Cathy’s Caravan


Women are the CEOs of their families.

Educate the woman and you heal the entire family. 


Calling All Women Leaders, Business Owners, and Future Business Owners…

Holistic, Naturopathic, and Alternative Medicine Healers including Farmer’s Markets and Food Co-op Owners; Organic Farmers; Non-GMO Educators; Natural Hair Stylists; Herbalists; Food Allergy Specialists; Acupuncturists; Kinesiologists; Natural Health Consultants and Coaches; Body Consciousness Healers; Mental Fitness Coaches; Health Store Owners; Massage Therapists; Yoga Instructors; Body Healing Meditators; Spiritual Healers such as Shamans, Empaths, Holistic Energy Healers, etc.

It’s Time…Ladies…


Welcome to ‘Cathy’s Caravan.’

Are You Ready to Work in Your True Passion?

Are You Ready To Be Trained to Teach?

Currently in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas areas until end of February 2022.

Welcome to ‘Cathy’s Caravan’ ( Cathy’s main websites are  (also and her Empowerment Company,, which features Cathy’s  50 products including her ‘easy-to-read’ 26 non-fiction books.  

If you are a female and just want to improve your health, learn about business, minimalism or just want to bring more happiness into your life, or if you are a ‘trainer’ like Cathy, feel free to join ‘Cathy’s Caravan’ on the road as she travels around the country and teaches from the road.

You are welcome to travel in a Car, Truck, Van, RV, Bus, etc., and train others alongside of Cathy on the road. Cathy Harris is available to come to your city and teach – Health, Business, Minimalism, and Happiness. You can find Cathy’s Seminars and Workshops along with her NEW TOUR at “Cathy Harris UNLEARN and RELEARN Tour.”

Check out Cathy’s traveling blog at and her groups at:

Simple Life RVing 

Health Healers Unite

The Essential Women’s Movement 

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