How To Engage in a Complete Detoxification Program [Article]




In this article you will learn how to safely engage in a COMPLETE detoxification program of your body. When I turned 50 years old, my body shut down on me. I became extremely ill – housebound and bed-ridden. The reason for this is mainly because I had never really engaged in any type of detoxification program.

Even after seeing 6 medical doctors including two specialists, they never diagnosed me with any condition, but a nurse who saw me in a store looked at me and especially my fingernails and told me I had “heavy metal poisoning.” Eventually I found out that my symptoms were more than just heavy metals but parasites and toxins also.

The pain was so bad I could have easily called “911” but the health professionals were telling me I was doing fine. If you have totally put your health in the hands of your doctors then you are already walking toward sickness and disease.

Even in the eleventh hour of my situation — I was able to heal my ownself and became a “Health and Wellness Expert.” What you need to understand is that “Your Health Begins in Your Colon” so there are several cleansing programs you need to engage in to reach your maximum level of health. Follow my story of detoxification and learn how to regenerate your body and renew your life so you can live a long and energetic life.


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