What You Need to Know About FREE Military Medical Beds (#MedBeds)

What You Need to Know About FREE Military Medical Beds (#MedBeds)


(Also available as a PDF)

by Cathy Harris, New Earth Educator, Speaker, and Author

Jan. 8, 2024

This article will continue to be updated so keep checking it.


  Table of Contents

-Where Did Med Beds Come From?

-Who is Skye Prince?

-When Will Med Beds Be Available?

-Why Was There a Need for Med Beds?

-What Did Trump Say About Med Beds in 2020?

-Can You Be Turned Down for Your Med Bed Procedure? Yes…

-What is the Purpose of Medical Beds (also called #MedBeds)?

-What You Should Know About Age Regression

-There Are Three (3) Types of Med Beds

-How Long Does Procedures Take?

-Will You Be Put to Sleep?

-Last Door at Your Redemption Center Appointments Will Be for Humanitarians especially Med Bed Humanitarians

-Mandatory Med Bed Conference

-How Large Should Med Bed Rooms Be?

-Med Bed Usage for Med Bed Humanitarians and Other Humanitarians

-Where Should Med Beds, Healing, and Education Centers Be Opened?

-When Will Med Beds Be Announced to the Public?

-When Will the Med Bed Centers Start Receiving Patients?

-Training for Med Bed Staff Members

-Bootcamp Training for Med Bed Staff Members—10 Day Course

-Training for Spiritual Counselors for Med Bed and Healing Centers

-Security Will Be a Big Issue At Med Bed Centers

-Will The Vaccinated Get Priority To Use Med Beds?

-Med Beds for Animals

-Med Bed Scams

-What If You Can’t Wait on Med Beds to Be Healed?

-What You Need To Know About Education Centers

-Positions You Will Need to Fill for Your Humanitarian Project especially Education, Med Bed, and Healing Centers

Where Did Med Beds Come From?

This is the NEW updated Med Beds from the Military Secret Space Force Program. Just like the NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS), the Med Bed technology was also gifted to us by another civilization – #OffWorlders, the #Pleiadians.

If you still think that all ETs are demons or devils, then you are not going to fare well on this new 5D Earth.

If you believe in Med Beds, then you need to also believe in ETs (also called interdimensional and multi-dimensional beings). Even though this is new technology, it still has been around for over 50 years but will take all of us time to get used to a NEW WAY OF HEALING.

 Who is Skye Prince?

Skye Prince is part of the Military Alliance and as far as I know, is the ONLY PERSON at this time handling the rollout of the FREE Military Med Beds, the Humanitarian Projects, and training for Humanitarians besides of course, the Secret Space Force Program/Military (#MilitaryAlliance).

Supposedly, she will have at least four (4) Humanitarian Projects. One will be an Education Center with a 3-bed Med Bed center so she won’t be opting for a larger Med Bed center. 

She will also be starting a Horse Rescue Humanitarian Project and possibly a Boot Camp Training Humanitarian Project.

Just know that Skye Prince cannot get you or your sick relatives into a Med Bed center. You will need to keep dealing with doctors, hospitals, or natural ways of healing until the Med Bed centers are announced to the public.

She is on Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube.com. She will be on TruthSocial.com soon also. Make it a point to sit down and watch all her videos (https://www.youtube.com/@aithusalodge6647). 

Also, check out the links at the end of her YouTube.com messages. Her email is info.Camelot@proton.me Just know that they have cloned her channel and material also, but the YouTube channel is correct.

When Will Med Beds Be Available?

Med Beds are currently treating the public at random (probably for practicing), but many won’t hear about the Med Beds until the Gesara announcement when they will start to be advertised and an 800 number to set up your appointment is provided.

There is currently no pattern for those being treated. Many are just plucked out of hospitals, and hospice centers and off the streets and given a Med Bed GENERAL HEALING SESSION.

Med Beds are currently located on Military bases, closed down Military bases, in some hospitals, cancer centers, and in closed down Walmarts, which will be closing down because of ‘Crimes Against Humanity,’ and other unknown locations.

Those with Zims, who are Humanitarians will probably start using the Med Beds in about 8 days after the Humanitarian funding is released then the Med Beds will be offered to other Humanitarians and their family and pets. Remember we need to cure the Humanitarians so they can cure the world.

The children that were rescued/trafficked have already been taken off the planet and healed so the Military that rescued the children are probably currently using the Med Beds.

The Secret Space Force Program/Military will initially be over the Med Beds, but it is their goal to turn the Med Beds over to the Med Bed Humanitarians.

There are currently over 5 million Med Bed centers worldwide and 10,000 to 50,000 Med Bed centers throughout the U.S. with a drive of up to 70 to 80 miles to get to a Med Bed center. The higher the population in an area, the more Med Beds will be in that city or town.

Why Was There a Need for Med Beds?

Med Beds will eventually take the place of Big Pharma, hospitals, urgent cares, home healthcare, assisted living, nursing homes, hospices, and even Dentistry. 

Hospitals will still be around for a while (up to 1 or 2 years) until people and their new way of thinking comes around or until people find out the truth about hospitals and how they purposely killed COVID patients to get their organs. 

When hospitals were admitting Medicare patients (those over age 65) during COVID, Medicare paid hospitals $13,000. Then they paid them three (3) times that amount or $39,000 when they put them on a ventilator, which meant certain death.

The reason many patients had to go on ventilators was because the patients were given Remdesivir, a ‘deadly’ drug that caused the kidneys to fill up with fluids, which meant they needed to be put on a ventilator, which again meant death.

During this time hospitals kept family members away from families by saying they were contagious, but yet their goals were for them to die so they could harvest their organs and make money for hospitals. They might still be doing this so I would work with Holistic and Natural Healers until Med Beds are ready.

A female whistleblower, who was a doctor, and worked in the Emergency Department of one hospital — but later quit the medical field, said they were encouraged to allow patients to die to gain access to their organs when they came into the Emergency Department.

She also said whether you go into hospitals or Emergency or Urgent Care Centers, you are ‘cross-matched’ ASAP as a potential organ donor. When they take your blood, the tube with the purple top is for organ donation.

Therefore, make sure you do not sign on your driver’s license to be an organ donor because many times they will just go ahead and take your organs when you end up in hospitals.

She also said because there is a big market for children’s organs, hospitals allow one child to die every month when they come in from an accident so they can use their organs to pay hospital bills.

How often have we heard that someone was put in a coma to save their lives? Therefore, many doctors have said to never unplug a breathing machine when someone is in a coma.

They said many times the patient could have been put in a coma by the doctor, so they could take their organs later on.

Once Med Bed centers are opened, patients can be brought right into Med Bed centers. If they have 5% brain function, then they can be saved with Med Beds.

Also, Dentistry used an illegal practice and took out everyone’s wisdom teeth. Dentistry did this to make money. However, when it came time to clean out the Root Canal, many dentists failed to do this properly — which led to heart issues (even heart failure), breast and prostate cancer, and other ailments that caused them to end up in hospitals.

So basically, like hospitals, Med Beds will be putting many Dentists out of work too especially when everyone is offered a NEW SET OF TEETH.

What Did Trump Say About Med Beds in 2020?

Remember when Trump said all hospital equipment will be obsolete by the end of the year…no more Chemo, Radiation, etc. There will be Med Beds, UV Light Therapies, etc., and more coming (Tesla 6000 patents).

Hospitals are being ripped apart and there is no need for medical research when you have 6000 cures (patents) handed to you — that Nikola Tesla had. He is still alive and is a time traveler. They do not age like us.

Since 2020, I have watched Trump, the Military and the White Hat Alliance send individuals to hospitals in #StingOperations to see how the individuals would be treated so they knew the hospitals would do what they did. 

This is why all private intelligence companies are being removed from existence, i.e. Mossad/CIA and 5 Eyes. The only intelligence staying is Military Intelligence.

This is why we are moving from Oil and Gas Fuel to Tesla Wireless Technology. Big Pharma has been taken down and is now equipped to process homeopathic cures instead of Cabal killing Rockefeller drugs. Again, this is going to be a #NewWorld.

Can You Be Turned Down for Your Med Bed Procedure? Yes…

Understand that the Med Beds are for everyone, but yes you can be turned down for your Med Bed procedure especially if you have not committed to a healthcare maintenance program.

Unless you are housebound or bedridden, there is NO REASON why you should not be out there trying to take care of your mind, your body, and your soul.

You can do this by gaining access to good, clean, organic food, good clean water, taking daily supplements, getting plenty of exercise and rest, engaging in regular detoxifications, getting enough sunshine and breathing in the fresh air, and also by doing grounding procedures (walking in the dirt barefoot for at least 20 minutes every day).

Again, until you commit to working on your mental and physical bodies, you can be turned down for your Med Bed procedure.

If you are not doing anything to stay healthy now, they will know that at your Med Bed appointments, and you might be turned down for your procedure and directed to attend sessions at Healing Centers for 2 to 3 months or longer.

You have to put in the work. Med Beds are not a quick overnight fix or cure for anyone so if you are not doing the work to maintain your mental and physical well-being, you might be turned away from your Med Bed procedure — until you can prove that you have a health maintenance plan to maintain your health and body. At least show them that you are getting out and going walking several days a week. 

What is the Purpose of Medical Beds (also called #MedBeds)?

Med Beds will work wonders. This is because we are nothing but energy and vibrations. Energy can be changed with energy. It can be realigned and put correctly.

Med Beds just work on an energy level — on our energy level—just perfectly in the most sensitive way so that the physical body aligns with it.

Med Beds can cure and remove every single illness, disease, disability obtained or from birth (mental and physical), any virus, bad bacteria, fungus, cancer, damaged and defective DNA, inherited defect, regrow any loss of limbs from birth or due to amputation including organs. It can also heal skin from burns or acid and reconstruct anything that is deformed, etc.

Every man, woman, and child will have a general healing Med Bed session if they choose to. During your Med Bed general healing session, you can activate knowledge and download a Spanish-speaking program (or another language), a Gardening program, or learn how to sing, but not for commercial purposes.

Med Beds can grow back the sexual organs of men who experienced shrinkage from prostate surgeries. And these men and other men, during their general Med Bed healing sessions, can even select a different size for their penis.

Women can have their breasts reduced or made larger with Med Beds. For women who had ‘unnecessary’ COMPLETE hysterectomies, where their uteruses were removed, the uterus can be returned and they can get pregnant again.

Their periods can be stopped and started again — whenever. You can have transgender sexual organ surgeries reversed. 

Med Beds will regrow any organs that were removed and/or limbs lost in war or by accidents. You can get your hearing back, restore your eyesight, and even change the color of your eyes and hair.

Women can change the color and length of their hair and men can change the color and grow their hair back so there is no reason for you to stay bald.

Everyone will receive a complete NEW SET OF TEETH—unless they refuse to. It is up to them. The Med Beds will also help you reshape your body and lose weight.

However, if you are 500 pounds, the Med Beds will probably only take off 100 pounds. You have to do the inner work yourself.

If your child has autism or another brain injury (epilepsy, brain seizures, etc.) from newborn vaccinations and/or the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccinations, which many suspect causes autism, then your child (or adult) should be able to get rid of autism.

Med Beds will also be able to reverse Down syndrome and other disabilities and should be able to improve the health and functionality of many Special Needs children and adults.

If a child is crippled after birth or someone ended up crippled later in life, they should be able to walk again. And these patients might have to stay at Med Bed or Healing centers for 2 to 3 months — while their legs connect to their brains again.

As a GMO educator, since GMO foods are grown with toxic seeds made in a biotech lab, where herbicides and pesticides are implanted into the seeds, Med Beds should be able to clear up many brain issues from eating GMO processed foods such as Mental Health issues, depression, bipolar disorder, autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Many hospitalized with schizophrenia are probably not crazy. They probably heard voices coming from the Spiritual world, so they were probably psychics, mediums, and channelers.

Med Beds will return your body to the optimal health that you were born with. After a general healing session, if you are 80, you should feel great for your age.

If you are 70, you should feel like you are around 45. And if you are 50, you should feel like you are 35. If you are 40 of course, you should feel like you are in your 20s.

Remember Med Beds can heal ANYTHING PHYSICAL and everything else, you have to work on it. Therefore, it can’t get rid of addictions, such as smoking or alcohol, but there will be Healing Centers for that.

However, Med Beds can and will HEAL THE BRAIN, which might get rid of the addiction. The Med Beds should work wonders for any debilitating PHYSICAL condition that occurred after birth.

What You Should Know About Age Regression

You can do up to a 30-year Age Regression (so you can also do 5, 10, 15, or 20 years) but you can’t go below the age of 20. Age Regressions are intended to extend your life mostly such as when you get in your 70s, 80s, or 90s.

You can use it two (maybe three) different times to go back 30 years but doing it more times than that might damage your brain.

And understand to do an Age Regression, you have to be conscious and totally living in a 5D World — 24/7, which is impossible, but you will need to be considered conscious to be considered for the Age Regression Med Bed procedure.

Remember if you do an Age Regression procedure, you will still have your old brain and many others might wonder how you are so wise.

Also, if you don’t have any support and if you are a public figure or come from a big family that will question your Age Regression procedure and even demand that you tell them where you got it, again, you can be turned down for a Med Bed Age Regression — at least until people get used to the idea of Med Beds.

You also will need to undergo extensive counseling with Spiritual Counselors BEFORE and AFTER the Age Regression procedure, so they are looking for Spiritual Counselors to work in Med Bed and Healing Centers, especially those that are psychics and mediums.

There Are 3 Types of Med Beds

Everyone (every Man, Woman, and Child) will be given a ‘one-time’ Med Bed healing session, which will last for up to 20 years or longer if they have a health maintenance program.

Most will only need a one-time healing session unless they are in an accident or come in for another procedure (e.g. Age Regression). However, everyone needs to come up with a plan to maintain their health.

You might need to stay at a Med Bed center for a day or two especially Seniors so bring an overnight bag. There will be barbers, hair stylists, nail techs, Spiritual counselors, replicators, etc. to help you get acquainted with your new look and energy.

First (1st) Med Bed: On the first Med Bed, you will be lying on the bed with your image above you. This image is what you agreed to in your scan appointment and it will be holographically looking back at you when you lay on the Med Bed.

Your body is copied directly to that image. Women should wear black bras and black panties for this appointment for privacy. There will also be clothes, gowns, and replicators there.

There are NO drugs, NO sedatives, NO needles, and NO gases. You will feel a tinkling and vibration as your entire body is being healed and you can be completely awake.

The Med Bed mattress can send signals to your brain to calm your brain especially if you are claustrophobic. It also might mean you go into a light sleep, especially children and Seniors.

Second (2nd) Med Bed: On the second Med Bed there is this curved beam that goes over the bed up and down your body. It is a full circular beam that does what it is supposed to do.

Again, if you are anxious the bed will calm your mind. You will still feel vibrations — almost like a gentle tickle.

Third (3rd) Med Bed: The third Med Bed is the Age Regression bed, which is like an encapsulated egg shape and you lay in the egg.

From the top of the bed to the floor, the Med Bed is completely covered. The bottom half is completely covered in. The top of the bed to the middle section is a see-through glass.

This bed does everything the other two do but this one is specific for Age Regression. The other two beds won’t be doing Age Regressions.

If you are having an Age Regression procedure, a limb regrown, kidney regrown, diabetes disappeared, heart valve repaired, hip replacement regrown, etc. This bed does all of this.

How Long Does Procedures Take?

I believe a general healing session is around 5 minutes. For a full set of new teeth is 3 to 5 minutes depending on other procedures.

Age Regression is 3 to 5 hours (it was 15 hours with the old Med Bed technology) depending on what else you are doing.

It depends on the person. Someone much older with lots of health issues, who also wants an Age Regression, might be there for 6 hours. It depends on each person and their condition.

Will You Be Put To Sleep?

In all three Med Beds, you can remain awake, but it depends on the procedure you are having. The more detailed or critical or the more lengthy the procedure the more you need to sleep.

If you are having a general healing session, you can stay awake or you might be put in a light sleep if you are anxious or have claustrophobia — especially children or Seniors.

If you have an Age Regression or a limb regrown, then the bed will put you into a light sleep. It depends on the procedure and your anxiety level. Children and the elderly will probably need to be put into a light sleep.

Last Door at Your Redemption Center Appointments Will Be for Humanitarians, especially Med Bed Humanitarians

Make sure you turn in your paperwork for a Humanitarian Project at the LAST STATION at your Redemption Center appointment. There are samples of Business Plan Summaries or Business Plan Proposals online.

But because all the business forms will be changing under Constitutional Laws, this is probably why they are not asking that you fill these out.

You only need to submit a few lines (a couple or three paragraphs) or half a page printed out on pretty paper in a see-through binder or folder and dress like you are going in for a job interview. Make sure you have at least 5 extra copies.

Come up with a name for your Med Bed center and/or Humanitarian Project then tell how long your project will last (5, 10, 20, 30 years).

Then write down the PROBLEM, the SOLUTION, and why you are the person for the job. Also, include how much money you will need and what the funds will be used for.

Write down an itemized list of what you will be spending the money on. This doesn’t need to be concise so do the best you can.

Again, it only needs to be a couple of paragraphs or half a page. Using the bulleted format is a great idea and makes it easier to read.

Remember not everyone has a business sense but everyone can learn. There should be others (Military Alliance Members) to assist you with your business plan and Humanitarian Project if you are approved.

There are currently over 5 million Med Bed centers worldwide and over 10,000-50,000 (or more) in the U.S. with a drive of up to 70 to 80 miles to get to a Med Bed center. The higher the population in an area, the more Med Beds will be in that city or town.

Three (3) ways to set up your Humanitarian Med Bed appointment include:

-They will give you a phone number to call to set up your appointment.

-They will give you a form letter with info that needs to be filled out.

-Or they will give you a website to fill out the information for your appointment.

Humanitarian Zim holders should be able to start Med Bed procedures about 8 days after funding becomes available. Other Humanitarians should be able to get into their Med Bed appointments within a few days.

When you arrive at Med Bed centers they will do a full body scan. Then you will wait around to discuss with the Med Bed team what you want done. 

Therefore, start working on a list of what you want changed. Make a list of all the health issues you have especially if you will have an organ replaced.

Mandatory Med Bed Conference

There will be a mandatory Med Bed conference that the people who are funding the Med Bed centers have to attend (not managers, staff, or partners) — whoever signs for funding.

At the conference, you will receive all the details about the Med Bed rooms, info on security, etc. If you don’t attend the conference then you won’t receive the Med Bed technology. If you don’t understand the Med Bed technology, they won’t just give it to you.

What Should Be the Size of Med Bed Rooms?

The rooms for Med Beds need to be quite large. Look at a standard operating room and it should double that per bed. On the wall, they will install a particular type of material that will power the Med Beds.

So when the Med Bed technology is installed by the Military, they will also install the material on the wall.

Med Bed Usage for Med Bed Humanitarians and Other Humanitarians

After Redemption Center appointments, and Humanitarians especially Med Bed Humanitarians have submitted their paperwork for a Humanitarian Project and have been approved for humanitarian funds, a Military Alliance member should be assigned to you.

All Humanitarians (especially the Med Bed Humanitarians) will have FIRST PRIORITY to use the Med Beds along with their dependents (everyone that they are responsible for), including their animals. There will be Med Beds for animals.

We first have to heal the Humanitarians especially the Med Bed Humanitarians for HUMANS and ANIMALS so they will have the energy and vitality to heal the entire world.

After their Med Bed appointments, the Military Alliance wants all Humanitarians to sign a 90-day NDA and disappear for 90 days (three (3) months) and get their homes in order because many of the Humanitarians are homeless – living in hotels or with others.

The Humanitarians especially the Med Bed Humanitarians need to show significant progress in at least 6 months but since there are over 5 million Med Beds worldwide and 10,000-50,000 Med Beds currently opened in the U.S. waiting on funding, they do have the luxury of taking their time.

They will also be provided with replicators to keep down the cost of their Med Beds and Healing Centers.

Where Should Med Beds, Healing, and Education Centers Be Opened?

You can start a Med Bed and Education Center together or a Med Bed and Healing Center together or a Healing Center and Education Center or do each separately.

You can do each and put them in separate buildings. It is all up to you. Remember the number one goal for your Med Beds and Healing Centers is to have a serene healing environment.

Renovating Buildings: You should look for buildings to renovate and set up Med Beds, Healing Centers, or Education Centers.

Make sure the buildings have enough parking. As far as renovating buildings, try not to use places that hold BAD ENERGY such as closed-down hospitals and nursing homes — places where it is obvious that people died.

Buying Land: You can also buy land and have buildings set up on your land, which might take up to two years unless your Military contact can speed things up. But don’t forget the replicators will speed everything up and keep down the costs.

So as soon as humanitarian funds are released, it should be your goal to buy land, get with contractors, and get started.

You can build these Med Bed centers or buildings around trees, and creeks and have aquariums and ponds with water flowing on rocks in your Med Bed and Healing Centers’ waiting areas. Instead of having a row of seats, you can have benches with sceneries of serene settings.

When Will Med Beds Be Announced To The Public?

Once the Gesara announcement takes place, Med Bed advertisements and an 800 number will be provided for the public to make their Med Bed appointment. You will probably see many Med Bed and Healing Center advertisements on TV, radio, and social media.

When Will the Med Bed Centers Start Receiving Patients?

The Military is currently treating the public with Med Beds. They are currently plucking patients out of hospitals, hospices, and off the street so they are probably just training everyone.

However, after the Gesara announcement, their process should be more organized and you will be provided an 800 number to call to set up your Med Bed appointment.

Again, if you have 5% brain capacity, then you can be saved with Med Beds. The FIRST GROUP that will be taken to Med Bed centers after the Med Bed announcement and advertisements start will be those on life support about to die (critically ill, hospice, etc.) in hospitals, private care homes, etc.

I don’t know if the FIRST GROUP of patients will include emergencies also, but since they are currently treating patients — it probably will. 

Many hospitals have a hospice wing. Many hospice patients are also at home. Many who are taken home from hospitals to die at home without a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), don’t last long so they too should be included in the FIRST GROUP.

Therefore, families should pay attention to the Med Bed announcement. I would not depend on hospitals or private care homes to include my relatives.

I would make sure I was around to speak up for relatives who are bed-bound or housebound and can’t speak, especially those who need to be included in the FIRST GROUP of patients.

Once those who are critically ill or on life support are healed from the FIRST GROUP, then they will open up the Med Beds to the NEXT GROUP, which are the ones that are set to expire in a very months; those dealing with debilitating health issues, etc.

How long you will have to wait will depend on your condition and how many people in your area want to use the Med beds.

Many people won’t want to use the Med Beds especially once they find out the Med Beds came from Offworlders (ETs). Others will think it is part of some type of cult or even a cloning center.

If they don’t want to heal then it is their choice. Many might just want to wait on more Med Bed testimonials. Therefore, the Med Bed appointments will keep going to those in your area who want to be healed.

Meanwhile, you need to continue to elevate yourself by making efforts to heal yourself. The Med Beds are being used not to heal people physically but to teach people to take responsibility for their own lives — which elevates their consciousness.

You can eliminate toxins and poisons now and start to move into your heart space or consciousness. They want you to elevate your consciousness before using the Med Beds.

Try not to apply for a Humanitarian Project especially as a Med Bed Humanitarian if you are not serious because they will be saving lives.

They will know whether you are serious or not when you submit your paperwork at your Redemption Center appointment. They will read your vibrations so they will know how serious you are.

Training for Med Bed Staff Members

The new training info for a Med Bed operator or a Med Bed tech as of May 14, 2023, is the training is only for 6 months (not 12 to 18 months as first stated), but it also depends on your current knowledge and how you handle patients.

The length of training depends on your knowledge, your knowledge of biology, and all of that. Start now looking for staff to work at your Med Bed center if you are just renovating a building.

People with just a general healing session will probably leave that day or the next and might need barbers, hair stylists, nail techs, replicators, etc. to work with them after their treatments. Some might be ready to leave right after their appointments. It all depends on their procedures.

Initially, it will be important for managers of Med Bed centers to have doctors and nurses there (just like in Hospitals) and hire other experienced people to get their Med Bed Centers up and running quickly.

Therefore, start looking at buildings to renovate or even buy land and build a building, which might take a couple of years, unless your Military contact intervenes or makes sure you have replicators that can put the buildings up sooner and keep down the costs. There will be plenty of funds to do both.

If a doctor is good in biology, he might only need 2 days of training to learn how to use the Med Bed technology, however, because we are moving into a 5D World, if he doesn’t know anything about Spirituality and Consciousness, this training will still be six (6) months. So, therefore, understand the world we are headed into. #5DEarth.

Three (3) months will be on extensive spiritual training. Two (2) months will be spent living in and working with the Med Beds, which will include spiritual, biology, and how to move and handle patients because you will have patients not walking with spinal issues and on life support, who can’t assist you in any way.

Again, it is a 6-month extensive training course. Any more training will be because you don’t have a background in health, biology, etc. The same training is applied to the animal healing training so you will be trained on both – learning to handle Med Beds and Healing Centers for HUMANS and ANIMALS.

The reason you need the spiritual training is because Med Beds have their own consciousness. No this is not A.I. It is not evil.

You can connect with the technology telepathically. If you are telepathic, and you are operating Med Beds, you can connect to it telepathically and that will operate the machine.

If you ARE NOT spiritually minded in your heart space, then you have to press buttons on a keyboard.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON WILL BE ALLOWED TO USE THE MED BEDS, but only those spiritual and consciously awoke can operate the Med Beds (or be a Med Bed Tech or Med Bed Operator) so for those who are still living in a 3D fear-based world, you won’t be able to operate the Med Beds.

However, that is what the 6 months of Spiritual and Consciousness training is for — to take you out of the ‘fear-based’ world.

This technology holds an insane amount of responsibility. It is the same responsibility as taking home the codes of a nuclear weapon.

It is very easy for someone who is not in the heart space or doesn’t have high spiritual development to abuse or misuse the Med Bed technology.

If you want to be healed, you can just jump in the Med Bed and think with your thoughts. That operates the bed.

Therefore, only those who are responsible enough and trained to a high standard will be able to use the Med Beds and operate them.

Many will be asking what is the standard. You won’t know how close you are to it until you start your training.

I believe you will also be able to go to other countries for the Med Bed training (for Med Bed managers and their staff), where the training and travel will be completely FREE.

If you are a Manager of a Med Bed center, a Med Bed Tech or Operator, a Spiritual Counselor, a Doctor, etc. you will have to use Med Beds as part of your training.

Bootcamp Training for Med Bed Staff Members and Humanitarians—10-Day Course

The Bootcamp course is for all Humanitarians or anyone who would like to test themselves — to gain more confidence, gain leadership skills, and teamwork, meet new people, and have fun and adventure.

This 10-day course will be in NSW, Australia, and will be free. To register your interest please email bootcamp.aithusalodge@proton.me

Training for Spiritual Counselors for Med Bed and Healing Centers

Skye Prince will start an online Spiritual Counseling class in early Dec. 2023 (it was cancelled). Her class will be $500. Her course email is info.Camelot@proton.me.

The Spiritual Counseling classes will be ongoing and will start after the Redemption Center appointments. To sign up for the Spiritual Counselor classes email Skye.SpiritualHealingCounsellorTraining@proton.com and ask for a registration packet for the Spiritual Counselor training, and a registration packet will be emailed to you so keep checking your spam folder.

The Spiritual Counselor registration training will be sent to you with a different email address probably from the Military Alliance. You will be provided with a private website to register at.

To get the training after your Redemption Center appointment, YOU WILL NEED TO BE REGISTERED for the Spiritual Counseling class so SIGN UP NOW!!! If you can’t make the class, or if something comes up, you need to let them know.

The Spiritual Counselor course is for people who want to become Spiritual Counselors and work in Med Bed and Healing Centers.

They might also need to be mobile and go to clients. The training is also REQUIRED for Managers of Med Bed or Healing Centers so register now.

Spiritual Counselors will need to be in place to work with Med Bed and Healing Centers once they open so register now.

Spiritual Counselors will help you get your mind right. It is a full-time course and it must take priority — even over your current job.

Again, this is not a part-time course. The training should be at least twice a week for 2 hours at a time in many different time zones. It will be important not to miss the training.

It won’t be something you can just put off and come back to it even though the classes will remain online. You must take this training seriously and look at it like a job.

Other dimensional beings will know you are putting the classes off and you might be removed from training.

Training for Spiritual Counselors to work in Med Bed and Healing Centers will also be online and in person for at least 6 weeks (in-person training, which will be everywhere) and will be given by the Military Alliance, which might be some planetary and/or multi-dimensional being.

The training will be in many, many countries in many, many languages and again will be ongoing. Each class depends on you and how long it takes for you to learn the knowledge.

Classes will be determined by your level of spiritual mastery. You won’t know which class you are in. The class you will start in depends on what you put on your registration packet and what the Military Alliance knows about you.

There will be 5 different classes for the Spiritual Counselors during the training—Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class E. You need to complete each class to go on to another class. There are no class failures—only repeat it — until you get it and implement it.

There are no false #LightWorkers. You will be working with vibrational beings so there is no faking this. This includes meditation, the mind body, and soul, etc. It is not just talking to someone through their addictions. You need to be the whole packet.

Those who have completed Class D can work at Med Bed centers and finish up their training there. Class E participants can travel to other realms and will probably be the ones giving the Spiritual Counselor training with the Military Alliance.

Current Counselors are welcome to become Spiritual Counselors, but no matter how long they have worked in their fields, they will still need to be trained in Spirituality and Consciousness and will have to undergo all the classes (Class A, B, C, D, and E).

Therefore, everyone interested in the Spiritual Counseling classes/training to work in Med Bed and Healing Centers—needs to start today studying Spirituality, consciousness, vibrations, take psychic and mediumship classes, and start doing readings for others.

No Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be required for the Spiritual Counselor training course.

Security Will Be a Big Issue At Med Bed Centers

In the beginning, after the Med Bed Centers open your Med Bed Chief Security Officer should be a Marine or ex-Special Forces.

Others on his or her staff should be former military workers. Remember many won’t be happy that Med Beds centers are opening. They will put many companies out of business.

Security will be a big issue especially with Med Bed centers in the beginning until they are rolled out to the public and that is why NDAs are in place.

People might be desperate because they have a loved one close to death so they might raid your Med Bed center and demand that you save them.

Also, look at all the jobs and fields at Big Pharma, hospitals, urgent cares, home healthcare, assisted living, nursing homes, hospices, dentistry, etc. that Med Bed centers will replace so having a GOOD SECURITY TEAM at these Med Bed Centers will be vital.

Just remember that the Military won’t release the Med Bed equipment to your Med Bed center if you don’t have security in place and they might want to install their security cameras to assist with security too so stay in touch with them while you scout out buildings or while you buy land and have Med Bed centers built. 

To use Med Beds those with appointments will need to wait at Med Bed centers, just like in hospitals, if emergencies come into the Med Bed centers. Again, those with 5% brain function can be saved with Med Beds.

Will The Vaccinated Get Priority To Use Med Beds?

Children and Seniors were forced to take the COVID vaccinations and for everyone else, it was #FreeWill — so you won’t be moved up on any list to use Med Beds.

You can tell the 800 number (if given one) that you had the vaccination, but again, you won’t be moved up on any list. Just understand that a large percentage of vaccinations were nothing but saline solutions, but bad batches did get in there.

However, as a GMO educator, I feel that most people are ill today from eating toxic GMO processed foods.

Med Beds for Animals

If you are interested in starting a Humanitarian Project as an Animal Med Bed Center or Animal Healing Center, turn in your paperwork at your Redemption Center appointment at the LAST STATION during your Redemption Center appointment.

In a 5D world, it will be illegal to kill animals unless you live off the grid and that is the only way to sustain your life.

There will be many new fruits and vegetables introduced so there won’t be a need to kill and eat animals. All the brutal animal sports and activities such as dog and horse racing will go away too.

A dog in Arizona was able to grow his leg back so there will be Med Beds and Healing Centers for marine life, dogs, horses, and even larger animals such as Elephants.

Animal Med Bed and Animal Healing Center staff will be trained along with HUMAN Med Bed Center staff. Animals will also be able to undergo ‘Age Regressions’ — the same as humans.

Med Bed Scams

Because many companies are choosing to call their companies Med Bed centers — many are confused. Once the Med Beds are released to the public there should be an 800 number for you to call to set up your Med Bed appointment, but don’t pay attention to any Gmail addresses because they are scammers trying to take your money. 

Even the Tesla Med Beds ARE NOT the FREE Military Med Beds. Understand you need to ask them if their Med Beds regrow organs, and limbs or do Age Regressions, because ONLY the FREE Military Med Beds from Offworlders can do this.

Also, be careful using some of the Med Bed imitators because people are reporting they are experiencing side effects such as loss of 5D consciousness, sleeplessness, etc.

Again, join Skye Prince’s pages on Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube.(https://www.youtube.com/@aithusalodge6647) and watch all the updated videos. But be careful because scammers are also trying to clone her channels and material as well.

What If You Can’t Wait on Med Beds to Be Healed?

If you know a person or if you are the person with an illness, injury, or terminal illness, they will have FREE Military Medical Beds (#MedBeds) to treat you.

But until they announce the availability of the Med Beds, be ready to deal with hospitals and/or Natural and Holistic Healing businesses.

Every city has Natural and Holistic Health Healers so these are the people you need to seek out now — or look for them online. Local organic food growers, health and whole food stores, and food co-ops will know where to find them. They are in every city.

What You Need To Know About Education Centers

If you are interested in setting up an Education Center for Spiritual Counselor training, Med Bed training, and other 5D training, speak with the Military Alliance after your Redemption Center appointment.

These training centers can also be located inside with your Med Bed or Healing Centers. And some of these Education Centers are already being set up in many cities.

The higher-level Spiritual Counselor students in Classes A, B, C, and D can do their education in Education Centers. Healing Centers will be able to work with those who are suffering from Past Life Traumas.

If they artificially open your Pineal Gland with a Med Bed, it will cause you to go crazy. You will be able to remember all your past lives at one time and it will be too much.

If you are trying to transition into a 5D World, the Med Beds can help you go from a negative 4D to a positive 4D because it will remove all the toxins, parasites, and other poisons from your body.

Telegram Group—Positions Available (Global Humanitarian Projects)

This group was recommended by Skye Prince. Look for positions or new hires on the Telegram group “Positions Available (Global Humanitarian Projects).”

This group is a place for Humanitarians creating and developing projects around the world to advertise any positions they have available and for people looking to connect with Projects to find full-time and voluntary work in Humanitarian Projects.

This group is for all types of projects and programs not just Med Beds and Healing Centers. They have chosen not to list individual countries or regions as many projects are in multiple countries so it is easier to find available positions in all parts of this beautiful world.

For those looking to hire—please include details of the position, region/state, and country including contact details for those who are interested.

For those who are looking to find work please follow the contact details of the position you are inquiring about, but do not clog up this page with chat or questions.

I really do hope this group assists you in connecting with potential employers and employees for your projects. Just be careful hiring others from other countries.

Their goal might be to only have you pay for their family’s move into your country then they suddenly stop showing up for work. Therefore, if you can initially hire locals in your area or country especially to get up and running.

Positions You Will Need to Fill for Your Humanitarian Projects, especially Education, Med Bed, and Healing Centers

This whole moving forward into the New Earth won’t take place without you. No matter what position you hold. No matter what job you decide to do. You are needed. Everyone is needed – no matter how big or small.

Just find your passion. Your health and age mean nothing at all because Med Beds will give you back your health. Therefore, anyone at any age can be involved with their own Humanitarian Project or just work with other Humanitarian Projects. 

Whether you are growing foods; providing housing for the homeless; providing temporary or permanent housing for the homeless so they can clean up before Med Bed procedures; whether you are looking out for kids without families; cleaning the ocean, etc. — you will probably need to hire workers.

Education Centers, Med Beds, and Healing Centers for HUMANS and ANIMALS will also need to hire workers from the following positions.

They will need Managers and staff for Education Centers, Managers and staff for Med Bed Centers, and Managers and staff for Healing Centers.

SOUGHT AFTER STAFF FOR MED BED CENTERS: Doctors (General Practitioners, Cardiologists, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Pulmonologists, Thoracic and vascular Surgeons, Nephrologists, Gastroenterologists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Radiologists, etc.), Nurses and Nurses’ Aides, etc.

SOUGHT AFTER STAFF FOR HEALING CENTERS: Dieticians, Spiritual Counselors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Emotional Therapists, Holistic Naturopaths, Homeopathic Professionals, Herbalists, Nutritional Counselors, Osteopaths, Facias-therapists, Reflexologists, Sophrologists, Energy Therapists, Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists, Massage, Reiki and Holistic Therapists, Music and Light Therapists, (Teachers—Yoga, Taichi, Pilates, Meditation, Dance, Singing, Painting, Calligraphy, etc.), Equine Therapy Ethologic Version, Large Swimming Pool Indoors and Outdoors (Pool Staff and Maintenance (Lifeguards, etc.)).

ADMIN POSITIONS: Managers, Department Heads, Financial Counselors, Marketing/Event Coordinators, Accountants/Bookkeepers, Secretaries (computer input, respond to emails, etc.), Receptionists/Greeters for New Patients, Phone Operators/Med Bed Call Center Operators, etc.

 OTHER POSITIONS: Med Bed Operators/Med Bed Techs, Boot Camp Workers, Spiritual Counselors, Dieticians, Barbers/Hair Stylists, Nail/Make-up Salons, Herbalist and Cannabis Dispensary, Pool Staff and Maintenance (Lifeguards, etc.), Security Officers, Ambulance Drivers, Handicapped Vehicles, Bus Drivers, Airport Drivers/Transport Services, Delivery Drivers, Clothing Shops that Will Sell Clothes Made from High Vibrational Fabrics, Cinema Operators, Gift Shop Workers, Cafe Shop Workers/Fresh Juice Bar Team, Kitchen Staff (Kitchen Helpers, etc.), Housekeeping Staff, Maintenance Staff (electrical, plumbing, etc.), Landscapers/Gardeners (Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens, Orchards, Greenhouses, etc.), Veterinarians (Veterinarians Assistants/Emergency Vet Drivers, Handlers (dog, cows, horses, etc.), Pet Sitting Services, Groomers, Educator Behaviorists (canine, feline, equine, etc.), Animal Osteopaths, Equine Podiatrist (and for cows if possible), Equine dentist, Animal Communicators, Stable Hands/Animal Attendants, Hay/Feed Delivery Drivers etc.). Also, Assistant Bird Protection League, Assistant Refuge of Wild Animals, Multigenerational Playgrounds, Campgrounds, Firewood Collectors, etc.

When Redemption Center notifications come many will be off doing projects and might be under 90-day NDAs, so everything on Telegram, Facebook, and Youtube might be on mute. Skye Prince (https://www.youtube.com/@aithusalodge6647) will be checking back in.

Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at www.CathyHarrisInternational.com and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening and Business. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and several other nonfiction books at www.AngelsPress.com. You can email Cathy at AskCathy@DearCathy.com or Cathy@CathyHarrisInternational.com and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs (www.MobileLearningClubs.com) and Cathy’s Caravan (www.CathysCaravan.com) to your city.

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