What You Need To Know About Humanitarian Projects

What You Need To Know About Humanitarian Projects

The Last Door at Redemption Center Appointments Are For Humanitarian Projects


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By Cathy Harris, Speaker, Author, New Earth Educator

 Jun. 10, 2024

 Table of Contents

-What Does it Mean to be a Humanitarian?

-What Will Happen During the Redemption Center Notifications?

-What You Need to Present at the Last Door at Your Redemption Center Appointment (Submitting Humanitarian Projects)

-Setting Up Accounts for Your Humanitarian Projects

-How Much Money Will Humanitarians Receive?

-Why Humanitarians Will Need to Sign an NDA At Their Redemption Center Appointments

-Will You Have Help with Your Humanitarian Project?

-What You Should Know If You Plan on Opening a Med Bed Center

-Be Careful Putting Too Much on Your Plate

-You Are Needed to Help Build the New 5D Earth

-Jobs and Businesses Working with Humanitarian Projects

What Does it Mean to be a Humanitarian?

 If you help another human — that is a Humanitarian. Humanitarians have a concern for helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people. Therefore, do you have a Humanitarian heart? There is good in most people, but do they have what it takes to help others? If you are afraid of the poor and underprivileged, then it might be hard for you to help others.

Have you ever wanted to start a Humanitarian Project from the ground-up, but didn’t know how to start? Your Humanitarian Project could be saving dogs, cats, horses, lunch programs, buying school supplies, helping Veterans, etc. 

Gaining experience in the humanitarian field can be a difficult task, so it will be important to form relationships with others involved in Humanitarian Projects, especially those creating similar projects to yours and those in your own community.

Meet in Masterminds and Think Tank meetings on the phone, computer, or in person once or twice a week to bounce ideas off each other. You can start regular www.Meetup.com  meetings in communities at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, community meeting rooms, bookstores, health food stores, etc. or even in your home.

Hold discussions and use this time also to learn about Spirituality, Spiritualists, Consciousness, Intuitive, Psychics, Mediums, Channelers, Tarot Readers, Lightworkers, Shamans, Empaths, Reiki Masters, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Earth Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, StarSeeds, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Reincarnation, Incarnation, Past Life, Afterlife, Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Akashic Records, etc. because after all we are transitioning into a 5D Spiritual Earth. Join Gaia.com and YouTube and take spiritual classes.

Being a humanitarian doesn’t mean you give money for free. You must maintain Humanitarian Projects for a long time so you can’t just give money away. The goal of humanitarians is to reinvest money into the world. If you just give out money for free that is ‘charity’.

You also need to get money back, so the goal is to create an income from your Humanitarian Project. You can help people, but it doesn’t mean you won’t make money. You also need to make money.

Humanitarian is a spectrum of projects. You can use the money to create employment even if it is just for 5 or 10 people. You can create housing where you live or in another country. You are helping people to have a house instead of them being homeless.

With Humanitarian Projects, you can create employment and build homes, schools, hospitals, etc. You can build churches and rent them out to Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, etc. You can build churches the way they want instead of them begging for funds everywhere else.

But they will need to pay you a small fee and they can be there as long as they want. You can only donate 2 million per year to churches and churches have to give you a receipt to prove you gave the money to charity because they are non-profits.

What Will Happen During the Redemption Center Notifications

 When Redemption Center notifications come many will be off doing Humanitarian Projects and will be under 90-day NDAs, so everything on the Humanitarian and Med Bed Center groups on Telegram, Facebook, and YouTube might be on mute.

Skye Prince, with the Military Alliance over the Humanitarian Projects (and Med Beds), will be checking back in so sign up for all her videos on Telegram, Facebook, and YouTube. She is committed to doing at least four (4) Humanitarian Projects. One of her projects will be an Education Center inside her 3-bed Med Bed Center, a Horse Rescue Humanitarian Project, and a Boot Camp for Humanitarians Humanitarian Project.  

Make it a point to sit down and watch all Skye Prince’s videos (https://www.youtube.com/@aithusalodge6647). Also, check out the links at the end of her YouTube.com messages. Her email is info.Camelot@proton.me Just know that they have cloned her channel and material also, but the YouTube channel is correct.

Make sure you keep reading the updated article entitled “Preparing for the New Quantum Financial System (QFS)” at www.CathyHarrisSpeaks.com to stay updated with everything. Just remember all of this is new so just stay focused and have fun with everything. We are transitioning to a happy place so just breathe!!! #5DEarth

What You Need To Present At the Last Door At Your Redemption Center Appointment (Submitting Humanitarian Projects)

The very LAST STATION at your Redemption Center appointment is to acknowledge if you have a Humanitarian Project in mind. Most people or the majority of people won’t even know what it means so they will be told they are finished with their Redemption Center appointments, and they will leave.

Others, like yourself, would have already conducted research ahead of time and will be ready. If you are passionate about your Humanitarian Project, then present a small write-up at the LAST STATION at your Redemption Center appointment.

Since we will be moving to Constitutional and Common Laws all the business forms will be obsolete and even the bar exam will change. Therefore, all you need for a Humanitarian Project is to submit two or three short paragraphs, but don’t make it over a page.  

Come up with a name for your project then tell how long your project will last (5, 10, 15, or 20 years). Then write down the PROBLEM, the SOLUTION, and why you are the person for the job.

Explain how much money you will need and make an itemized list of potential ways you will be using your funds. Using the bulleted format is a great idea and makes it easier to read.

Print it out on pretty designer paper and place it in a see-through binder. Turn in your humanitarian packet at the last station at your Redemption Center appointment. Have at least 5 copies and be ready to explain your project in a few minutes. Make sure you dress as if you are going in for a job interview.  

If approved, you will be contacted by a member of the Military Alliance who will also provide you with a Med Bed appointment time. Humanitarians and those they are responsible for – their dependents — or those that rely on you for aid and support (including their animals) will have access to Med Bed appointments FIRST. We must heal the humanitarians so they can heal the world. 

Setting Up Accounts for Your Humanitarian Projects

Supposedly, now there are 10,000 Redemption Centers in the U.S. instead of 7,000 but since the RV and Gesara process has taken so long, no one is sure at this point on anything, and changes have been made.

Now they want everyone processed and out of Redemption Centers in 30 minutes which won’t leave a lot of time so you might just be asked to turn in your Humanitarian Project and leave. I even heard no one will go to different stations but you will sit in a room, and they will come to you, so again, just wait and see.

Earlier they said you can set up two QFS accounts – a primary and a secondary account to start. Then you can move the funds around and make a personal account or corporate/company account. You can set up a separate LLC or Trust for your Humanitarian Project.

Remember everyone will receive different amounts of QFS funds so they will tell you how much money (or 20%, 50%, 80%, etc.) is needed to go to your Humanitarian Project. You will have 5 years to use the money for your Humanitarian Project or they will come knocking on your door. Again, no one knows at this point how anything will go.

How Much Money Will Humanitarians Receive?

 Everyone has something in their hearts that they would do if they had plenty of money. It doesn’t have to be this gigantic ‘Save the World Campaign’. It can be anything that makes the world a better place. However, they will know who is serious and who is not.

Someone very high up has said to expect a million dollars in seed money for your Humanitarian Project. There will be requirements – of course. They will of course check on different things, but it seems like they really want those who can to get involved with a Humanitarian Project. Just remember the money isn’t for you. It is for your Humanitarian Project.

Of course, you will have a salary coming out of the funds and won’t need to work a 9:00-5:00 job, but the Humanitarian Project funds are for your Humanitarian Project – not you. The project might not survive because most people can’t keep it going or won’t have the desire to continue the project. They know that!

Why Humanitarians Will Need to Sign an NDA At Their Redemption Center Appointments

You can put some people on your NDA who will be operating your Humanitarian Project with you but be careful telling too much info and using certain words. You can’t talk to your own family by phone, text or email or on social media unless they are on your NDA because everything will be recorded, which means you will break your NDA and lose your funds.

You can talk to a lawyer, but you can’t be bragging to neighbors and others about all this humanitarian funding you are receiving. They don’t want you bragging about the QFS money or humanitarian funds. Read the article and section on signing NDA’s at “Preparing to Move into the Quantum Financial System (QFS)” at www.CathyHarrisSpeaks.com.

Everyone will receive different amounts and part of it will be designated for Humanitarian Projects so wait to see what you receive. If you get approved for Humanitarian Project funding, there will be at least a 90-day (or longer) wait to start your project.

During these 90 days, the Military Alliance would like for all humanitarians to take off for 90 days and work on their own households because many humanitarians are homeless — living in hotels or with others. Many will use this time for vacations, med bed appointments, and to set up new residences. The wait will also help you keep your 90-day NDA.

If you break the NDA, they will probably take back your Humanitarian Funds and possibly your Gesara funds. Basically, they don’t want you telling others about how much Humanitarian Project funds you received and other personal info about the Redemption Center process to even family members who don’t need to know the info. 

Unless it is a husband or wife who will be working together with the Humanitarian Project, it is none of their business and you could be putting yourself and your family in harm’s way if family members make the wrong statements to others, especially those with a criminal mind. 

By six (6) months (or sooner) you need to show some type of progress with your Humanitarian Project or funds will probably be taken away or withheld so only apply for Humanitarian Projects if you are serious.

Will You Have Help with Your Humanitarian Project?

They will use Humanitarian Projects to rebuild the world so sit down and really think about a project that you have in mind. The Military Alliance will be working on projects with Humanitarians and also will probably have a list of other Humanitarian Projects at Redemption Centers.

The projects will need funding and volunteers to work on. So, therefore, there will be lots of options instead of going back to a 9:00-5:00 job. The Military Alliance will help you package your Humanitarian Project request so stay tuned for future training on Humanitarian Projects. The money came from evil, but it is going to be used in Humanitarian Projects — for good.

Also, there are groups such as the “New Earth Foundations” (www.NewEarthFoundations.org), that will be there to help guide Humanitarians. The password is NewEarth, so sign up now. This way you will have the support you need as a Humanitarian. 

What You Should Know If You Plan on Opening a Med Bed Center

 They will be using Humanitarian Projects to rebuild the world, but first we need to heal those who will be running these Humanitarian Projects, especially the Med Bed and Healing Centers for HUMANS and ANIMALS so we can open them to the public as soon as possible. 

But keep in mind that the Military now has 10,000 to 50,000 Med Bed centers in the U.S. and 5 million nationwide already opened, so this will give Med Bed Center Humanitarians time to get settled in before they will need to show progress on their projects.

After the Zim bond holder Humanitarians, those who will be starting Humanitarian Projects, especially opening Med Bed Centers and their dependents (anyone they take care of including their animals because there will be Med Beds and Healing Centers for animals) will have FIRST PRIORITY to use the Med Beds. Also, animals can be age-regressed.

If you are starting a Med Bed Center, there will be funds to renovate a building or buy land and build new buildings, which won’t take long because they will all receive replicators, which will help keep down the cost of Med Bed Centers.

By now the Military has gone into all medical establishments and are now training Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals who have volunteered to be trained on Med Beds. There must be at least one doctor on duty at all times in Med Bed Centers, but it depends on how large your Med Bed Center is. The bigger the Med Bed Center, the more doctors will need to be there.

If a doctor can learn the Med Bed technology in two days unless he or she understands Spirituality and Consciousness, his or her Med Bed center training will still last about six (6) months.

Read the article entitled “What You Need to Know About Med Beds” at www.CathyHarrisSpeaks.com. The article — like this article — will continue to be updated as videos and other material are released. Just remember what we are doing is new and nothing is etched in stone so we can make changes as we go.

Be Careful Putting Too Much On Your Plate

You can have more than one Humanitarian Project but be careful putting too much on your plate. Just understand upfront that you might end up working on that project for 12 to 16 hours a day and if you aren’t totally passionate about it — you won’t want to do it.

Remember the 5D New Earth is about you doing what you always wanted to do so creating a Humanitarian Project or working on one might not be your passion. Also, don’t put anything before gaining your health back.

The good news is because you as a humanitarian, and your dependents (and animals) will gain access to Med Beds after your first round of Humanitarian funding — your body should recover fairly quickly.

All you need to do is come up with an action plan for your health maintenance such as — gaining access to good, clean organic foods, good water, take daily supplements, exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, sunshine, and breathe in fresh air daily.

Go in nature as often as possible and get grounded by walking barefoot for at least 20 minutes. Do meditation and yoga, which are the two best exercises for the brain. Also, since they are cleaning up the environment, again, you should be able to recover your health fairly quickly.

You Are Needed To Help Build the New 5D Earth

Remember we will be going to 4-day work and school weeks, so many will only need to work 20 or more hours a week. Forty (40) hour workweeks will go away, and everyone can use their time to work on Creative and Humanitarian Projects.

This whole moving forward into the New Earth won’t take place without you. No matter what position you hold. No matter what job you decide to do. You are needed. Everyone is needed – no matter how big or small.

Just find your passion. Your health and age will mean nothing at all because Med Beds will give you back your health. Therefore, anyone at any age can be involved with their own Humanitarian Project, they can work with other Humanitarian Projects, or they will be able to start their own Creative projects and businesses.

Now it is time to do what you always wanted to do. Your life is right in front of you – so live it fully. It’s time to be happy and free. Nothing will be hard moving forward on a 5D Earth. All you have to do is show up.

Positions You Will Need to Fill for Your Humanitarian Projects, especially Education, Med Bed, and Healing Centers

Because we are moving into a 5D Earth, we will be rebuilding the world with Humanitarian Projects so this is why I am encouraging everyone who can to get involved. You can hire others to help keep your books and even keep up with emails so understand you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to open your own Humanitarian Project because there will be plenty of positions to work for others who have Humanitarian Projects such as these potential jobs and businesses below.

Whether you are growing foods; providing housing for the homeless; providing temporary or permanent housing for the homeless so they can clean up before Med Bed procedures; whether you are looking out for children without families; cleaning the ocean, etc. — you will probably need to hire workers.

Education Centers, Med Beds, and Healing Centers for HUMANS, and ANIMALS will also need to hire workers from the following positions. They  will need Managers and staff for Education Centers, Managers and staff for Med Bed Centers, and Managers and staff for Healing Centers.

SOUGHT AFTER STAFF FOR MED BED CENTERS: Doctors (General Practitioners, Cardiologists, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Pulmonologists, Thoracic & Vascular Surgeons, Nephrologists, Gastroenterologists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Radiologists, etc.), Nurses and Nurses’ Aides, etc.

SOUGHT AFTER STAFF FOR HEALING CENTERS: Dieticians, Spiritual Counselors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Emotional Therapists, Holistic Naturopaths, Homeopathic Professionals, Herbalists, Nutritional Counselors, Osteopaths, Facias-therapists, Reflexologists, Sophrologists, Energy Therapists, Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists, Massage, Reiki and Holistic Therapists, Music and Light Therapists, (Teachers—Yoga, Taichi, Pilates, Meditation, Dance, Singing, Painting, Calligraphy, etc.), Equine Therapy Ethologic Version, Large Swimming Pool Indoors and Outdoors (Pool Staff and Maintenance (Lifeguards, etc.).

ADMIN POSITIONS: Managers, Department Heads, Financial Counselors, Marketing/Event Coordinators, Accountants/Bookkeepers, Secretaries (computer input, respond to emails, etc.), Receptionists/Greeters for New Patients, Phone Operators/Med Bed Call Center Operators, etc.

OTHER POSITIONS: Med Bed Operators/Med Bed Techs, Boot Camp Workers, Spiritual Counselors, Dieticians, Barbers/Hair Stylists, Nail/Make-up Salons, Herbalist and Cannabis Dispensary, Pool Staff and Maintenance (Lifeguards, etc.), Security Officers, Ambulance Drivers, Handicapped Vehicles, Bus Drivers, Airport Drivers/Transport Services, Delivery Drivers, Clothing Shops that Will Sell Clothes Made from High Vibrational Fabrics, Cinema Operators, Gift Shop Workers, Cafe Shop Workers/Fresh Juice Bar Team, Kitchen Staff (Kitchen Helpers, etc.), Housekeeping Staff, Maintenance Staff (electrical, plumbing, etc.), Landscapers/Gardeners (Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens, Orchards, Greenhouses, etc.). Veterinarians (Veterinarians Assistants/Emergency Vet Drivers, Handlers (dog, cows, horses, etc.), Pet Sitting Services, Groomers, Educator Behaviorists (canine, feline, equine, etc.), Animal Osteopaths, Equine Podiatrist (and for cows if possible), Equine Dentist, Animal Communicators, Stable Hands/Animal Attendants, Hay/Feed Delivery Drivers etc.). Also, Assistant Bird Protection League, Assistant Refuge of Wild Animals, Multigenerational Playgrounds, Campgrounds, Firewood Collectors, etc.

Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at www.CathyHarrisInternational.com and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening and Business. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and several other nonfiction books at www.AngelsPress.com. You can email Cathy at AskCathy@DearCathy.com or Cathy@CathyHarrisInternational.com and bring Cathy’s Caravan (www.CathysCaravan.com) and Mobile Learning Clubs (www.MobileLearningClubs.com) to your city.

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Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at www.CathyHarrisInternational.com and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening, Business, and Spirituality. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and 20 other nonfiction books at www.AngelsPress.com. You can email Cathy at AskCathy@DearCathy.com or Cathy@CathyHarrisInternational.com and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs (www.MobileLearningClubs.com) and Cathy’s Caravan (www.CathysCaravan.com) to your city.