Reasons I Change Spots on BLM and National Forest Land

Reasons I Change Spots on BLM and National Forest Land

I only came into the city to publish this video. I am trying to go back to BLM and National Forest land so I can sun gaze, do yoga, meditate, and get grounded by walking barefoot in nature. I am trying to activate my ‘Pineal Gland’. You won’t believe the dreams I am having and yes like many others I can remember my dreams.

All of this just means my Pineal Gland is being activated. If you can’t get into nature and walk barefoot, you can also invest in an Earthing mat at and grounding shoes on Amazon.

As most of you know in my 4 years on the road I enjoy staying on BLM or National Forest Land or in the city so I can receive good internet.

The following are reasons why I leave spots on BLM and National Forest Land:

-There is a Lack of Internet

-The Good Spots are Already Taken -The Area is Too Isolated (#StrangerDanger)

-There are Too Many ‘Unleashed’ Dogs

-There is Too Much Rain and Wind -There is Too Much Noise (traffic, trains, loud generators)

-Campers Walking Through Your Camp

-Campers Shooting Off Weapons

Rule of Thumb for Nomads, #CampEtiquette:

-On many holidays because campers enjoyed your spot in the past, they will park right next to you or walk across your camp or even look into your windows trying to get you to leave. Never walk through or drive through someone’s camp and never stick your head in their window. Knock on the door on the side of their vehicle.

-One holiday weekend I thought I found a good spot on BLM and National Forest Land but when I woke up, there was a big 5th wheel parked 10 feet in front of my front bumper. They were loud and noisy and constantly trying to look into my window, so I left that same day.

-Even when you find good spots, or think you have gotten away from others, someone will park right next to you. Try not to park right next to others unless there are no more parking spots even in the city. Respect the fact that they were there first.

-After 4 years on the road sometimes I don’t like noise coming from my vehicle but I don’t always like to wear my earphones when watching YouTube shows or listening to audiobooks so this is why I try to park away from others. Car dwellers stop parking right next to vans without windows so you can hide the fact that you don’t have window covers. Go into Walmart and buy some cheap towels or buy Reflectix from Home Depot.

-Many Nomads charge their power boxes and battery banks with a generator by 8:00 p.m. Quiet hours are from 8:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Turn off that loud generator!!!  

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