What You Need To Know About Vitamins and Minerals – PDF – (17 Pages)


Table of Contents

  • Vitamins and The Immune System
  • Cooked Foods and Why You Need Vitamins
  • What Are Vitamins and Minerals?
  • How To Find The Right Supplements
  • Breakdown of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Where To Buy Vitamins and Minerals
  • Daily Recommended Allowance


Herbs, vitamins and minerals are powerful guardians and defenders of your health at a time when high-stress lifestyles and toxic environments take a toll on immune systems.

As a kid many of us never got sick besides the normal childhood illnesses such as measles, mumps, and chicken pox. Back then our parents made sure we took castor oil, black draught laxative, and other natural remedies, which boosted our immune systems.

But today because this generation no longer take these types of “old folk remedies,” the Standard American Diet (SAD), lack of exercise and sleep have all contributed to our bodies becoming more susceptible to diseases and illnesses causing us to have a weak immune system. So therefore, vitamins and minerals are essential.


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