Cathy Harris 67th Birthday and Four (4) Year Van Life Anniversary Update

I worked on this blog post all day. I wanted to show some of you where I was headed so it could also inspire you to make moves in your own life – to reach for your dreams. Also, read “Transitioning Into a 5D Earth, #NewUpcomingChanges” 

Just remember on a new 5D earth, it is about doing what your heart desires. Remember when you were young – what is it that you always wanted to do? Many said they would be starting Med Bed centers, but I was in their groups, and I did not feel their passion.

Whatever you do you need to have PASSION behind it. This is the do-over that you always wanted or dreamed of in your life so don’t make the mistake of getting involved with or doing something that you are just not passionate about. 


Many people are surprised that I am still doing traveling videos at “Simple Life RVing” after 4 years on the road, especially as I go into my 67th birthday and my 4 year “Van Life Anniversary” on Oct. 6, 2023. However, my goal was always to educate my audience through my traveling videos.

Now might also be the time to invest in new computers and cameras. I have only been in a dwelling for a little over 30 days in the past 4 years and using my phone video to shoot videos may no longer fit my lifestyle. I might also go back to my FIRST LOVE, which was ‘photography’ so having more updated photo and video equipment might just be what I need to give myself for my upcoming birthday and newly built-out van.

NEW EARTH EDUCATOR (Spiritual and New Earth Newsletters, Humanitarian Project, and New Spiritual Podcast)

As a NEW EARTH EDUCATOR, the only things I will commit to moving forward are my traveling videos, Spiritual and New Earth newsletters, and my Humanitarian Project with my “Food and Business Initiatives”

Also, as I travel around the country I will be educating my audience through a NEW ‘SPIRITUAL’ PODCAST entitled “Cathy Harris Podcast” on Zoom.US and on YouTube. The new podcast will take place once I finish my final van build-out (Phase 3) so I am just putting that out into the universe and bringing it into existence. 

However, I will actively start teaching more on my traveling videos until I can get the “Spiritual Podcast” up and running. Meanwhile, I am so proud of the “Spiritual” and “New Earth” Newsletters at I am bursting with joy to tell you about some of the New 5D earth changes so keep checking those newsletters for all the updates. I will give you some now.

PHASE 3 (Final Van Buildout)

Some vanners in #VanLife opt for professional van build-outs but I was just waiting and studying how these vans were built out before I attempted to hire others to help me with my endeavors.

The van-building community has come a long way since I first conducted all my research before getting on the road in 2019 so I am excited about how they are able to build out vans now.

For instance, I made a choice to put 800 watts of solar on top with two Max Air fans because where I stayed, I was constantly in the sun. I knew I would not have room for an ‘on-the-top’ air conditioner, but now there are several of these that they can easily place inside of your van so I can’t wait for Phase 3 or my final van buildout.

I do love the fall and winter weather probably because I was born in October in cold weather. The reason I want to go the extra mile for a heater in my van is it is my dream to be in a place like Colorado or Flagstaff, AZ (so I don’t have to leave the area when cold weather comes in), and be surrounded with snow outside covering the ground —  while I am warm and comfortable inside. Many are also opting to get the heated floors too so that is another option.

Also, I am opting for an air conditioner in my van because I just love the state of Florida and I want to have BOOTS ON THE GROUND (in the trenches) in the state of Florida to help Seniors and the Nomadic Community out west in Flagstaff, Sedona, Lake Havasu City, Parker, Quartzsite, etc., which is #NomadLand, as my physical TARGETED AUDIENCE to educate on the NEW 5D earth.

Of course, I will be stopping in other areas too (Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc.), and also teaching my national and international audience on Zoom and on YouTube.

I am looking at companies to help me either in Portland or in Glendale, AZ, which is only 2 hours away, but I have yet to speak to them about whether they can place the battery bank away from my sleeping and working area.

Also, I have to tell them about the books I will be traveling with. So, my priority with my last buildout (Phase 3) is I need the bed raised with a 500-pound slide under the bed containing 2 big containers of books or the Murphy bed; the battery bank needs to be away from my sleeping and working area during the day; I also need a ‘girly girl’ hanging clothes closet.

As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I travel with 6 health books including 2 books on gardening, 2 business books, and other (18 total) easy-to-read non-fiction books, but I have 26 non-fiction books at My goal is to keep two small suitcases filled with my eighteen (18) books so they can be easily refilled from the two containers in the back of the van.  

Even though I have three (3) gym memberships, having a shower and a composting toilet will be nice because, like most women, I really don’t want to deal with a black tank. Therefore, they can give me a full-size bed instead of a queen and cut out some of the kitchen cabinet space to honor my wishes so we will see if this can be done.

Also, since I have been eating only with a steamer and blender for the past 4 years, and eating a lot of my foods raw (to gain nutrition you should eat 40% to 50% of foods raw every day), I AM NOT opting for an induction cooktop, electric stove, propane stove, air fryer, or a microwave oven either. What I am doing now is working and keeping me healthy.

So, what do you think? I don’t think that is too much to ask for. After 4 years on the road, I seriously had looked at buying a new van, possibly the Winnebago Travato, but now many are having older vans built out to their liking, so I decided against a new van at this time especially with all the crime taking place I don’t want to make myself a target especially when I go into inner cities with my Humanitarian Project.

However, in a couple of years, most crime should be gone on the 5D earth so it will be the perfect time to buy something new and hand down ‘StarShip’, my baby, to my daughter who is also now a camper. However, by then flying cars could possibly be out, and in ten (10) years (or sooner) most cars won’t be needed especially since we will be using other forms of travel including teleporting into other dimensions.

Three-Part Van Life Documentary Removed from

The 3-part Van Life Documentary series was released in June 2023, but because I mentioned the ‘Lollipop’ (aka ‘COVID’) in the 2nd part of my Van Life Documentary, it was removed by Therefore, I will make the necessary corrections and repost the entire 3-part documentary in its entirety over the next few weeks. Thanks for your support.


I enjoy doing card Tarot Card readings and have been doing them since I moved to Austin, TX in 2015. But like most of what I do, especially teaching on natural health, I don’t push it on anyone. Therefore, if you want to have a Tarot Card Reading with me just let me know.

My Tarot Readings are designed to help you move through whatever issues you’re facing with greater clarity and confidence. From personal matters to questions about love, career, finances, or a major decision you need to make, I am here to answer your questions. However, I would like my Tarot Readings to focus more on Self-Development. Email: for a private appointment by Zoom, Phone, or Email.


I can’t wait to go back to Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, and Philly again too, like I did on my ’15-state tour’ and my “One Year Tour on the Road” in 2013, which turned out to be one of my BEST YEARS on the road, but I will give it time for crime to calm down in those areas.

Remember all homes will have a ‘Greenhouse’ in the future and now that Chemtrails are going away, it is time to grow foods so check out my website at ( to see my 20 videos and how I successfully grew foods in three (3) different seasons in three (3) raised bed gardens for one year in Austin, TX. 

If you would like for me ( or ( to visit your area for 2 to 3 weeks and work with your community to show them, especially women, how to grow foods inside and outside of their homes and how to bring back Mom and Pop businesses then contact Cathy Harris at or and get your name and community on the list now. 

I am so glad that threw me off their platform months ago and TikTok banned me after 4 months. is LOW VIBRATIONAL (3D Earth energy) so start getting off all these social media platforms except for YouTube and Twitter. You can only find me at my website at or on my traveling youtube channel at or on Instagram at and Twitter at

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