What To Do When You Get Sick on the Road

What To Do When You Get Sick on the Road

My Health Testimony from 2008


How I Eat in My Van to Stay Healthy

August 15, 2019

by Cathy Harris, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert


When you get sick on the road try to go to family member’s or friend’s homes or check into a hotel and rest — if you can. Sickness is a sign that you are doing too much and not taking care of yourself.

Not eating the proper food is the #BiggestCulprit for sickness. I know this first-hand when I became housebound and bed-ridden 12 years ago at 50 years of age. Read my blog post “The Awakening.”

You have to find the balance. I don’t believe in doctors. They are quick to name something a disease so they can start treating you for something — where you will probably have some type of #SideEffect and end up on even more medications. 

Doctors also know very little about #Nutrition. At 62 I go in for my regular checkups and make sure my ‘numbers are in range’, but after that, I engage in HOLISTIC and NATURAL practices to stay healthy.

Personally, while being out here on the road, I will still be eating the same foods I ate in my ‘Sticks and Bricks’ dwelling and will only mostly be STEAMING and JUICING foods to eat so I can get their total nutritional value.

There is a reason cancer is the 2nd largest killer across every community. It’s mostly because we are sitting down at the table three times a day and eating foods that have NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE.

I rarely eat out and haven’t turned a stove on in 12 years. You have to continue to eat, good, clean organic foods, drink good water, take daily supplements, get regular exercise, get plenty of sleep and do regular detoxifications – even when you go on the road.

Being on the road you are exposed to HEAVY METALS from pumping gas, exhaust fumes from your car and other cars when you are driving or parked, and especially from Chemtrails in the sky from the Air Force.

It’s important to engage in a regular detoxification (‘detox’ for short) programs or “Body Cleanses” to keep these toxins especially HEAVY METALS — exiting your body.

You are constantly getting these ‘heavy metals’ from the food you eat, air you breathe and water you drink. Your motto should be “Bad Stuff Out, and Good Stuff In.”

Stop listening to doctors and get entrenched in #HolisticandNatural communities. They are in every city so look for these as you travel around the country and enjoy yourself. 

Many RVers that are stationary or even those traveling, grow herbs and other veggies in their vehicles. Learn more about how to stay healthy on the road by checking out my line of health books at my Empowerment and Publishing Company, AngelsPress.com.
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