How To Turn Your Area into a ‘High Vibrational’ Part of the Country

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What Will Happen on a 5D Earth In Regard to Neighborhoods and Communities?

The 5D Earth is about oneness and making connections. Many will be drawn to come together and be there for one another.

Everyone will be expected to show up in their own neighborhoods and communities and turn ‘low-vibrational’ communities into ‘high-vibrational’ thriving neighborhoods and communities.

However, only do what you are passionate about. The 5D Earth is your ‘Do-Over’ so don’t get involved in anything you are not truly passionate about. Now is the time to work and live in your true passion.

Are You Living in a ‘Low-Vibrational’ or ‘High-Vibrational’ Neighborhood or Community?

This article was written to get you thinking about what really surrounds you once you walk outside of your home. On a 5D Earth, we will be high-vibrational beings building high-vibrational communities.

As a Speaker, Author, and New Earth Educator, I understand fully that in order to be and stay high-vibrational, you have to address what is happening in neighborhoods and communities. 

When I was an Empowerment Speaker, Community Organizer, and Advocate, I rode around communities in different states for years just checking them out. What I was looking at was who had the basic essentials and who did not and why.

Why did some communities have two or three health foods stores, food co-ops or farmer’s markets, big lanes for walking, running, and cycling, two to three tutoring services, beautiful parks with trails, softball, tennis, and basketball courts along with beautiful gyms, saunas, steam rooms, and inside and outside swimming pools, and others had absolutely nothing for the young people to do? 

This is How We Bring Back Our True Sovereignty

We now understand how the banks worked and why were some communities able to receive business loans from banks and build thriving businesses that provided their families with true generational wealth. 

If we have learned anything from 2020, we now know it was the corrupt political leaders, businessmen, and law enforcement that controlled many communities and kept us divided.

Being “Sovereign” simply means being responsible and a #CriticalThinker. Eventually, we will be “Sovereign” and we won’t even have a government telling us what to do.

Meanwhile, we need to put in the work to get there, which includes taking back our neighborhoods and communities.

If we truly want to bring back our true “Sovereignty,” it is time for all of us to love one another, step out of our comfort zones, and build thriving high-vibrational neighborhoods and communities. 

We First Need to Remove Bad Influences from Our Lives – aka “Social Media”

You are what you think about all day long so it will be extremely important for you to look at where you are putting your energy.

Are you still hanging out with ‘low-vibrational’ friends that all they want to do is go to the club, drink alcohol, or go to a church and be told what to do with your life?

Do you turn the TV on as soon as you get up and then become distracted by a story? Then you spend the entire day thinking about that story.

Or do you meditate first thing in the morning. Remember it takes 2 to 3 weeks to form new habits so all you need to do is be consistent?

Get off the Social Media groups below ASAP with a Red Mark beside them (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Edge, Baidu, and We-chat) and use discretion on the rest.

What about when you go online? Are you wasting your time by being online talking to someone who has stolen someone’s elses’ identity? The goal is to remove yourself from ‘low-vibrational’ Social Media platforms. 

Where do you have your homepage set online at? Is it on a newsgroup? Are you distracted by news articles that again take up much of your energy throughout the day? 

Many of the Social Media platforms are ‘low-vibrational.’ Most of the info on there is not even true so why are you being distracted by fake news? 

Some of these Social Media groups won’t let you leave. You don’t want to become inactive in these groups, you won’t to take your photos and other recordings and leave these groups ‘permanently’ because again, you are what you think about all day long. 

Neighborhoods vs. Communities

Now that you are looking at how you are spending your time. It should have freed up time for you to start working with others in communities.

Most people use the words “Neighborhood” and “Community” interchangeably but they don’t necessarily mean the same thing. If we are going to build ‘high-vibrational’ thriving communities then it’s important to understand the difference between a “Neighborhood” versus a “Community”.

A neighborhood is a geographic area or a local region in which people live in close proximity to each other. It usually refers to a small area within a town or city.

Neighbors are people who live close to each other, and they may share common physical features like streets, parks, or schools.

Neighbors may interact with each other regularly, but they do not necessarily have a strong sense of shared identity or purpose beyond living in the same area.

A community on the other hand is a group of people who share common characteristics, interests, or values, and who come together for a shared purpose.

A community can be based on a geographic location, but it can also be based on other factors like ethnicity, religion, profession, or hobby.

Communities may have a stronger sense of shared identity or purpose than neighborhoods, and they may work together to achieve common goals or address shared challenges.

In summary, a neighborhood is a geographic area where people live, while a community is a group of people who share common characteristics and interests.

A neighborhood can be part of a larger community, but a community does not necessarily have to be based on geographic proximity.

We Need to Form Business Districts

No one knows what business ownership is going to look on a 5D Earth, especially with us being able to create what we really want and with the NEW Constitutional and Common Laws, which will change many of the business forms so we just need to play it by ear.

We probably won’t see significant changes for 2 to 3 years but we can start now forming Business Districts in our own neighborhoods and communities.

A Business District is to provide a centralized and condensed space for businesses to operate. This is why a concentration of office buildings, banks, and other businesses are often seen in a Business District. However, a Central Business District can also be home to retail stores, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment.

Meanwhile, we can create a parallel economy. A parallel economy is a legitimate core of businesses that run side by side with other major businesses that have similar purposes in mind, which is to serve a certain clientele.

In this case, it’s CORPORATE AMERICA vs. WE THE PEOPLE. For instance — WE THE PEOPLE’s main goal is to bring mom-and-pop businesses back to deprived communities so that we can have options on how to live our lives. 

We need an economy opposite what Corporations provide — especially now that we know we are being poisoned by Corporations. They are poisoning us through the products we touch — to the clothes we put on our backs and through the foods we eat.

Our first train of thought should be building and growing businesses that will help all communities gain access to good clean, organic foods.

Face it — until we are able to turn people’s brains back on with good, clean, organic foods, any other efforts to do much of anything else is going to fail.

We must put our mental, physical, and spiritual health first. All our thoughts should focus on Self, Family, and Community — in that order. Check out my 20 videos on how to grow foods in raised bed gardens at  “Virtual Organic Garden Clubs”

Why We Need To Abolish Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs)

Until we can totally abolish Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), try to buy a home without an HOA, so that you can grow your own food.

Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs) need to be abolished because they have turned into their own little political parties. All they do is give out orders and harass families and no one should be able to tell you that you can’t grow healthy foods on your own land.

These HOAs aren’t needed because on a 5D Earth, many families will be doing the right thing and taking pride in their own communities and doing the right thing so why do we need HOAs?

Why We Must Form Community Councils

The ETs have councils to deal with many issues that may arise. Remember the federal government will be turning over many of the duties of their offices to the state offices so this means Governors and other local officials will need to step up and take care of their states.

But eventually, on a 5D Earth, these will be the duties of communities so that is why it is important to start forming community unity councils and other groups to address the needs of the people.

Many of the issues that the government was handling, we can handle ourselves by forming community unity councils. Especially since we now know that the money that politicians received was not put back into their communities. It is time for them to exit out of our lives. #Sovereign

Anyone (any group and especially those using can form a ‘community council’ to educate their communities.

These councils could:

-Hold weekly or regular community meetings, present guests, and allow the community to voice their concerns.

-They can oversee projects that communities work on weekly together.

-They can appoint committees such as housing/homeless, community gardens/beautification, Natural and Holistic Health/Med Beds, New Earth Education/Spirituality, Constitutional Laws, and safety/patrol to protect children and Seniors.

They can make sure that children arrive safely to and from schools and other events and that Seniors have rides to gain access to good, clean, organic foods and access to the latest info concerning them.

-They can set up a community podcast or start a print publication for their area.

-They can have a working relationship with state politicians in case their communities have revitalization or repair issues.

-They can also merge with other community councils to perform some of the duties of their positions such as New Earth Education/Constitutional Laws and Community Safety Patrols.

The people you do want on the councils are:

-Retired or Current Business Owners

-Community Organizers and Activists



The people that you DO NOT want on or over these councils are:

-Past or Current Members of HOA’s

-Past or Present Politicians

-Past or Present Law Enforcement

-The Religious Community


-Anyone who is affiliated with Free Masonry

What is the Role of the Government and Communities?

This is what Governments are supposed to do. Governments provide the parameters for everyday behavior for citizens, protect them from outside interference, and often provide for their well-being and happiness.

The government’s number one priority should be looking out for the most vulnerable in communities, which are the young and old, but what they did was they threw the baby out with the bath water and set them up for failure. 

How Politicians Caused the Downfall of Communities

-Politicians Leased Your Mortgage/Land Back to You: Even after you signed on the dotted line for your mortgage, the government paid off your mortgage through your birth certificate bond money — then they leased your own mortgage (and land) back to you.

-Families Especially Seniors Were Forced To Pay High Taxes: After heads of families passed away, governments denied their families the privilege to break down their land and divide it between families.

Instead, they tried to force them off their land by forcing them to pay high taxes. They were able to drive many Seniors off their land for non-payment of taxes. There will be no taxesTaxes won’t be enforced on older homes on a 5D Earth.

-Politicians Caused Death and Destruction and Kept Communities in a Cycle of Poverty: They gave out alcoholic licenses to business owners that were located next door to gun shops so communities could get drunk and shoot someone. They even approved ‘drive-up’ alcoholic establishments, which made it easier to ‘drink and drive’. All of these were in close proximity to each other.

-Politicians Worked with the Police To Collect Funds for Cities and For Other Financial Gains: Public officials worked with police officers to set up roadblocks in certain communities to collect revenue for their cities.

-They made money by giving drivers tickets especially parking tickets, even when it was illegal. They put boots on cars when it was unnecessary and illegal.

-Police Officers owned wrecker services, so they stopped drivers and handed out illegal tickets, and had their cars towed by a family member to make money.

-Police Officers also were the first to arrive at an accident scene. They called a family member working for their towing company, to come and tow your vehicle before you could even call Triple AAA.

Once they towed your car, it was taken all the way across town and enormous impound fees were put on the vehicle knowing you would not make the trip to pick up your vehicle. Then the car was sold at a police auction. Of course, they got part of the proceeds.

-Police Officers worked with illegal enterprises to strip your car when it was left on the road. You might have had one hour to come back and get the vehicle, otherwise, it was towed to a car-stripping business where they made money off your vehicle.

Anytime you had 15 to 20 cars at a home, then common sense told you that was a car-stripping business. These establishments were visible from streets as you passed by so if you could see these establishments from the road, so could Police Officers. 

-Why did some Metropolitan cities have 6 to 8 lanes of traffic both ways but no emergency lanes?  They did this so Big Pharma and Hospitals would always have patients. 

-Why were there no sidewalks installed in busy neighborhoods for walkers, runners, or cyclists, especially in front of schools — where children were forced to walk in the streets and possibly be hit by vehicles?

-The Police stopped keeping up with Sex Offenders so many moved directly across from schools, where innocent children became prey.

-Tons of police storage units and departments are full of ‘untested’ rape kits so they stopped investigating certain crimes such as RAPE. They even changed the name to Sexual Assault to make it seem less violent. 

Should I Buy Another Car After I Receive My Gesara Funds?

Living in a ‘high-vibrational’ area means having all the essentials to live a comfortable life. So certainly having a car is essential for families so spend your money on what is essential.

If you lost your vehicle due to a job or for some other reason, then by all means definitely buy a vehicle. It’s imperative to have a way to get around especially to take your children to health professionals, check in with educators, and for family time.

Many who have ended up living in cars also ended up homeless living on the street when they could no longer pay for the essentials to hang onto their cars.

So, therefore, don’t wait to buy another vehicle. Remember flying cars will be available in a couple of years or sooner along with those you can drive underwater.

Airports will turn into parks within 10 years so eventually they might run out of cars and your name will have to go on a waiting list for a vehicle.

The extremely fast rail system is already built above and below ground. Many 5Ders will be teleporting, flying, astral traveling, and using other ways to get around. 

What is the Number One Decision Most Will Make Once They Receive Their Gesara Funds?

The NUMBER ONE decision that most people will make when they receive their Gesara funds is to move somewhere else. This will be the time for everyone to decide if big cities are for them or if they should move to suburbs or even to rural areas.

If you have always wanted to live near water then move close to water. If you have always wanted to live in the suburbs or a more rural area then move there. 

You should start looking around now if you plan on moving. This will be the time for you to leave apartments, condos, and townhouses and buy or build your own single-family home. 

However, don’t act too fast because within a few months, a $200,000 home will be worth $20,000. We will be going back to 1955 prices, so again, don’t act too soon on purchasing or building a new home. 

Look At Buying A Tiny House

Tiny houses are extremely popular now. Because of what happened in 2020, some people lost everything and now they realize that they no longer want to haul around a bunch of things but prefer instead to live small. Many have become minimalist and no longer want to concentrate on having shiny things. They rather spend their time in nature or traveling.  Read my article “Living a Tiny House and Minimalist Movement.”

Many Will Opt to Become a ‘Nomad’

Many young people usually enjoy the city life, but older couples and Seniors usually want more open air especially once everyone’s health is restored with Med Beds.

Many will want more land for growing their own foods or they might just opt to travel the world. There will be so many new areas and continents to explore that instead of buying a ‘sticks and bricks’ dwelling, many will just want to become a Nomad and travel the world.

Read the blog entitled “Glamping vs. Boondocking on BLM and National Forest Land” (

Don’t Rent a Home

Initially, you might have to rent a home or another place until you can become situated. However, because of your Gesara funds, you will be able to buy land and build your own home. So don’t be afraid to buy land.

Remember you can always lease out parts of the land to someone or even a family member who might grow foods there so you will always have a fresh supply of food.

Many families, especially women, own land now and it is just sitting there. You will be able to afford to hire others to help you keep up the maintenance so DON’T BE AFRAID TO BUY LAND or put your land to good use.

Be Careful of Poorly Constructed Homes

There is much you need to watch out for when buying a home. Home builders like using cookie-cutter homes because since all the supplies are the same, they will be cheaper so they save money.

But you need to avoid those cookie-cutter homes and other homes in subdivisions that might have been built on burial grounds, landfills, or toxic dump sites, which means before you know it everyone in your house is sick.

I have watched many contractors who are “Whistleblowers,” expose that contractors aren’t using their required checklists, which means your entire roof could fall down with the slightest winds; the first time you light a fire in the fireplace, your whole house can go up in flames, and electrical fires are lurking everywhere.

Most actually pass away from smoke inhalation in their sleep from electrical fires. Attorney Generals are over the building of most homes, and they are lawyers and attorneys who are usually liars and thieves.

Don’t just buy a home in a neighborhood just because new homes are being built. If families already live there attend community events and do your research.

Many families move to areas because they have better schools than other areas but don’t buy a home for this reason because the future of schools and learning is now in question.

Much of the future schooling will be done at home and in nature so look for homes with plenty of greenery where you and your family can spend time in nature. 

Don’t Pay Too Much for A House

When most of you receive your Gesara funds, some of you are going to go crazy spending your money like you won the lotto. However, we all know what happens to most lottery winners. They are broke in a few years (two or three).

Again, you won’t need money on a 5D Earth – only on a 4D Earth. On a 5D Earth, we will be able to manifest what we want so be careful when buying mansions.

You can’t pay up to $20 million for a house/mansion and keep in mind that you will be paying 10% to maintain the house every year. However, you can buy a ranch and put cattle on it because it will fall under business.

There is NO LIMIT on buying a private jet, yacht/boat, cruise ship, or helicopter. However, they are trying to stop people from spending too much money and bragging about it, and making themselves a victim of crime.

So, therefore, you can’t spend over $100,000 a day for a meal at a restaurant, or on watches, jewelry, etc. The next day you can spend more. This is to keep you from going crazy and for. 

Protect Your Family and Leave a High Crime or ‘Low-Vibrational’ Areas

Many will consider religious communities where there are churches on every corner to be ‘low-vibrational’ communities. However, others will still put 3D Earth Religion over 5D Earth Spirituality.

Some will still worship or idolize movie stars, entertainers, politicians, and religious leaders. They will still be judging others and living with their egos.

Once they receive their Gesara funds, they will try to keep up the image that they are rich (keeping up with the Joneses). They will live in these expensive homes, have these fancy cars, and continue to wear the finest clothes, but they are doing nothing but trying to keep up with the Joneses and very few will be working on raising their frequencies or vibrations to go into the 5th dimension.

If they are good, they will automatically go into the 4th dimension where they will live for another couple of hundred years, but unless they stop worshipping and idolizing others, they won’t be able to move into the 5th dimension where there is ‘oneness’ and ‘immortality.’

Sometimes you might have to leave ‘low-vibrational’ areas for ‘high-vibrational’ areas. If you live in a high crime area where you are afraid to open your windows, look outside your doors, or travel out at night, or if you live around ‘low vibrational’ beings, then move.

If you want to get your children away from other children or young adults with criminal minds, then move. If you know you can’t clean up these areas, then get out. You can always move back into the areas once the areas are cleaned up in 2 or 3 years.

Make sure you move Seniors in your family close to you or you move close to them. It is time to take care of each other, however, if they use Med Beds, they will be at 100%.

If You Are Too Sick to Move

If you are too sick to move, then plan on moving after your Med Bed appointment. The Med Beds will restore your health to the optimal state that you were born with.

Once you have your Med Bed treatment you will feel awesome. If you are 70, you should feel like you are around 45. And if you are 50, you should feel like you are 35. If you are 40 of course, you should feel like you are in your 20s.

Start Building Futuristic Neighborhoods Where Everyone is Working  Together

Don’t forget there are NEW futuristic cities coming soon. Nothing should be hard on a 5D Earth. No one wants to have to travel for an hour or two to gain access to good clean, organic foods or other essentials.

Therefore, if you set up your towns or cities correctly,  everything you need should be in close proximity to you. In other words, you should not have to travel that far to have the basic essentials, especially good food. Therefore, start now and get with others in communities to see how you want to make changes, especially if you do not plan on moving.

Eventually, everyone will have a greenhouse (or garden) in or outside of their homes so think futuristically and start growing your food now in the ground, in raised beds, in pots and containers on patios, rooftops, balconies, porches, in kitchens and especially in a room by using grow lights since your power bill will be FREE. Everything will be possible so make good choices.

As a New Earth Educator, former Community Organizer, and Advocate, I am available to bring my caravan (Cathy’s Caravan) and ( to your community. I am also available to teach via Zoom.US and My website is and you can email me anytime at

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