Which ‘Clairs’ Do You Possess?

Which ‘Clairs’ Do You Possess?

Clair comes from the French prefix of ‘Clair’ which means ‘Clear’ senses.  Enjoy your new journey by finding your ‘Clair(s)’. I recently discovered that I have most of the ‘claires’. I don’t believe I have “Clairgustance – ‘clear tasting’ — but I have many of the other ‘clairs’.

Just Some of the ‘Clair’ Senses

-Clairvoyance – `clear seeing’

This Claire comes in waves such as dreams, premonitions, visions, signs, and symbols. If you have a dream and you wake up and what you dreamt come true, that is Clairvoyance. If a friend call or ask you for advice and you get a flash or an image, that is also Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyant is seen through your third eye, known as Pineal Gland, the chakra between our eyebrows. One may see flashes, images, something like a movie or a television program, or even a still picture like a photograph in their mind of what is happening in the past, present, or future. This also includes seeing auras around others.

-Clairaudience – `clear hearing’

Someone can hear things psychically without the use of their physical ears. It is telepathic information coming into one’s mind.

Sometimes people will hear this as a regular voice as if someone is speaking to them. This can also include words, phrases, or songs. There is no one speaking in my ears, but I hear a lot of information through ‘telepathy.’

-Claircognizance – ‘clear knowing’

Someone has information or knowledge of something that he or she does not actually know but you know the information.

Thoughts come out of nowhere, pop into one’s mind, and give information about something that might happen in the future, or a situation might have a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ message.

I always know information without conducting research. That is how I was able to write my newsletters for 3 years. I would only post the information that I felt was true, so I also had a gut feeling or a good intuition.

-Clairsentience – ‘clear feeling’

Clairsentience is simply ‘gut feeling.’ It is the most common ‘Clair.’ Someone can feel the information within him or herself. Clairsentience includes an individual feeling the physical and emotional pain of land where atrocities have happened; jealousy, insecurity, fears, or displeasure in others; or others’ physical pain.

I believe something happened in areas I have been in before. I feel dark energy when I go to these areas. 

-Clairempthy – ‘clear emotions’

Someone psychically experiences the thoughts or attitudes of a person, place, or animal and then feels the associated mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual results.

The result of this clear empathetic experience may be a very physical response for the psychic in proportion to the psychic’s empathic sensitivity.

-Clairgustance – ‘clear tasting’

Someone can receive taste impressions. For example, someone tastes chocolate but he or she is not actually eating any chocolate. I don’t believe I have this clair.

-Clairsalience – ‘clear smelling’ – also called ‘Clairolfactory’

Someone can smell odors that are not present. An example of this would be to smell some perfume, a cigar, or a cigarette, but neither of these things are present in that moment. I smell cigarette smoke all the time, but no one is there but me.

Now that you know the clairs, how do you figure out what ones resonate with you? Sit quietly for a few minutes and start to feel the energies around you. Hold a crystal and have a candle to set your surroundings if you like.

Look at the area where you are at, scan the room, or even listen to what is around you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes and start to take note of what you saw or heard in that room or the surroundings.

Can you “see” an item, or do you “hear” a sound, maybe it’s a feeling that is in your stomach, a taste in your mouth, or a smell of something? Or, perhaps you know something unexpectedly.

Once you can identify how you felt write it in your journal so you can keep a record on how you are traveling with your Clair(s) as this is your new journey on how to know what your ‘Clair(s)’ are!

This is the start to opening your intuitive side and will allow you to better understand the spiritual information you are getting as senses or intuition. It is how you interpret the energy as well as connect to the other side.

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