What Women Should Know Now



• Why Most Whistleblowers are Women
• Why the Standard American Diet is called “SAD” and Why Families Should Not Follow the 4 Basic Food Groups/Food Pyramid?
• What Are The Top 10 Foods That You Should Never Eat
• Why the Pharmaceutical Industry Want To Keep You Sick
• How Mothers and Pet Owners are the Only Two Groups Which Can STOP MONSANTO and Save This Country
• Why Most Kids Under Age 15 Are Dying of Cancer
• The Real Reason Over 60% Of Students are Dropping Out of School
• Why Over 60% of People in Nursing Homes are in their Late 40s and Early 50s
• Why 1 out of 4 Women End Up in A Nursing Home
• What All Women Caregivers Need To Know
(Time Length 37.27)


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