the washes or gullies or too close to beaches because you can wake up and be surrounded by water.

Just remember that most Triple-A Towing Services won’t come out on BLM or National Forest Land.

Many times you might have to wait 2 or 3 days for it to dry out before you can leave certain areas so look for Flood Zone signs and watch the weather closely. Also, invest in some of the weather apps and alert services.

You also might want to inform others where you are going especially if you are going out for weekends and holidays in case you don’t show back up as planned.

-Know Your Height: Know the height of your vehicle when traveling under bridges and underpasses, especially when traveling through cities and using car washes or driving through fast-food places.

-Class A’s: Class A’s are like driving around a small apartment. I do see many Nomads in the older Class A’s out on BLM land, but just remember if you are driving the newer Class A’s there are a lot of places or roads you won’t be able to go because of your size.

Many of the mountainous roads will say turn around if your vehicle is over 30 feet. Pulling a vehicle will make it even more unsafe for those driving Class A’s on mountainous roads.

-Travel Trailers: The NUMBER ONE vehicle that turns over mostly on highways or freeways is the Travel Trailers (large or small) so watch your speeds.

The reason Travel Trailers are the NUMBER ONE vehicle to turn over on highways and freeways is because the cars or trucks pulling them don’t have enough horsepower and many drivers are sometimes just driving too fast. 

Keep in mind that dealerships will sell you anything. They won’t work with you to make sure you have enough horsepower to pull a Travel Trailer. They are just trying to sell you a vehicle.

Parking in Bear Country: Many women especially choose to drive vehicles (Class C’s, Vans, etc.) that allow them to jump in their front seats and leave in case they encounter bears, mountain lions, or feel unsafe around man.

-Tent Camping in Bear Country: I do look forward to finding spots where I will feel safe tent camping, but not in Bear Country. You certainly want to be careful tent camping in Bear Country.

Many who have cars or vans will say they are tent camping but at the end of the night, many are back in their vehicles unless they feel safe when camping. 

City Living

I do end up engaging in city living from time to time especially when I go south (Texas, Atlanta, Florida, Carolinas, etc.) where BLM and National Forest Land aren’t available or when I am working on a project and need good internet in the city.

Others, especially those with city jobs, prefer living in cities and parking in driveways, on streets, at 24-hour gyms, 24-hour emergency cares, hospitals, Cracker Barrels, Walmarts, truck stops, rest stops, etc. It all depends on how you want to embrace this lifestyle.

If you are getting over ‘heavy metal’ poisoning or some type of other illness where you need to breathe in fresh air, just know there are more toxins (gas fumes, etc.) in cities. The fresh air is out on or National Forest land.

RV Parks

Instead of Boondocking, many prefer RV Parks or Campgrounds because:

-You can use RV dumps.

-You can plug in and get power.

-You can throw out your trash.

-You can fill up with water.

-You can take a shower.

-You can wash clothes.

-You can buy bags of ice.

In my 4 years on the road, I have only stayed in two RV Parks, and quite frankly, I felt I was too close to others. Not only can you see in the windows of other travelers but the sites are just too close together so you lack privacy in RV parks.

There are very few RV Parks in certain parts of the country so RV Parks cater to certain Nomads, especially on weekends and holidays.

RV Parks don’t allow RVs over 10 years old to park there and they don’t allow Vanners either. Some might allow the obvious built-out Class B vans, but they discriminate on the vans that don’t look built out.  

Camping Grounds

Many women said many of the Camping Grounds can be isolated so you can end up out there by yourself unless you do your homework.

Many of the campground sites can be far apart and again, this could potentially put you in unsafe conditions when it comes to animals or man as a Solo female traveler. 

Thousand Trails Memberships

To use a membership pass, you need to be driving a “Self-Contained” vehicle, which means you must have a way to use the restroom in your vehicle so having a bucket in a van is okay. Just know that many in RVs still use the bucket method, especially women, who don’t want to deal with the black tank.

Many purchase a Thousand Trails membership and stay in their system of RV resorts and campgrounds. For instance, there are 1017 sites with Thousand Trails memberships in Orlando, FL. You pay ongoing, annual dues of $499–$670, depending on the membership contract. And you can make monthly payments.

You don’t have to be a member to stay at Thousand Trails campgrounds. Your Thousand Trails Camping Pass entitles you to day use and overnight camping in your recreational vehicle or tent, subject to length of stay restrictions. During your stay, you enjoy all the same amenities provided to those campers who book at the daily rate. Memberships

The current memberships are $99 a year. At these Harvest Hosts venues, they want you to buy the wine and cheese and park by corn fields or at museums.

This style of traveling just doesn’t appeal to me mostly because I don’t drink wine or eat cheese and parking by corn fields (#ChildrenOfTheCorn) or museums (relics, artifacts, etc.) can carry ‘negative energy’ and again, it is just not appealing to me as a Solo Female traveler.

I am allergic to wine or am I allergic to the poison in it? Over 100% of wine (and beer) especially the wine from California has glyphosate, roundup-ready weed killer, in it and after realizing how they make processed cheese, I am not a fan of either.

Also, the locals in cities know where parking is located so many women on YouTube said the spots can be quite intimidating and isolated.

Many Solo Female Travelers said they are harassed by local men when they left their campsites to buy groceries, wash clothes, or just to explore the city. memberships are $79 a year. These are homes where you can park overnight or for a few days as you travel back and forth around the country.

You have to make reservations and many of these homes are families that were former ‘Nomadic’ campers themselves. However, as a Solo Female Traveler, I just would not feel comfortable staying on the property of people I do not know unless it was some type of Nomadic event.

Other traveling terms

Boondocking: Boondocking is of course what many Nomads do on BLM or National Forest Land for free. But they also do this in other places such as boondocking in Walmart or Cracker Barrels’ parking lot.

Couch Surfing: Couch Surfing ( is where you stay on someone’s couch when you are traveling. Many even offer up their driveways for Nomads to park. Many times it is free but sometimes they want you to pay.

Moochdocking – Moochdocking means you are camping for free on your friends or family’s property. But there’s a right and wrong way to do it.


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Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening, Business, and Spirituality. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and 20 other nonfiction books at You can email Cathy at or and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs ( and Cathy’s Caravan ( to your city.

Cathy’s 67 Birthday and Four 4-Year Van Life Anniversary


New Nomad Buy a Van

I hope this video inspires you to make moves in your own life – to reach for your dreams. Just remember on a new 5D Earth, it is about doing what your heart desires.

Remember when you were young – what is it that you always wanted to do? Many said they would be starting Med Bed centers, but I was in their groups, and I did not feel their passion.

Whatever you do you need to have PASSION behind it. This is the ‘do-over’ that you always wanted or dreamed of in your life so don’t make the mistake of getting involved with or doing something that you are just not passionate about.   Again, the new 5D earth is your ‘do-over.’

I Document My Life for Myself

Many people are surprised that I am still doing traveling videos at “Simple Life RVing” after 4 years on the road, especially as I go into my 67th birthday and my 4 year “Van Life Anniversary” on Oct. 6, 2023. However, my goal was always to educate my audience through my traveling videos.

But I mostly do the videos, take pictures, and write blog posts and newsletters, to document my travels on the road for myself. For instance, when I am on another side of the country, I can’t help to look back at videos and pictures from my earlier travels and many times I am just longing to go back there.

Now might also be the time to invest in new computers and cameras. I have only been in a dwelling for a little over 30 days in the past 4 years and using my phone video to shoot videos may no longer fit my lifestyle. I might also go back to my FIRST LOVE, which was ‘photography’ so having more updated photo and video equipment might just be what I need to give myself for my upcoming birthday and newly built-out van.

NEW EARTH EDUCATOR (Spiritual and New Earth Newsletters, Humanitarian Project, and New Spiritual Podcast)

As a NEW EARTH EDUCATOR, the only things I will commit to moving forward are my traveling videos, Spiritual and New Earth newsletters, and my Humanitarian Project with my “Food and Business Initiatives.” 

Also, as I travel around the country I will be educating my audience through a NEW ‘SPIRITUAL’ PODCAST entitled “Cathy Harris Podcast” on Zoom.US and on YouTube. The new podcast will take place once I finish my final van build-out (Phase 3) so I am just putting that out into the universe and bringing it into existence. 

However, I will actively start teaching more about Spirituality on my traveling videos until I can get the “Spiritual Podcast” up and running. Meanwhile, I am so proud of the “Spiritual” and “New Earth” Newsletters at I am bursting with joy to tell you about some of the New 5D Earth changes so keep checking those newsletters for all the updates. I will give you some now.

PHASE 3 (Final Van Buildout)

Some vanners in #VanLife opt for professional van build-outs but I was just waiting and studying how these vans were built out before I attempted to hire others to help me with my endeavors.

The van-building community has come a long way since I first conducted all my research before getting on the road in 2019 so I am excited about how they are able to build out vans now.

For instance, I made a choice to put 800 watts of solar on top with two Max Air fans because in the part of the country where I mostly stayed, I was constantly in the sun. I knew I would not have room for an ‘on-the-top’ air conditioner, but now there are several of these that they can easily place inside of your van so I can’t wait for Phase 3 or my final van buildout.

I do love the fall and winter weather probably because I was born in October in cold weather. The reason I want to go the extra mile for a heater in my van is it is my dream to be in a place like Colorado or Flagstaff, AZ (so I don’t have to leave the area when cold weather comes in), and be surrounded with snow outside covering the ground — while I am warm and comfortable inside. Many are also opting to get the heated floors too so that is another option.

Also, I am opting for an air conditioner in my van because I just love the state of Florida and I want to have BOOTS ON THE GROUND (in the trenches) in the state of Florida to help Seniors and the Nomadic Community out west in Flagstaff, Sedona, Lake Havasu City, Parker, Quartzsite, Ehrenberg, etc., which is #NomadLand, as my physical TARGETED AUDIENCE to educate on the NEW 5D earth.

Of course, I will be stopping in other areas too (Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc.), and also teaching my national and international audience on Zoom.US and on YouTube.

I am looking at companies to help me either in Portland or in Glendale, AZ, which is only 2 hours away, but I have yet to speak to them about whether they can place the battery bank away from my sleeping and working area because I am sensitive to electricity.

Also, I have to tell them about the books I will be traveling with. So, my priority with my last buildout (Phase 3) is I need the bed raised with a 500-pound slide under the bed containing 2 big containers of books or the Murphy bed; the battery bank needs to be away from my sleeping and working area during the day; I also need a ‘girly girl’ hanging clothes closet.

As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I travel with 6 health books including 2 books on gardening, 2 business books, and other (18 total) easy-to-read non-fiction books, but I have 26 non-fiction books at My goal is to keep two small suitcases filled with my eighteen (18) books so they can be easily refilled from the two containers in the back of the van.  

Even though I have three (3) gym memberships, having a shower and a composting toilet will be nice because, like most women, I really don’t want to deal with a black tank. Therefore, they can give me a full-size bed instead of a queen and cut out some of the kitchen cabinet space to honor my wishes so we will see if this can be done.

Also, since I have been eating only with a steamer and blender for the past 4 years, and eating a lot of my foods raw (to gain nutrition you should eat 40% to 50% of foods raw every day), I AM NOT opting for an induction cooktop, electric stove, propane stove, air fryer, or a microwave oven either. What I am doing now is working and keeping me healthy.

So, what do you think? I don’t think that is too much to ask for. After 4 years on the road, I seriously had looked at buying a new van, possibly the Winnebago Travato, but now many are having older vans built out to their liking, so I decided against a new van at this time especially with all the crime taking place I don’t want to make myself a target especially when I go into inner cities with my Humanitarian Project.

However, in a couple of years, most crime should be gone on the 5D earth so it will be the perfect time to buy something new and share ‘StarShip’, my baby, with my daughters. One is actually a camper now. However, by then flying cars could possibly be out, and in ten (10) years (or sooner) most cars won’t be needed especially since we will be using other forms of travel including teleporting into other dimensions.

My 4-Year Van Life Journey

Because I am a Speaker and Author that have written 26 non-fiction books at about many areas of my life, one day I will probably pen a book about living my Nomadic life, and even about my ‘Spiritual Journey,’ but I am in no way ready to do it yet.

I want to experience more of this lifestyle first, therefore, I will just keep documenting my journey with pictures, videos, and blog posts and will keep journaling about my experiences.

-My First Year on the Road, #VanLife

I left Senior apartments in Orlando, FL after one year to start my Van Life Journey on Oct. 1, 2019, and 6 days later I celebrated my 62nd birthday in Atlanta, GA with my daughter.

New Home State: One week later on Oct. 14, I bought a brand new Dodge Ram Promaster 3500 Cargo Van and five (5) days later I headed to Livingston, TX. Once I registered the vehicle and signed up for the mailing address, I made Texas my NEW HOME STATE for my Nomadic life.

This meant not only would I receive mail from this Texas address, but as a Veteran, I would also receive my yearly doctor’s visit from Austin, TX. However, I can change my appointments to another state. Many times I wish I had left everything at the Orlando, FL hospital. 

Made It to the RTR: My goal was to make it out to the 2020 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) to learn more about living a Nomadic Life. However, since it took 82 days for my tags to come in from Atlanta to Texas, I barely made it to this event. Once I received my new permanent van tags, I had about 2 days to make it to Parker, AZ, which meant I had to drive up to 10 hours for two days to arrive at the event on time so I barely made it to the event.

First Sickness On the Road: Once I made it to the event after the four (4) day Women Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR), I got extremely sick after having dinner with a friend at the Casino in Parker, AZ.

Getting sick on the road especially initially was hard because you had to make sure you were in a ‘self-contained’ vehicle, which I was and you had to be parked in a spot where you did not have to move for a few days so I was at the Casino in Parker, AZ so I was set to just rest to try to heal my own self before seeking out help.

Once I spent days resting, drinking a ton of water, eating Chicken Soup, Crackers and taking over-the-counter decongestant medications, I realized that I was not going to be able to heal myself so I sought out help from the in Phoenix. Once I got on the 5-day Z-pack, I started feeling better within 48 hours.

I Chased the Weather: In my first year, I also chased the weather and tried to stay in climates that were mild and comfortable. When I did end up in harsh hot climates, I sought help from other Nomads online who suggested I buy sleeping bags and long johns to stay warm and move to a mild climate to stay cool. They even suggested I go to Flagstaff, AZ, which was one of the coolest spots in Arizona.

How I Powered The Vehicle: In my first year, I mostly used ‘battery-operated’ inside fans (at least 5) to cool down the vehicle. Because then I had no solar or fans on top of my vehicle during my first year, I only used the 2500 Jackery ( to power the vehicle so I mostly powered my vehicle by riding around with my Jackery plugged into my vehicle.

Eventually, I bought the Jackery solar panel (that went with it, but it took hours to charge the power box with the panel. This made it hard for me to use my laptop, steamer, and blender, which took up much of my power from the Jackery but I made it work. 

My Number One Goal My First Year: As a Holistic and Natural Healer and author of six (6) health books, my first year on the road was uplifting, however, my main goal was to get rid of the ‘heavy metals’ in my system that I got from smelling all the cigarette smoke for one year while living in Senior apartments in Orlando, FL.

This meant eating good clean, organic foods, foods especially that got rid of heavy metals such as cilantro, supplements that got rid of heavy metals and engage in regular detoxifications out here on the road.  It wasn’t easy especially since I chose to stay at Walmarts and Truck Stops in my first year on the road, which had a lot of car, van, RV, and truck traffic, which meant I would be exposed to even more toxic fumes.

-My Second Year – Best Year Ever

Found My New Favorite Way of Parking As a Nomad: By the time my second year rolled around I was done with staying at Walmarts and Truck Stops so staying on, National Forest Land also called “Dispersed Camping Land” had become my favorite way to engage in overnight camping and parking on the road.

My Most Healthiest Year on the Road: My second year by far had to be my most healthiest and happiest out here on the road because that is the year I was able to completely explore the state of Colorado for over 2 months after they had the Arizona fires.  

Hard Lessons as a ‘Solo Female Traveler’ on the Road: However, it was also the year that I had a hard lesson to learn because that is also the year that I chose to do this lifestyle as a “Solo Female Camper” after camping out with and moving into the state of Colorado with other campers that I found out wasn’t a good fit for me. Blog Post – (click here) 

Here Come the Arizona, Colorado, and California Fires: That would also be the year that we will forever remember the Arizona fires that ran all Campers and Nomads off BLM and National Forest Land. Many Walmarts, Cracker Barrels, Truck Stops, and other locations were packed with Nomads just trying to wait out the fires. After I went to Colorado to get away from the Flagstaff Fires, after a few weeks, I also had to leave the state of Colorado because of the Colorado fires.

In Search of Battery More Power: A couple of months after I made it back to Flagstaff after the Colorado fires forced me to leave and after meeting a company in July at the ‘Tiny House Festival’ — I drove out to Portland to pick up a new power box, my 2nd power box after graduating from my 2500 Jackery (  

During my drive to and from Portland, OR, I ended up dealing with the California fires going in and out of Portland, OR. My GPS kept trying to take me off Interstate 5, which I had traveled on before, to unknown areas. So I felt quite lucky to have been able to complete that trip in a timely and safe manner.

-My Third Year – My Sickest On the Road

My third year was my sickest on the road. I had always told myself the only reason I would probably leave this lifestyle was due to sickness, so I never thought about leaving this lifestyle, but year three (3), my third year, it had been my sickest year on the road to date. I had also gotten sick when I first arrived in Arizona during the RTR, but after getting on antibodies from the Phoenix system, I quickly recovered. 

However, what I had going on in my 3rd year on the road was totally different than what I had in my 1st year. Yes, I tried getting on the antibodies, the Z-pack, but it did not work.

What I had going on during my third year on the road lasted for months, which resulted in me being weak, having vertigo, and pain throughout my body, and sometimes I could feel my heart beating through my chest.

What happened was when I went to Texas for my physical in 2021, I was ‘super energetic’ and ‘high energy’ like usual. I was going into the gym 4 to 5 days a week and even two of those days, I went in twice a day.

So I was energetic when I got to Texas but by the time 4 to 5 months rolled by, I was feeling weak, sluggish, and out of sorts. I was able to engage in my weekly or monthly e-newsletters, but my body had started to show symptoms that I don’t usually have to deal with.

I even sought out help from my doctor’s office, but since I had refused to take the COVID test, my doctor who had treated me for 5 years when I lived there, REFUSED to see me. I had gone to the emergency department before talking to her nurse but they both had refused to see me unless I took the COVID test. 

Since I was due to leave Texas within a few days I just left and came back west to Flagstaff. Once I got back out here to Flagstaff, my weakiness and slugginess continued but because I had a fallout with a dentist in Austin, I wanted to see another local dentist so I promptly started going in and out of a dentist’s office when I got back to Flagstaff.  

Military Gave Me the Old Dental Amalgam Fillings that Contained ‘Heavy Metals’: My goal was to have the old dental amalgam fillings that had been in my mouth for 40 years, since I was in the Military, removed along with doing more work in my mouth. I was set to use my current Dental Insurance to have the procedures done so I proceeded to have several things done to my mouth in Flagstaff. 

After several dentistry office visits, I felt even worse and was not able to make the connection to my weakness or slugginess until I got back to Austin, months later, for my yearly physical. My doctor was all hands-on after turning me down for treatment because of my refusal to take a COVID Test the prior year.

Diagnosed With Hypothyroidism: This is when my doctor told me my thyroid numbers were high, which meant I had ‘hypothyroidism’, which made sense why I had felt so bad for months and why I could not even go to the gym. 

The doctor said if I got on Thyroid Medications, then I should feel better instantly, but I had never been on any Medications, except depression supplements in the workplace for a few months, and I knew that I did have hypothyroidism in the past and cured it with natural supplements in 6 months so I chose to go on natural supplements again. 

As a Holistic and Natural Healer, I thought about the sickness and researched it again extensively and found out that Dental X-rays could cause hypothyroidism to occur so it all made sense why I ended up having hypothyroidism mostly because of the two dentists that had given me these prolonged X-ray examinations. I had recently also had a bone density and mammogram test, which again contained radiation and could possibly give me hypothyroidism. 

Too Many Dentistry Office Visits: I probably could have easily recovered if I used just one dental office, but I ended up going to two dentistry offices, which took all of these dental X-rays on me and probably fried my thyroid. This is also when I remember when I lost my voice for about 2 to 3 weeks. All of it just made sense now why I got hypothyroidism in the first place.

I felt really bad as a Holistic and Natural Healer and asked myself many times how come I did not catch it because not only had I had hypothyroidism before but I had written articles on it. However, I vowed as a Holistic and Natural Healer, that I would take measures in the future to make sure that this particular illness just doesn’t maneuver its way back into my life again. 

-My Fourth Year – Recovery

The Long Hot Summer: My fourth year on the road had an excruciating long hot summer. As a matter of fact, I had not experienced a summer like this since my first year on the road but I believe I got caught up in it because I was healing from the prior year. Had I been paying better attention, I would have chosen to be out more on BLM or National Forest Land, where it was cooler, and even travel to other cooler areas like Colorado. But by the time I thought of all of this, the heat was actually calming down, but it was a lesson for me to never get caught up again. 

Recovery Was My Goal: My 4th year was about recovering from my 3rd year. After having the hypothyroidism diagnosis and making my way back out west to the Flagstaff, AZ area, my number one goal was to get fit and heal. 

My goal was to get fit, strong, vibrant, and back to my ‘high-energy’ state again like I had felt many times before with my holistic and natural lifestyle. What everyone needs to understand is “Getting Old Doesn’t Make You Sick” but “Getting Sick Does Make You Old.” 

I had to watch what I ate so that I did not purposely give myself parasites because I knew a majority of the foods contained ‘parasites,’ which meant I would have to shut down and do regular detoxes. As my energy started to come back, I slowly started exercising again.

I made it back into the gym, but my favorite way of working out became going out to BLM and National Forest Land — walking in nature twice a day especially barefoot getting grounded, hugging trees, doing yoga and meditations, and especially sungazing. As I continued to take the natural hypothyroidism supplements twice a day, all of this gave me the energy and vitality I needed to recover my health. 

Spiritual Researcher and Author: In May 2023, shortly after arriving back out west, I stopped writing the dark long e-newsletters that I had written for 3 years, since 2020. It was just time to give it up so I could concentrate on getting well again. However, because writing brought me such pleasure, I started writing Spiritual Newsletters, again, pleased me.

Three-Part Van Life Documentary Removed from

The 3-part Van Life Documentary series was released in June 2023, but because I mentioned the ‘Lollipop’ (aka ‘COVID’) in the 2nd part of my Van Life Documentary, it was removed by Therefore, I will make the necessary corrections and repost the entire 3-part documentary in its entirety over the next few weeks. Thanks for your support.

Tarot Card Readings

I enjoy doing card Tarot Card readings and have been doing them since I moved to Austin, TX in 2014. But like most of what I do, especially teaching on natural health, I don’t push it on anyone. Therefore, if you want to have a Tarot Card Reading with me just let me know.

My Tarot Readings are designed to help you move through whatever issues you’re facing with greater clarity and confidence. From personal matters to questions about love, career, finances, or a major decision you need to make, I am here to answer your questions. Email: for a private appointment by Zoom, Phone, or Email.

Bring Cathy Harris to Your City or Area  OR AREA

I can’t wait to go back to Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, and Philly again — like I did on my ’15-state tour’ and my “One Year Tour on the Road in 2013”, which turned out to be one of my BEST YEARS on the road, but I will give it time for crime to calm down in those areas.

Remember all homes will have a ‘Greenhouse’ in the future and now that Chemtrails are going away, it is time to grow foods so check out my website at ( to see my 20 videos and how I successfully grew foods in three (3) different growing seasons in three (3) raised bed gardens for one year in Austin, TX. 

If you would like for me ( or ( to visit your area for 2 to 3 weeks and work with your community, especially women, on how to grow foods inside and outside of their homes and how to bring back Mom and Pop businesses then contact Cathy Harris at or and get your name and community on the list now. 

I am so glad that threw me off their platform months ago and TikTok banned me after 4 months. is LOW VIBRATIONAL (3D Earth energy) so start getting off all these social media platforms except for YouTube and Twitter. 


Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening, Business, and Spirituality. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and 20 other nonfiction books at You can email Cathy at or and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs ( and Cathy’s Caravan ( to your city.

Reasons I Change Spots on BLM and National Forest Land

Reasons I Change Spots on BLM and National Forest Land

I only came into the city to publish this video. I am trying to go back to BLM and National Forest land so I can sun gaze, do yoga, meditate, and get grounded by walking barefoot in nature. I am trying to activate my ‘Pineal Gland’. You won’t believe the dreams I am having and yes like many others I can remember my dreams.

All of this just means my Pineal Gland is being activated. If you can’t get into nature and walk barefoot, you can also invest in an Earthing mat at and grounding shoes on Amazon.

As most of you know in my 4 years on the road I enjoy staying on BLM or National Forest Land or in the city so I can receive good internet.

The following are reasons why I leave spots on BLM and National Forest Land:

-There is a Lack of Internet

-The Good Spots are Already Taken -The Area is Too Isolated (#StrangerDanger)

-There are Too Many ‘Unleashed’ Dogs

-There is Too Much Rain and Wind -There is Too Much Noise (traffic, trains, loud generators)

-Campers Walking Through Your Camp

-Campers Shooting Off Weapons

Rule of Thumb for Nomads, #CampEtiquette:

-On many holidays because campers enjoyed your spot in the past, they will park right next to you or walk across your camp or even look into your windows trying to get you to leave. Never walk through or drive through someone’s camp and never stick your head in their window. Knock on the door on the side of their vehicle.

-One holiday weekend I thought I found a good spot on BLM and National Forest Land but when I woke up, there was a big 5th wheel parked 10 feet in front of my front bumper. They were loud and noisy and constantly trying to look into my window, so I left that same day.

-Even when you find good spots, or think you have gotten away from others, someone will park right next to you. Try not to park right next to others unless there are no more parking spots even in the city. Respect the fact that they were there first.

-After 4 years on the road sometimes I don’t like noise coming from my vehicle but I don’t always like to wear my earphones when watching YouTube shows or listening to audiobooks so this is why I try to park away from others. Car dwellers stop parking right next to vans without windows so you can hide the fact that you don’t have window covers. Go into Walmart and buy some cheap towels or buy Reflectix from Home Depot.

-Many Nomads charge their power boxes and battery banks with a generator by 8:00 p.m. Quiet hours are from 8:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Turn off that loud generator!!!  

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