What You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism – PDF – (20 Pages)


Hypothyroidism (a slow moving thyroid) primarily affects middle-aged women, but also can occur in men and women of any age and in children.  It’s even estimated by some natural and holistic healers that 80 to 90% of women have been suffering for years from hypothyroidism, but many will never know it. Their lives will continue on a downward spiral of sickness and disease because of this.

Tons and tons of women are told by doctors every year that they need their thyroid taken out and they have to be on thyroid medications for the rest of their lives. Don’t let that be your story.



What You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism


  • My Hypothyroidism Story
  • The History of Iodine
  • Alarming Statistics for Hypothyroidism Sufferers
  • What You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism
  • Lab Tests Looks Normal
  • How To Receive A Correct Diagnosis
  • List of Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
  • Type O Blood Types – Watch Out!
  • Why You Need To Avoid Radiation (MRIs, X-Rays, Dental Exams, etc.)
  • Big-Breasted Women and Iodine
  • Breast-feeding Mothers and Iodine
  • What Blocks Your Daily Intake of Iodine
  • Minerals and Supplements that Can Heal Your Thyroid



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