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So that you can get a head start in your own community, I have 26 'easy-to-read' non-fiction books (which can be read by 12-year-olds and above) at, especially my 6 health books and 2 business books. offers everything from FREE CLASSES on WordPress to Women's Empowerment Events to Holistic Conferences -- just to name a few.

I will volunteer to come into your home, business, or community and/or give you a FREE consultation by phone or video and show you how to get started educating your family and your community.

You can easily set up empowerment events (seminars, workshops, consultations/coaching sessions, etc.) right there in your own home or business and GET PAID by using the " Platform."

Personally, I will be offering 40% of all my profits from book sales (just like in bookstores), (I travel with 18 books sold at $10.00 each) to homeowners and business owners when I make presentations in their particular venues. This is definitely a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Many families don't enjoy other people coming into their homes, but many do, so if you live in a spacious home in a safe neighborhood -- contact us today.

Email or call (512) 909-7365 for a FREE consultation, so you can learn this process and start setting up events in your home or business.

You can even do these types of meetings not just in homes, but also in apartments, duplexes, condos, inside or outside in retreats, or out on Nomadic government land ( or National Forest Land) when camping. 
There is no one there monitoring how many people come into your home, whether it's an apartment, duplex, condo, or a single-family home. You can get up to 30 to 60 people at one time and educate them.
If you can't hold these meetings in your home, then look at other venues in your community such as:

-Bookstores: These are what were used in the past to educate communities. 

-Coffee Shops: You can meet your clients at these venues and give personal consulting or coaching sessions and stay as long as you like. They usually have FREE Wi-Fi.

-Restaurants:  These restaurants can close down once a week and educate the community if we pay them or give them part of our profits raised during that training session. This is a win-win.

-Hotels: We need to set up this training and use these hotels when we have events. Many hotels have rooms to rent for business events.

-Recreational Centers: They have rooms for rent.

-Buildings with Rooms for Rent: We need to set up business incubators to hold these meetings and training so look for buildings to buy or rent to hold training classes. We need to form 'business districts' by buying up blocks of buildings so let's talk to local investors and contractors in our cities.

-Libraries: Libraries are state-owned, but if they are in your community, we need to utilize them for health and business training so approach these venues.

Most libraries will only allow Non-Profits to hold events there, so if you are a For-Profit business, they might turn you away. However, in my old city, Austin, TX, they were opened to you having events there, but many are usually filled up because these venues are fairly popular in most communities.

I was at a at a library one month and I saw the organizer of the event collect almost $300 in donations by having just 25 people in the
You are not supposed to ask for donations at libraries, but no one is actually monitoring you. Why so much money at a library -- people in the group were so grateful to have a reason to come outside of their homes -- other than work, church, grocery store, etc., that they gave generous donations.
Many people are followers so they will not set up these meetings on their own, so if you set up meetings in your home or community, you will be generously rewarded with donations.
Just remember that libraries are owned by the state (aka "Government"), so we can't count on these venues when trying to educate families.
Let's use our skills and talents to teach our own families! We have to go further than homeschooling our kids. Homeschooling is a good first start, but SELF-EDUCATION will be key.
Most people don't have time to go to a day or night school to learn skills but they need to make time to do this. If you set up this training in your home, business, or some other venue, many will be grateful.
Just some of the ways you can educate yourself for a new field include – 2 Year Community Colleges;  4 Year Colleges and Universities; Technical Schools; Adult Education Classes; Online Internet Courses; Correspondence Courses; Unemployment Offices; Small Business Administration ( offices; Small Business Development Centers (SBDC); Service Corps of Retired Executives ( – just to name a few.
Don't forget that 80% of college students today don't even work in their majors, yet they are left paying student loans for the next 30 years for some field they don't even work in.
And if they fail to pay back student loans after 180 days - 1) Their wages can be garnished; 2) Their credit rating will suffer; 3) Their income tax returns may be seized; 4) They may be sued, and 5) They may be denied a professional license.
Now that they have taken music programs, Physical Education (P.E.), and other programs out of most schools today, we can give this training ourselves right in our own homes, businesses, and communities.

For those who are visual,  these are great venues to set up training right there in your home, your business, or at some other venue --,,,, Periscope,, Zoom.US,, and other social media platforms, especially groups.

Events we will be holding. Just some of the events we will be setting up in homes or businesses include:

-Goal Setting/Vision Board Workshops

-Health/Non-GMO Workshops and Health Retreats

-GMO Movie Screenings and Discussions (90 Minutes or longer)

-Home, School, and Community Gardening Projects (Food Co-ops, Food Coalitions, etc.)

-Writing Workshops & Writing Retreats (Book, freelance and blogger writings, e-newsletters, newsletters, flyer distribution, etc.)

-Business Workshops 

-Speaker's Workshops

-Political Workshops 

-Police Interactions 101 Workshops

-Marketing/Public Relations (PR) Workshops

​​​​​​​- Social Media Marketing Workshops

-Natural Hair Workshops

-​​​​​​​Singles/Relationship Workshops

-Parenting Workshops

-Tutoring Programs/Community Learning Centers

​​​​​​​-Etiquette/Grooming Workshops (We are bringing back charm schools)

-Sewing Workshops

-Crocheting Workshops

-'Train the Trainer' Workshops. We will be training you how to educate others so you can offer your own line of products.


Other training needed:

-Natural Cooking Classes

-Jewelry Workshops 

-Beauty/Self Esteem/Stylist/Correct Bra Demonstration (Find out your correct bra size and order new bras)

-Samsung/Iphone Workshops

-Computer Tutoring

-Website Designers                                                                      

-Social Media Marketing

-T-Shirt Workshops

-Home Buying Workshops

-Musical Instruction Workshops (Piano, Trumpet, etc.)

-Financial Speakers and Trainers

-Building Apps/Financial Literacy Apps

-Building Educational Board Games

-Putting on Plays on Radio Shows including Internet Radio

-Non-fiction Bookclub Discussions

Email or call (512) 909-7365 for more info or FREE consultation.



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