Preparing To Move into the New Quantum Financial System (QFS)

Preparing To Move into the New Quantum Financial System (QFS)

 What You Should Know About the Gesara Announcement, Martial Law, EBS, Disclosures, and Redemption Center Appointments

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By Cathy Harris, New Earth Educator, Speaker, and Author

Jun. 10, 2024

Table of Contents

-Overview of What Is Coming

-Why The U.S. Had So Much Power

-What Was the Holdup on the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the Global Currency Reset (GCR)?

-Bronson Brothers Case Announcement

-There Will Be a Gesara Announcement

-What Will Happen If We Have Martial Law

-Prepare For the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)

-What Will Happen with the Disclosures?

-What You Should Know About Redemption Centers

-Know This if You Have Bonds

-Your Quantum Financial System (QFS) Account

-Learn About Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for Redemption Centers

-How To Set Up Appointments for Redemption Centers

-The Nine (9) Stations at Redemption Centers (Picking Up New Quantum Access Card, Quantum Phone, Quantum Computer, Dropping Off Humanitarian Project Paperwork at Last Station, etc.)

-Be Careful Setting Up a Trust

-You Can’t Say No to Redemption Center Appointments

-What Happens When Anyone with a Criminal Mind Goes into Redemption Centers?

-There Will Be Three (3) Groups 

-The Qualifications Are the Younger Generations (Younger than 60) Still Will Need to Work

-If You Are Not a U.S. Citizen – Go Back Home

-New Technology (6000 Patents, Humanitarian Projects and Medical Beds (#MedBeds))

-Definitions of Unknown Words


Everything is complete!!! Gesara has started and everyone is waiting to be paid. We are waiting on the 800 numbers from Wells Fargo to make our Redemption Center appointments so subscribe to these two websites and ASAP. Look for the email messages entitled “Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel.” 

Overview of What Is Coming

This is how everything will be rolled out — EBS, Martial Law, Gesara Announcement, Disclosures, then Redemption Center Appointments (maybe). After the Gesara announcement, we will probably have the EBS (but the EBS will probably come first), then the Disclosures then Redemption Center appointments (maybe).

Everyone must pass through the Redemption Centers – not just the ones holding bonds and foreign currency. Everything will be revealed during the “Disclosures”. They have videos of #MilitaryTribunals and #PublicExecutions.

This is not a government bailout or handout. This money belongs to you. It’s your money. Because the Deep State Cabal banks have been committing fraud against — not just you but your ancestors, GESARA (Globally) and NESARA (U.S.) will be about giving the money back to the people.

They can’t give you all of it at once, otherwise, we would have no economy. No one will want to work. Retired Seniors over the age of 60 (maybe 62) can receive lump sums (maybe) but those under age 60 still need to produce.

However, they only need to work 20 or more hours a week. Workplaces and schools will go to 4-day workweeks. Everything will be easy on the 5D New Earth, #GoldenEra, #5thDimension as we love on each other.

All of it started with the farmers so now they are paying the farmers back 800 million dollars. This is the end of the evil Deep State Cabal Central Banking System that has had control of us for many, many years.

We are no longer a debt slave, so we are FREE and transitioning into a NEW BANKING SYSTEM, the Quantum Financial System (QFS), where we will also be “Sovereign” – FREE to rule our own lives.

The new QFS banking system will be able to tell when ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ (Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking, Pedophilia, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Gun Running, Murders, Rapes, etc.) are committed and can stop it immediately.

All your banks, credit unions, and Redemption Centers have the NEW RAINBOW CURRENCY ready to be released as soon as we hear the Gesara announcement, which is any day now.

All your funds from banks and credit unions have already been moved over to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) so don’t listen to anyone who tells you – you need to do this or that to open a Quantum Financial System (QFS) account. It is a scam!!!

Your money is safe, including your 401k and other retirement funds. Just be careful with brokerage platforms, which ARE NOT mirrored to the new QFS system like banks, so therefore, you should remove what you have out of there before the lights go out. 

They will level the playing field for everyone. Everyone will be given a clean slate. They will wipe out all your debt, which is a ‘debt jubilee’. Credit Scores won’t matter on the 5D New Earth and eventually, money will go away because we will be able to manifest what we need or want.

They will pay off your Student Loans, Credit Cards, Car Notes, and Mortgages (or any other bank loan) and you will receive back funds from 30 years that you paid out to IRS; I believe some of your property taxes; and your birth certificate bond money along with other Gesara payouts for the next 11 (I also believe 15 years) if you are age 24 or older.

Already over one (1) million student loan balances have gone to zero. This was Gesara so keep checking at (a FREE account) to see when all your bills are zeroed out. Your medical debt should disappear soon too.

For those retired on Social Security, you will receive up to 3 times the amount you are now receiving or up to 5,000 a month. That should start soon. The retirement age will go down to 60 (maybe 62).

Everyone will have funds. Everyone will be taken care of, especially the homeless and veterans. No one will be homeless. We will get all the homeless people (Veterans, Mentally Ill, etc.) off the streets and we will be taking care of each other.

The really big changes we won’t see for 7 to 10 years but in 2, 3 or 5 years, we should see many, many changes. IRS will be going away as soon as we have the Gesara announcement.

There will be no more property taxes on older homes — only on new homes. The price of homes should go down in the next few months and we will be going back to 1955 prices (supposedly) so take your time making decisions to move. Everything will be affordable, and we will be using Starlink and Tesla energy so your energy bill will be FREE also.

Big Pharma and the Medical Industry have been BIG BUSINESS for many years, but this is the end of Big Pharma. Eventually, (in 1 to 2 years) there won’t be a need for Hospitals, Urgent Cares, Home Health Care Services, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Hospices because of the FREE Military Med Beds and other new cures coming (#6000Patents by Nikola Tesla).

Military Med Beds will be FREE and will be controlled by the Military Secret Space Force Program. The rescued/trafficked children have already been healed. There are up to 10,000 or more Med Bed centers currently in the U.S. (some estimate 10,000 to 50,000) waiting on funding so they can start treating the Humanitarians then the public. We need to heal the Humanitarians so they can heal the public.

Every single industry including — banking/financial, education, judicial, government, military, housing, medical/pharmaceutical, tech, etc. is currently being GUTTED and OVERHAULED and soon we all will be living in a NEW 5D World – a NEW 5D Earth, which is also referred to as a NEW GOLDEN ERA aka “The 5th Dimension.”  

 Now it is time to think about what you wanted to do as a child and create a NEW lifestyle and/or career for yourself. Workplaces and schools will be going to 4-day workweeks. You will only need to work 20 or more hours a week and can use the rest of the time to work on Creative or Humanitarian Projects.

We will no longer worship movie stars, entertainers, and politicians. We will start speaking #KindWords to each other and loving on each other. No one person will be better than another. Everyone will be equal – the same — oneness.

Single mothers, the mentally ill, and the homeless will be just as important as movie stars, entertainers, or politicians. We will bring back parenting classes and marriages will be mainstream again. Women can stay home and homeschool or raise their children if they choose.

The TV and Music Industries will no longer be weaponized against families. Instead, they will turn up the music frequency and all the negative shows will be removed from the TV, the Internet, and the airwaves.

We will turn off the TV and we will be able to learn how to grow foods, prepare natural meals, start businesses and Creative Projects, work with Humanitarian Projects, and bring back a great family value system into our homes.

Those jailed under Maritime and Admiralty Laws, especially the innocent will be released from jails and prisons including the ‘non-violent offenders, who are now ‘lightworkers’. Eventually, there will be NO CRIME and we won’t even need the police.

All Military, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Judges are currently being TRAINED and RETRAINED in Constitutional and Common Laws and even the Bar Exam tests are changing, so we are leaving Maritime and Admiralty Laws, which was the number one reason everyone ended up in jail in the first place because judges owned prisons and it was their goals to keep them full.

We are moving into another Dimension — #5th Dimension and another era, #GoldenEra, and it is going to be a beautiful time to be alive. The Earth will be flourishing with all types of resources, and we will have everything we need to live a good life. Eventually, even money will go away.

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Why The U.S. Had So Much Power

Trump was the only President who did not go to war with other countries. Obama constantly bragged about using drone attacks on those in other countries. He was evil and he has been dealt with. #Gitmoed, #Executed.

America was just bullying everyone, but every country dumped the dollar so they can’t bully anyone anymore. The whole point for the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) to exist was so no country will have power over other countries to manipulate the market.

They took us from the gold standards and made the petrodollars. So, anyone who wanted to make transactions on the international market in the past was forced to buy dollars, which was the MOST PRINTED CURRENCY on the planet, and that is why America had so much power.

The QFS will avoid this problem. Every nation will be reached based on how much gold, silver and oil that will be backing up their currency. All the nations will be powerful and now also there will be more privacy.

The U.S. has power, but they won’t have as much power as before. America will have more benefits in the beginning, but eventually every nation will get there. The U.S. States has a privilege that the rest of the world won’t have regarding taxes. People will still be paying taxes initially. Many things will start disappearing little by little as we move into the 5D Earth.

What Was the Holdup on the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the Global Currency Reset (GCR)?

The fact that they had to keep testing the new QFS system, the arrest of bankers and others and waiting for the total collapse of the system were just some of the reasons for the delays. No one really knows but a small handful of people.

Iraq especially is one of the countries that were bullied by the U.S. Iraq is the hub for that part of the country and this is why there has been so much talk about Iraq and the Dinar rate.

Iraq recently still had some banks that were Iranian owned that were under the old Deep State Rothchild ‘want-a-bees’ and were corrupt. So again, that could have been another holdup. Rounding up these Deep State players has been a hard job for the Military and White Hat Alliance.

Brunson Brothers Case Announcement

The Brunson Brothers filed several petitions that sued members of Congress and the Biden Administration for violating their Oath of Office by not protecting the People’s Right to Fair Elections through certifying the 2020 Election before investigating 50 formally filed allegations of voter fraud.

July 4, 2023, was a very important day for the Brunson Brothers case. There were two Brunson cases. One was adjudicated or settled and the other one was for the overturning of the 2020 election with the return of Trump and the impeachment of Joe Biden.

There Will Be a Gesara Announcement

Some announced that Gesara was due to happen when the UBS bank bought Credit Swisse in June 2023. Therefore, UBS would be in charge of processing all the payments for bonds. Everyone is under an NDA, so no one really know what has happened.

Who is Mr. C? Again, as soon as Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (U.S.) are announced, all your balances (Mortgages, Car Notes, Credit Cards, and Student Loans) will go to zero. Once they show up at Mr. C’s residence, they will take him to an unknown location, and he will put in the codes then your balances will go to zero so keep checking

Mike Cottrell (aka Mr. C) was selected by the China Elders to flip the switch because of how Bush, Sr. stole his company. There is a link for Mr. C on the “Original Mark Z” website at

I believe Mr. C is in his early 70’s. He had another stroke a couple of months ago so you can send messages, cards or buy Mr. C’s book from the website. He is also a guest on “The Mark Z Live Stream” on YouTube every Friday.

Where Did the New Financial System Come From? What is happening is we (209 countries) are preparing to move into a NEW GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM – the Quantum Financial System or (QFS), which came from another civilization (#Offworlders). I believe the Paleiadians.

They are more advanced than us but they want us to be just as advanced as them so they gifted us with the new QFS system (and Med Beds) so we could stop ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’

We need to be aware of what is coming so we don’t get caught off guard. When we are caught off guard – we go into fight or flight mode. Then we can’t think clearly. We need to know where we are going.

They were going to stretch out the Gesara rollout over a seven (7) year period — but everything is happening now – so be prepared. Go back and watch the videos and read my newsletters and articles at

We are having the Gesara announcement where all your balances – (Mortgages, Car notes, Credit Cards, College loans) will go to zero so it will be a #DebtJubilee.

 Then the buyback for the XRP starts. This is when they will bring in the attorneys and make sure #WeThePeople money is protected. Bitcoin was a trap. It wasn’t intended to be what people thought.

There is a restoration blessing coming and many of you have been chosen to put love out in the universe and help prepare others for the change. Many people don’t like change so there will be a certain amount of resistance.

We are in the process of receiving the restoration blessing. God has legally reclaimed all of us. He has brought ‘Heaven to Earth’ and this has been about taking evil to hell. The devil’s contract has expired. The devil is done. He can’t kill or destroy anymore. But be aware there are still a few minions out there.

We have to love on people and let them get it out because this is going to be very traumatic for a lot of people. We are moving into God’s economy. The foundation is love. We must prepare for the harvest that is taking place. It’s unbelievable. We are in a time of miracles where everything is turning around.

It is about love and our hearts. Our hearts are the key. If our heart is PURE  and you are not picking up offense, then God has already released you to not to have to take care of other people. Now the Holy Spirit can go to work on your heart.

All of this — Gesara/Globally and Nesara/U.S. — was supposed to take place on Sep. 11, 2001 (911), but evil came in and foiled everything. God could not lift a finger to help man. We have had to wait but the promises are now being fulfilled. This will now be ‘Heaven on Earth.’

Now God will get to do everything he promised. This is his eternal revival. This revival isn’t going to leave. It is only going to intensify. After the Quantum

Financial System (QFS) changes and we receive our inheritance and restoration and we will be able to love on people. 

What Will Happen If We Have Martial Law

Why The Big U.S. Military Presence: Global Martial Law is currently taking place and there is Martial Law in several cities in the U.S. They want this country cleaned up. We have a large Military presence unlike one that we have never had in the U.S.

The Military is supposedly in place in 300 to 360 cities for the Brunson Brothers announcement (the return of Donald Trump and the impeachment of Joe Biden) to stop any uprisings.

Deep State arrests are still taking place. There have been up to 8000 arrests recently in California and over 3000 in the Northeast U.S., especially in the New England area.

Human Trafficking Still Taking Place: Child Trafficking victims are still being rescued by the Military and White Hat Alliance. During two weeks in May 2023, close to 30 African American children ages 13-17, disappeared from the Cleveland, OH area.

Just like during the Atlanta Child Murders someone who fit in in these communities was able to go in and kidnap these children so don’t let down your guard. Also, so many Black women and children are missing in Oakland, CA that the Non-profits there have called for a ‘State of Emergency.’

Recently the Navy Seals rescued over 300 children up to the age of 13 off the coast of San Francisco in an oil tanker. Fifteen (15) children were found deceased. The rest were rescued and put on a battleship, and they are being attended to.

Who knows if there will be Martial Law or not in your area. Many cities won’t even see the Military. The Military is probably already deployed in the problematic cities (over 300 up to 360 cities) such as many of the blue states that have a large Antifa/BLM presence. 

They might ask us to stay inside and watch the ‘Disclosures’ for safety reasons especially while they make the last of the arrests. However, we will never allow them to put us in our homes again — not now that #WeThePeople are FREE and Sovereign

The Military will only be there to keep the peace as the last of the Satanists are arrested and taken to GITMO. There are still a few minions out there so be careful. New rooms were added in GITMO to make room for the Deep State Cabal Media, which we have all known would be the last to be taken out.

The Military will probably also be there to pass out food to those who did not know this would happen, especially to the elderly, but we have to take care of each other by looking out for our communities and neighbors, especially the young and the old.

The Military might completely take over until there are new elections held in 120 days after the Gesara announcement. If this is the case make sure you don’t elect any Career Politicians, Lawyers, Movie Stars, Entertainers, and Pastors. Try to elect current or former business owners who can help bring Mom and Pop businesses back quickly into communities, especially food-growing businesses.

Prepare For the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)

We all heard the EBS test on Oct. 4, 2023. That was the first of several EBSs coming. Prepare as if it is tomorrow. It will come like a thief in the night. Everything will go dark. Everything will be off. The stock market will shut down. The EBS will be announced on your cell phone, and by text and email.

The messages will come from Starlink so you won’t be able to delete the messages. We will be asked to stay where we are at or idle in place like with the first close-down in 2020 – probably – or we will be given several days (3 to 5) to get back home. Therefore, just try to stay close to home over the next few days and weeks. 

Have enough food, water and gas for three (3) weeks including medicines and foods for animals. Have CASH because you won’t be able to use credit or debit cards at gas stations or ATMs.

I just don’t think anything will be off that long because all medical records are on computers — but prepare accordingly. Once we have the EBS, we won’t have the internet for 3 to 10 days — so backup all your records, photos, music, etc.

 The EBS Preparation Checklist:

-Have clean drinking water.

-Have food for family and pets.

-Have medicines for family.

-Have cash on hand because ATMs and gas pumps might not work with Credit or Debit cards.

To deal with the shock trauma:

-Check in on yourself first before helping others.

-Ask him/her if they would like something to eat or drink.

-If no response is given, the brain is on overload, and many cannot and will not talk.

-If you can, try to get him/her to walk with you for fresh air.

What Will Happen With the Disclosures?

After the EBS they will turn on your TV, phone and internet so you can watch the “Disclosures” (#MilitaryTribunals, #PublicExecutions, etc.) and it might also be shown in movie theaters — maybe. They will be broadcasting in 8-hour blocks, and it will be running 24/7.

The Disclosures will be 3 to 10 days and they will tell you what has happened and even show some of the Military Tribunals and even Public Executions. It will be longer in certain areas where much of the corruption took place such as Los Angeles and New York, so basically, it depends on what part of the country you are located in.  They want everyone to watch and listen for 3 to 10 days.

The switch will be flipped back on, but it will be different energy (aka #GoodEnergy) because evil will be gone. It will be a different internet. We are going to be our own banks. There will be no more corruption. We are getting ready for our perfect world of abundance – our ‘Heaven on Earth’.

We are getting first-hand knowledge from people who don’t know what is going on. What is going on is everything is scripted. The people you see are not the people you think they are.

They are using Actors, Hollywood masks, #BodyDoubles and CGI. It is the Truman show and has been for quite some time. I believe the movie started in 2015 or maybe even sooner.

We will get an EBS and Disclosures will take place on what has been happening behind the scenes. Some people will love what they see and hear and some want.

The ones you think are dead are actually alive and the ones you think are alive are dead. There are over 900 in Witness Protection that are still alive, but Hollywood/TV/Media told you they were deceased.

Some you thought were the bad guys but might actually be playing a role or a part in the movie – so prepare yourself. If you haven’t put two and two together by now – then get ready. Life will never be the same again.

What You Should Know About Redemption Centers

First, let’s look at the word #Redemption. It means atonement for guilt. There is a Redemption process coming called Redemption Centers. We all have to go through Redemption Centers to claim our Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (U.S.) money that has already been paid for. It is called a Quantum Financial Access card.

Wells Fargo is the U.S. Gesara Bank and HSBC is the International Gesara Bank: Wells Fargo is the Gesara bank for the U.S. and HSBC is the international Gesara bank. Wells Fargo is the designated company or bank that mirrored all bank accounts onto the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) so you don’t need to do anything to receive your Gesara funds. All your accounts have already been moved over to your QFS account.

Your Money Is Safe Except for Funds on Brokerage Platforms: Everything has been mirrored onto the Quantum Financial System (QFS) so your money is safe including your 401ks and other retirement funds. Just be careful with brokerage platforms, which ARE NOT mirrored to the new QFS system like banks, so therefore, you should remove what you have out of there before the lights go out. I am fairly sure that the Stock Market will be going away on a 5D Earth.

You Need to Get Your Heart Right: The process is everyone must go through Redemption Centers, but don’t panic. We are trying to give everyone information so they can get their hearts prepared to go into this new financial system, Quantum Financial System (QFS).

You need to have a ‘Pure Heart’ (aka a ‘Good Heart). You need to forgive others and love on them. Practice forgiving or whatever you have to do to get your heart right.

Know This If You Have Bonds

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) typically refers to an event in which the world’s currencies are supposedly “reset”. The GCR looks at new values based on the revaluation of specific currencies and the devaluation of others.

Therefore, there will be two resets occurring at the same time. The GCR and Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (U.S.). The GCR is for those with bonds and foreign currency and everyone else will be receiving their Gesara funds.  

Zim holders, who are Humanitarians, will be sent to Redemption Centers by zip code so if you are a Nomad, be ready to tell them you are mobile. Redemption Centers will go 15 days straight regardless of demographics. Some won’t need to be opened that long. 

Zim, Dinar, Dong and the Dollar will be paid at Redemption Centers, but the rest may not be paid. The reason is because they are the main holders of gold in the world.

Redemption Centers can exchange notes in any nation, but they can’t exchange certain bonds so find out before you go. Ask the 800 number when you make your Redemption Center appointment, what type of currency they will be exchanging at the center that they send you to.

Bonds would have needed to be in a SKR for five years to make sure you weren’t just fishing around with your bonds.

They will be paying out bonds for the next 3 years so that is a rough estimate of how long it will take for things to start changing. It will be gradual changes.

The first to receive bond payouts will probably make more. Bonds have more value because they are backed by gold. The bonds are getting paid first. It depends on the amount of bonds you have. Bond holders with container loads will go first. If you have 20 pallets of bonds, you will go before a bond holder with 3 pallets.

The Bond payments could be up to 25 years so the NDAs will be for 25 years. They can’t pay all the money at once. If they do, then they will run out of money for the rest of the world.

The America side will have a benefit that other countries won’t have. The rate of the Zim and other foreign currency is up and down. The rates are fluctuating. Many were told that 80% of money for Humanitarian Projects will be taken out of Zims (maybe).

Your Quantum Financial System (QFS) Account

Money will be going away eventually on a 5D Earth because we will be able to manifest what we want. Money does not make us better. It is only a tool. Money will help you to do more things or it can destroy you. Everyone will receive different amounts. We will have new currency called the ‘Rainbow Currency,’ that will be gold backed.

The QFS is different in the U.S. and other countries. You can set up your account with banks to automatically give you money everytime you need it. You can upload and download money to QFS account.

If you hold 1 trillion notes, you won’t walk out with 100 million. You will make a lot of money, but they can’t pay you all the money at once because there will be no money left for others.

Everything depends on what you have. If you are lucky to get 4 or 5 million, you will be okay but if you get 300 million, you are not going to walk out of there with all that money. Again, they would run out of money.

The new financial system will be in the cloud. The amount of money will be in the cloud. We will have tokens and from those tokens we can download money into personal and corporate/company accounts.

The QFS will be linked to the Quantum Internet. You can move money back into QFS. You can be paid right away. QFS is just like a saving account, so you don’t get any interest.

You can have up to 4 beneficiaries on the QFS account. Minors can’t set up an account themselves. But you can open up a minor account under the custody of the mother or father. You can state in a ‘Will’ or in a ‘Trust’ who will get what. You can download money to your children. For instance, they can receive  $2000 dollars a month to live off if you get sick.

Learn About Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for Redemption Centers

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a fundamental process in ALL large commercial contracts. Remember that you are about to become an “Ultra High Net Worth Individual” and your Non-Disclosure Agreement prohibits you from:

-Talking about your date.

-Talking about what you are exchanging.

-Talking about rates in any format.

The first brief NDA will be electronically signed and generated by the Safe Link website from which we will obtain our T4B 800#s to make your exchange and Redemption Center appointments. The second NDA will be signed in a hard copy at the exchange and Redemption Center appointment.

Don’t break your NDA. If you do — you will lose your funds. All calls and voice messages will be logged. All phone calls and text messages will be logged. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media (if active) will be monitored so be quiet about everything.  

All devices will connect to the federal government systems and seek to cancel trade-ins for anyone who violates the Non-Disclosure Agreement by discussing VR trades, your appointments or trade-ins, etc.

These will be approximately 90 days (possibly longer) NDA’s. Certain words will not be allowed to be mentioned. If you need to speak to specific friends, family members, or anyone related to your projects, be sure to ADD THEM TO YOUR NDA/Addendum/Waiver document.

Be careful not to send unnecessary messages or information that goes against the law. These are legal agreements that we are signing. Avoid sharing confidential information with your friends and family. Even telling your children puts you at risk.

-Be very careful.

-Be careful of your surroundings.

-Anything you text, write or say can be used against you due to your NDA. Don’t risk it!

 IF YOU VIOLATE THIS NDA YOUR FUNDS WILL BE FROZEN AND CONFISCATED. This will take effect as you complete the information on the SafeLink website. There are some mechanics within the SafeLink website that require you to accept the NDA before receiving the 800 number to call.

If you are going to bring a guest with you to your Redemption Center appointment, inform the telephone operator. They will also be asked to sign an NDA and ask them to bring their KYC documents. You will not receive responses from any moderator/administrator.

There are waivers for your NDA that need to know this information and are hell-bent on knowing the proof and the source of the funds, for example, lawyers, asset managers, accountants, etc. They are already covered with confidentiality within their professional records. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get them to sign another one with your directly.

Ask your banking team to allow you to have an NDA template that you can use back-to-back with yours. Print multiple copies. When you arrive at the appointment, you will sign the NDA again with wet ink. Ask if you can add a short list of exemptions, e.g., spouse, children, etc. Take that list with you and make sure it is attached to the NDA before signing it.

Possible things contained in NDA that you should not talk about after signing NDAs:

You are to amend this list personally once you read your NDA (Frequently)…

Your bank/Redemption Center appointment, any detail of what occurred in that appointment.

 Monitored Words:


-Redemption Center

-Bank Appointment

-Rates…of anything








-Any other currency you may hold

It is possible that the NDAs will last as long as you are getting paid. So, you need to keep quiet especially about how much money you have or how much you are getting paid. The hardest part is to keep people from talking.

Again, if you say the wrong thing, they will take your money back. The basic NDA can be up to a year unless you fall into the category of making millions and billions and then your NDAs can last for up to 25 years especially if you have bonds. The NDA will end only when you have the last payment.

Note: NSA Whistleblower Eric Snowden already told us that we are being monitored by the so none of this is new. But what you will be held accountable for is absolutely going to be on the increase during the time and terms of your NDA.

How To Set Up Appointments for Redemption Centers

It will probably start with the Gesara Announcement, where all your bills will go to zero (#DebtJubilee). Then Martial Law in some cities and you will have the EBS then Disclosures before the Redemption Center appointments (maybe). But no one is certain about the order that things will occur.

These are the two ways in which you will be contacted to set up your Redemption Center appointment:

-NUMBER ONE: A couple of banks have said they will be providing 800 numbers at the websites and Therefore, subscribe to these websites ASAP so you can receive the 800 number to set up a Redemption Center appointment.

Look for the email messages entitled “Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel.” The phone numbers to call will probably be all over the place and probably will even be announced on TV or with the EBS by then so you won’t be able to miss them.

-NUMBER TWO: Or you might receive an email or text (or possibly a phone call — maybe) from Wells Fargo (the Gesara bank), whether you bank there or not or even whether you have a bank or credit union account, but it is safer to sign up at the links above to receive the 800 number.

There are Eight (8) Regional Call Centers: The Gesara bank will give you an 800 number (or maybe a regular phone number) to one of the eight (8) regional call centers in your time zone and they will give you an appointment with a date and time to appear at a Redemption Center, which will be within 50 miles from your home.

Arrive Ten Minutes Before Your Redemption Center Appointment: Have gas in your car to get to Redemption Centers, which will be guarded by the Military. The entire process should take 15 to 30 days or less. But it will be a lot to take in for those who haven’t been paying attention so be ready to help others but be careful you don’t break your NDA.

New Scam: The call centers will need to make sure they verify who you are — but please BE CAREFUL giving out info to anyone else. This is supposedly a NEW SCAM that many are going through now, so again, be cautious giving out your personal info — unless you called the Call Centers with the 800 number you received from Wells Fargo.

Just answer a few questions so they can verify who you are. They might also ask you at that time to do a ‘Verbal’ or ‘Oral’ – Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) (see above NDA section). 

They especially will ask you not to disclose to anyone where you are going and where these Redemption Centers are located — for your protection and the Redemption Centers’ protection.

Tell Them If You are Disabled: Also, if you have a disability that will stop you from walking into a Redemption Center or if someone will be accompanying you, tell the 800 number operator this. I am pretty sure if you are too sick, disabled or homeless, I doubt seriously if they will give you your Quantum Access Card at that time.

Family Members Can’t Pick Up Your Quantum Access Cards: They might have mobile units to deliver the cards — maybe — but I don’t know. Family members cannot pick up your Quantum Access Card or access your information because each card will carry your vibrations. 

Your vibrations are unique to you. Your vibrations will be checked to see how big of a Humanitarian Heart you have. This is why everyone will receive different amounts. They will also receive different amounts because of the amount of bonds they have, their backgrounds, age, etc. Just don’t let others know how much you received.

There Are Over 7000 Redemption Centers in the U.S.: America was the inventor of the RV so there will be more Redemption Centers so it will be easier in America. The bonds must be paid first so the currency can have value. 

Many Redemption Centers are just buildings. Redemption Centers are not banks, but your appointment might be in an empty room at a bank, especially in rural areas. There are 7000 Redemption Centers across the U.S. In less than 30 days — they will process everyone in the U.S. (maybe).

Do Not Arrive More than 10 Minutes Before Your Appointment at Redemption Centers: If you arrive too early, they will send you to the end of the line for the entire process so follow instructions. The reason they are telling you not to arrive too early is they don’t want people to arrive 2 to 3 hours before their appointments.

You certainly won’t be allowed to wait inside if you arrive that early and for safety reasons, they don’t want you sitting in cars in parking lots for long periods. The Military will be guarding these Redemption Centers so they will be watching the parking lots too so don’t linger around.

Your Redemption Center appointment won’t be the same time as your husband or another family member so if you can’t drive, they can bring you. Husbands should accompany their wives to these appointments for safety reasons in case the Redemption Centers are being watched and criminals are plotting to follow people home. Chances are whoever accompanies you can sit out front in a waiting area.

You can have someone escort you to your Redemption Center appointment, but if you can physically go in the back by yourself then you should. Otherwise, you will be taking a chance of them keeping quiet about your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

The enemy had you convert over to electronic statements so keep regular screenshots of your bank accounts so you can see what you have because the system goes down. Archive everything including online photos, music, records, etc.

The Nine (9) Stations At Redemption Centers (Picking Up New Quantum Access Card, Quantum Phone and Quantum Computer)

The Redemption Center process should take 30 minutes or less. Again, this is not the time to start up conversations at your Redemption Center appointment. Your goal should be to get in and get out (30 minutes or less) so they can process others so move to each station as quickly as you can.

This will however be the time to ask about Med Beds, but I believe a few weeks after they have the Gesara announcement, Med Bed advertisements and commercials will start taking place and you will be given an 800 number to call to set up your appointment. Read the article “What You Need to Know About Med Beds” at

There will be at least nine (9) stations at Redemption Centers (probably less now since the process took so long). Move to each station in an orderly manner. You can take your phone with you, but you won’t be allowed to film or record any of the conversations. They don’t want you to record any conversations.

The last station, number nine (9) is the station for Humanitarian Projects so if you don’t have a project, after the eighth (8th) station, you will be told that you can leave. However, due to time constraints and the fact that it took Gesara so long to go through, Humanitarians will only be able to turn in projects to the Military Alliance and not present them in a presentation at that time.

STATION ONE: This is where you will take the #PureHeartTest. Ten (10) minutes before your appointment, you will enter the building and walk down the hall and go into a room with a chair and screen (#StationOne). Bring a notepad, pencil, and pen.

Present a current bill if you have one to verify who you are.

Present two (2) (at least one) picture identifications:



-State ID

-Government ID

Then they will proceed to scan you to see if you have a GOOD HEART or PURE HEART. God has asked that you have a ‘good heart’. Don’t pick up offense at people. Just send them love. So, whatever you must do to get there – whether it is repenting, forgiving others or what, then prepare now. Forgive others and get rid of the bitterness in your heart.

If there is bitterness or offense in your heart, that could be a disqualifier. There could be 5, 3, or 2 more doors. One door leads to the second (2nd) station. Others might lead somewhere else that isn’t good or a transporter door. Take this message to heart.

Much of the info I am stating in this article on the Redemption Center process came from XRP Dave Lion 1 videos that I transcribed so check him out on Twitter ( and YouTube ( He is the person who is an expert on XRP, and he is walking everyone through the Redemption Center process.

STATION TWO: You can swap U.S. dollars and foreign currency at Station Two. The second (2nd) step or station, if you pass the #PureHeart test at the first (1st) station then you get to redeem any U.S. or foreign currency.

Present all your currency (Zim, Dinar, Dong, Boilvar, Pengo, etc.) at this station. No one knows how much currency you have. You can bring up to $5,000 of U.S. currency (the old Cabal Banking System Fiat currency) to swap for the new money — #RainbowCurrency or you will be able to swap out the Fiat money later on in banks. Because of time constraints have everything organized. Tell them you would like the higher rate if you are swapping Dinar or other foreign currencies.

STATION THREE: You will open your QFS bank account and receive your new Quantum Financial System Access Card with your vibrations. Everything that you have presented up until now will be added to your Quantum Financial System Access Card.

You can log in and create an account and password. Then they will make your card. You will add your vibrations to the card. It is not duplicatable to anyone but you. It isn’t your spouse’s card. It is your card.

STATION FOUR: Zim holders, the Humanitarians, might receive a Q phone. I am not sure about others. They said there are Tesla phones, but we might not receive phones at that time. Supposedly, new phones are coming in the next few weeks.

The QFS phones are old phones that are being recycled. There is no company making the new phones, supposedly, but it will be an encrypted app. Once you have money you can buy your own satellite phone that no one can use except you.

Everyone will receive a certificate good for $1000 for a new laptop to take to one of 8 different retailers (maybe). Log into your account. After logging in look at the Quantum amount you will be receiving. When you see the balance on your Quantum Access Card, you might pass out!!! Try not to pass out!!! 

Remember you and your birth certificate were sold on the open market when you were born so you are a “Trust Fund Baby.” However, be careful exposing how much is on your card, even to family members, so you don’t become a victim of crime. There is more money on that card than you have ever seen in your life so prepare yourself. 

Again, reframe from disclosing the amount to others. On the card, it will be all your money from your bank accounts and Nesara. This will be the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind!!! 

STATION FIVE: You can set up a primary and secondary account. You won’t have time to set up other accounts at your Redemption Center appointment. You will need a Quantum Access Card (or debit card) to start using right away. After you leave your appointment or the next day, you will need to go to the bank to set up other accounts.

You will be able to access your money and set up 4 sub-accounts and transfer funds into these accounts:

-Personal Accounts

-Corporate/Company Accounts

-Humanitarian Projects Accounts

Wealth Managers: Again, Wells Fargo has already set up your Redemption Center account. You will have a Wealth Management person with you at Redemption Centers showing you how to download money to your account. They will also tell you how much money you can use per day.

The Wealth Managers at Redemption Centers are there to assist you so no one will be assigned to you. You will have the choice to hire him or her as a Wealth Manager or appoint him or her as someone who will help you in a particular bank branch.

There will be options to say I like this one or that one. You can have your own Wealth Managers outside of banks. They will show you what you can invest in but understand you don’t have to use a Wealth Manager.

Buying A House, Yacht, Cars, Jewelry, etc.: Wealth Managers will explain how much money you can spend a day. Be careful buying mansions. You can’t pay up to $20 million for a house (#mansion) and keep in mind that you will be paying 10% to maintain the house every year. However, you can buy a ranch and put cattle on it because it will fall under business.

There is no limit on buying a private jet, yacht/boat, cruise ship, or helicopter. They are trying to stop people from spending too much money and bragging about it and making themselves a victim of crime.

Therefore, you can’t spend over $100,000 a day for a meal at a restaurant, or on watches, jewelry, etc. The next day you can spend more. This is to keep you from going crazy. Remember many lottery winners go broke in a few years.

Put Money in Corporate/Company Accounts vs. Personal Accounts: It is better not to have all your money in a personal account because the bank will be looking at it closely. Therefore, it is best to download part of your funds into a corporate or company account.

However, you should have enough in your personal accounts to pay your bills and you can give yourself a salary. You can also put it into CDs, LDNs, etc. Restrictions are different for those with millions versus billions.

There will be a team of people that you will need to hire eventually:

-Wealth Managers



But just be careful moving on anything too fast including getting a “Trust” because the complaints will start rolling in so filter out some of the pros and cons that you will be facing in this 5D New World.

STATION SIX: You will receive an ATM Biometric Vibrational Card (no spending limits for your currency). Your card will only work for one person, and it is non-transferrable. Vibrations has nothing to do with QFS. QFS is a computer system that work with the Quantum System. Vibrations has to do with the 5D Earth.

STATION SEVEN: If you need money, you can ask for up to $3,500 in the New Rainbow Currency at your Redemption Center appointment because it will take some time for banks to get everything moved around. However, they do not want to make you a victim of crimes, so they won’t be offering $8500-$10,000 as initially stated. Redemption Centers already have these funds, or you can just pick up funds later from your bank.

STATION EIGHT: Request your proof of funds letters; different amounts.

STATION NINE: This is the last station. The very LAST STATION at Redemption Centers is to acknowledge if you have a Humanitarian Project in mind. Most people or the majority of people won’t even know what it means so they will be told they are finished, and they will leave.

Give RV personnel (or members of #MilitaryAlliance) copies of your Humanitarian Project(s). Have at least 5 or 6 copies. If your projects are approved, you will receive a Military Alliance contact person and a Med Bed appointment will be set up for you and your dependents (the people you are responsible for) and your animals – probably within a couple of weeks.

There are already over 10,000 (some say 50,000) Med Beds centers set up by the Military in the U.S. and 5 million Worldwide, with a drive of up to 70 to 80 miles to get to a Med Bed center. The higher the population in an area, the more Med Beds will be in that city or town.

Many of these will also have Healing Centers (to recover from Med Bed procedures, for addictions, etc.) for Humans and Animals. Read the article at entitled “What You Need To Know About Humanitarian Projects.”

Just make sure you inquire about Med Beds before leaving Redemption Centers. Humanitarians with Zims will start using Med Beds around eight (8) days after their Redemption Center appointments.

Three (3) ways for Humanitarians to set up their Med Bed appointments include:

-They will give you a phone number to call to set up your appointment.

-They will give you a form letter with info that needs to be filled out.

-Or they will give you a website to fill out the information for your appointment.

You have to pick one that will serve you best. You should be able to get into your Med Bed appointment within a few days. When you arrive at the Med Bed center, they will do a scan and you will wait around to discuss what you want done with the Med Bed team so start working on a list of what you want changed now.

Just to be on the safe side write down all your past health issues, which will be important if you are getting an organ replaced or returned. Read the article “What You Need to Know About Med Beds” at

Humanitarian Projects are not just for third-world countries. Communities and cities should use the Humanitarian Funds (read the article “What You Should Know About Humanitarian Projects” at to set up safety nets or community patrols until we know that communities are safe again.

Now is not the time to allow children to walk to and from schools by themselves or go out to other places where they can become targets of human trafficking.

The problem is many of the traffickers who are kidnapping young girls and boys are also young pre-teens and teenagers themselves. Some are girls and boys. The girls claim they want to be your friend and the boys are claiming they have an interest in you – but both will turn you over to human traffickers for a profit so explain this to your entire family, especially your children.

Also, many just need to be offline because they have Pedophiles, Child, Sex, and Human Traffickers online betting up to $150,000 or more for young teenage virgins. If they see your child online and they win the bid to have her/him, they will send in up to 4 adults to kidnap your child so again, keep them offline until we can clean up the world.

They especially want young boys between the ages of 6 – 10 with blond hair and blue eyes and they use many of the African American children for adrenochrome and organ harvesting. They said the darker-skinned children have the best blood – supposedly.  The Military has cleaned out many cities, but it is up to communities to set up safety nets, and community patrols and get involved.


-There will be no fainting.

-Safety is paramount.

-Security will be at Redemption Centers.

-Go in the front door and leave out the back door.

-Get business cards and or contact information of RV (Military Alliance) personnel.

-Trusts are recommended but don’t make any moves too quickly. Purchase everything from your Trust for your own protection.

-NDAs are 30 – 60 days. Humanitarian Projects (90 days). Bondholders may be longer.

Banks had to be Basil 4 compliance in January 2023 but only 50% compiled and I believe the extension deadline was at the end of April 2023 so eventually, in about 2 or 3 years, many or most banks will be closing down.

Many banks have been repurposed and will be Financial Service Centers, which will facilitate how to transfer and move money but there will still be a few banks.

There will be no service fees at Financial Service Centers. We will be processing everything through Starlink using XRP. So, start taking Dave XRP Lion 1 podcast classes on YouTube. He is also on Twitter.

All the money will remain on the QFS system with Starlink. Everything will run off Starlink, which is completely ‘unhackable’. It is being protected. Everything has been recorded since banks learned to use computers. It will perform like the clouds. It is a way to guard and protect all of us 24/7 so there won’t be any identity theft.

Be Careful Setting Up a ‘Trust’

Redemption Centers will have a list of companies that you can use to set up a Trust. You don’t need to have a Trust before you go into the Redemption Center. You don’t need an outside Trust after your appointment either. Your money will always be safe on QFS.

Be Careful That Banks Don’t Become Your Beneficiary: It is good to have a Trust when dealing with banks, however, be careful what you sign, especially in a bank because it is a ‘legal contract’. If you go into a bank without a Trust, be careful that the bank doesn’t become the beneficiary of your funds. The bank will keep your money and give you portions when they want to.

I would look for another option to set up a Trust if I were you, for instance, with YOUR OWN ATTORNEY — instead of a person in a bank so the safest Trust you can is with a family attorney. It depends on where you live. It depends on how much money you have and who you want on your Trust.

The reason for the Trust is God forbid something happens to you – your family won’t have access to your QFS funds. If a spouse had a stroke, you could put them down as a beneficiary with a Trust. A Trust will protect family members by leaving money to them, especially if you have minor children.

When you do a “Trust” you can put your kids or spouse on it but don’t let people know how much you have because people are funny. You can also make a ‘Will’ where you designate who is in charge in case something happens to you or your spouse. It is the safest way to protect your family.

No bank in America could open a Trust account in the past. In America, you can only open a ‘Family Trust’. You can create a Family Trust offshore also. You can download the tokens for that money.

You Can’t Say No to Redemption Center Appointments

You must go to the Redemption Center appointments — unless you are sick, disabled or homeless, but if I were you, I would try my best not to miss the appointment.

It’s important to get processed at that time so you can receive your Rainbow Currency and your Quantum Access Card. Otherwise, there might be a delay in receiving any of this.

You can’t say no or they, the Military, will come and get you. Just remember this is not a scary process. It is just evil can’t exist in the #New5DWorld. They must keep evil out, and they figured if they do it like this then they can keep evil out.

If you are not holding on to resentment, carrying ill will, or are bitter – then you should be okay. Everyone has goodness inside of them. So again, this process is not to scare you. Get those other thoughts out of your head. It is for us to move quickly to this beautiful New 5th Dimensional World and keep this Satanic culture out of it. 

This new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will be able to stop ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in its tracks. This is about #SavingTheChildren and stopping other ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’

 There will be no evil in the NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS). Tens of thousands of people have already been removed from the new QFS system.

Many people will have great hearts, but they haven’t given their hearts to God. Again, your heart must be pure. It isn’t a scare tactic. This was promised to us years ago. We must make sure we have world peace.

If you are a good person, ramp it up and try to talk to family and friends — if possible. Just remember once you sign the NDA you will need to stay quiet for 30, 60, 90 days, or longer. Read the NDA section above.

What Happens When Anyone With a Criminal Mind Goes Into Redemption Centers?

Did we trade one BIG BROTHER for another BIG BROTHER? We don’t have too much of a choice. The new Big Brother is not as opposing as the other though. This was the only way to stop some of the “Crimes Against Humanity.”

A felony is a crime where you can be jailed for one year. If you have a felony, you can still go into a Redemption Center. However, you might have to designate a ‘trustee’…an attorney and they can do it for you.

You can get your money taken back from you: If you put money into the wrong accounts, it will be confiscated. You will be given a list of companies (a 55-page booklet) at your Redemption Center appointment that you can and cannot donate to or invest in.

Remember if you are just sending money, then that is charity so be careful who you are sending money to. There are certain restrictions. You can’t give money to script clubs, child, sex and human trafficking, pedophilia, drug trafficking, gun running, money laundering rings, etc. and other “Crimes Against Humanity” groups or organizations.

If you take on a Partner and he committed “Crimes Against Humanity,” you will also be investigated, and you can possibly lose your QFS funds too and of course face jail time.

You have to be careful who you talk too especially a NEW boyfriend or a NEW girlfriend. Be careful with the people that is going to come into your life. The less they know about you – the better. Don’t tell people how much you are making.

They (the ETs, working with the Military Alliance who are also telepathic) have already scanned everyone. They already know who you are. Anyone with a criminal mind or the minions who are disturbing the peace — once they go into Redemption Centers, they won’t be able to redeem their currency until they pass the first station.

They must have their hearts scanned first before they can move on. If they don’t have a pure heart, their money will go back into the Humanitarian Projects’ pool, and they won’t be allowed to proceed.

There Will Be Three (3) Groups 

The Gesara/Nesara money will be paid out over eleven (11) years (maybe longer) — ($10,000 or $100,000 a month???) Maybe $100,000 to farmers. No one is certain until it actually happens and again everyone will receive different amounts. No one really knows how the funds will be divided.

The older you are the more you will receive. For others, not retired, the funds will be prorated. The cutoff age is 24 (some say 21 – wait and see) so no one under the age of 24 will receive these funds.

There are three (3) groups:

-Group 1 – Ages 61 and over

-Group 2 – Ages 45 to 60

-Group 3 – Ages 24 to 44

You can discuss with your banker, if you are over 60 years of age if you can receive a lump sum especially if you have bonds or birth certificate money. You might be able to ask for a lump sum, so you don’t have to spend 25 years on an NDA.

This is not necessarily all the Nesara money that people will receive. That is all the money you will get back from all your income taxes, all the interest you ever paid, and everything they did that was unconstitutional and forced on you.

That is all the money that has gone into taking care of Nesara and the XRP buyback for the entire world. This is generational wealth that will last for hundreds of years. It is #LegacyMoney.

The Qualifications Are The Younger Generations (those younger than 60) Still Will Need To Work

The cutoff age for Gesara funds is 24 (some say 21) years of age (let’s wait and see). The qualifications are you still have to work. The younger you are — you haven’t been in the system that long, so many of you will still need to continue to work and/or produce unless they are 60, the new retirement age.

Just understand that many of the jobs will be going away and there will be lots of opportunities to create your own Creative or Humanitarian Project or work with Foundations and Humanitarian Projects.

If you are under the age of 24, you will be a benefactor of the Humanitarian Projects and they won’t be paying you minimum wage. Instead, they will be paying you handsomely for your services and don’t forget all the Seniors who will need help.

Therefore, there will be plenty of funds for you to build a brilliant future with. Under Gesara, we will be going to 4-day workweeks and 4-day school days. Again, no one needs to work 40-hour workweeks — anymore. You might be able to get just as much done in 20 or more hours than 40-hour workweeks, while you work on Creative and Humanitarian Projects.

Marriages will be encouraged again, and women can go back to caring for their children and be housewives again or even homeschool their children. Education will eventually be taught at home anyway. Much of the education will be outdoors in nature and will be taught by the advanced StarSeeds in the future on a 5D earth.

You will no longer need a good credit score to buy things. If you had to rent an apartment and had to have a credit score of 750, now you can buy the apartment building and provide jobs for others.

You can provide housing for those that did not participate in Nesara. They are going to be working for Foundations, Trusts, and other Humanitarian Projects as they build their own Creative Projects.

The first thing people will try to do after receiving their funds is to buy a home or new car. Don’t move too fast on buying a home because home prices will be going down. Flying cars are coming out in two years or less. There might not be any cars available eventually so people might need to go on a waiting list for vehicles.

Airports will be going away in around 10 years (or sooner) and turning into parks. Just enjoy the blessings, while continuing to send out love into the universe. Other “5D New Earth Changes”

If You Are Not a U.S. Citizen – Go Back Home

Around 209 countries are involved in Gesara. Poverty was created by the U.S. They were bullying everyone. Since the dollar is dumped, when nations get their funds, the migration will stop.

The reason people travel is because of extreme poverty. You can make money in America. Everyone came to America to make money, but no one told them they had to work like a dog to make money.

There is extreme poverty in other nations such as Guatemala, Africa, etc. When everyone finds out about Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (U.S.) — many will return home. Changes will start soon, but you probably won’t see any major changes for 2, 3 or 5 years or maybe even 7 to 10 years. Immigrants will travel back to their countries to participant in growth.

Those from other countries who have become Lawful Citizens can receive their funds here in the U.S. with Birth Certificates, Driver’s Licenses, and Employment Proofs. Remember you need to work 20 or more hours a week unless you are retired at age 60.

Others must return to their native countries and present proof to that nation of their births and will receive these generous Gesara world pay-outs there. The purpose is they want everyone to be with the people that they grew up with and the people they love so they can take care of each other and their communities as they transition into a 4D or 5D world.

This is about taking care of each other. That country and those people might lose those Humanitarian Projects, such as #MedBeds, if their people don’t go home. Everything here or ‘Heaven On Earth’ will be there too — so why live here?

You can come and visit – legally – of course as much as you want but your place of residency needs to be in your own birth country. You have to claim your Gesara in your own country. There will be restrictions on travel, but you have to be where you were born to claim your Gesara funds.

Country Pilot Program – El Salvador: There was a Pilot Program in El Salvador. This is a perfect example of how the QFS should work and keep in mind that all of this happened before they were given the QFS funds.

They moved from being one of the most ruthless countries in the world to one of the safest. The new President changed everything in a matter of 5 or 6 years even though the Gesara money was not there yet, but the people still felt useful.

It is the first country where they cancelled the income tax. It is a small country, but it was a test so if they can do it – any country can. The only country where you could travel to U.S. without a visa was Canada and Argentina. Argentina was a wealthy country that was able to travel to U.S. without a visa but now that country is destroyed. They are starving in Argentina.

New Technology (6000 Patents, Humanitarian Projects, and Medical Beds (#MedBeds))

There are 6000 patents and technologies that are being released. This knowledge was hidden from us, and I believe most or all of these new patents will come from Nikola Tesla, who is around 167 years of age and still alive. He is a time traveler, so they don’t age like us.

Like the new QFS financial system, Offworlders also gifted us with Medical Bed (#MedBed) technology — now controlled by the Military Secret Space Force program.

Offworlders are much more advanced than us, but they are currently working with our Secret Space Force Program to help us get more advanced because they want us to be equals.

The good news is because there are so many Med Beds available (10,000-50,000) in the U.S. and 5 million worldwide — the public doesn’t have to wait months or years to be healed. The Military will start treating patients as soon as we have the Gesara announcement.

Again, it depends on when Humanitarian funding becomes available. Most of the trafficked children that were rescued have already been healed. Many were initially taken off the planet and healed before the Med Beds opened in the U.S. and other countries. The soldiers who were rescuing the children are probably currently being treated as the roll-out of the Med Beds is starting.  

 This is our NEW 5D WORLD! We are no longer a slave. We are #Sovereign. Check out the group on Telegram “Positions Available (Global Humanitarian Projects)” and look for your state on Telegram groups for Med Beds or Healing Centers job openings.

Meanwhile, Skye Prince from Australia is the person over the Med Beds, Humanitarian Projects, and Training. Skye Prince is on Telegram, Facebook, and YouTube –

Once the Redemption Process starts most Humanitarians will have to sign a 90-day NDA, so many of the groups on Telegram will be on mute so that they don’t break their NDAs, but Skye will be popping back in to answer questions from time to time, but it should be your goal to conduct research and find your own answers.

The Military Secret Space Force Program will initially be over the Med Beds, but it is their goal to turn the Med Beds over to the Med Bed Humanitarians in 3 to 6 months (probably longer) — unless they feel the Humanitarians aren’t ready yet. Remember the FREE MILITARY Med Beds are totally FREE with NO FEE for registration.

Again, stay up to date on the FREE Military Med Beds from the Secret Space Force Program with the article entitled “What You Need to Know About Med Beds” and “What You Need to Know About Humanitarian Projects” at

Definitions of Unknown Words

‘White Hats’ or ‘White Hats Alliance’: ‘White Hats’ is a term used to refer to “The Good Guys.” They are also referred to as ‘The White Hat Alliance’ or ‘The Alliance.’ These are individuals (probably strongly connected to “Q” — Military Intelligence) who have been working on behalf of humanity for many, many years. They are located in every country and also work with the Space Force and Offworlders, which is part of the “The Earth Alliance.” 

Off-worlders: Off-worlders are also referred to as Extraterrestrials (ETs), interdimensional and Multi-dimensional beings. They are good benevolent dimensional beings that have the power to travel in and out of dimensions. Their main job on Planet Earth is to work with the White Hat Alliance, Space Force, and Earth Alliance to patrol and protect the Earth and space from other dimensional beings.

‘Black Hats’: ‘Black Hats’ are the evil group of Cabal, Illuminati, Free Masons, Deep State, Globalists, Deep Cult, Satanist Cult Worshippers, etc. who have been spreading evil across the country for many, many decades, and centuries. They have been putting people’s minds and bodies into bondage for many, many years. They are being taken down as we speak. Only a few minions are left.

‘Sleepers’ and ‘Normies’: The “Sleepers” and “Normies” are also called “Sheeps” because they will be the hardest group of individuals to wake up. The Sleepers and Normies are the people that everyone is trying to wake up so that we all can work together and make changes as we transition over into the Golden Age or a #5DEarth. Many are brainwashed by the TV, especially the news, and many were indoctrinated especially in colleges and universities so many of these Sleepers and Normies are ‘highly educated.’

Q: Q is not one person but is supposedly a group of men and women working in military intelligence. Sometimes to put good information out in the universe, they send out DROPS – called Q-drops — to the Anons — their followers. Some of the ‘Q’ individuals have been working together for the good of humanity since 911 and others have come in and out of their groups over the years.

The Anons: Anons are the followers of the Q-movement. Q is also called the “Q Movement” — which again includes their followers — the Anons. They look for drops and other credible information coming from Q. Many people confuse them with Qanons but they are ‘Anons’ — not Q-anons or Qanons. There are no Q-anons or Qanons. Many believe to be an Anon you have to be anonymous, but that isn’t the case.

Patriots: Patriots are people who truly love this country and they also love justice.

Truthers: Truthers are also people who love this country, and they love justice too. These individuals who when confronted with some type of illegality will rise to the occasion and speak the truth. They are just not wired to lie when they are confronted with any wrongdoings. Truthers are also “Whistleblowers”.

Whistleblowers: Whistleblowers are true ‘American Patriots’. They are indeed known as “The Good Guys” and are also called “Truthers” and “Patriots.” 

Whistleblowers expose their particular industries and workplaces. Whistleblower exposes mismanagement, abuses of authority, prohibited personnel practices, and other acts of corruption, which affect the health and welfare of an entire nation of individuals. They put their lives on the line in order to save yours and many die or end up in jail because of their whistleblowing activities. 

Whistleblowers’ number one goal is REFORMS, REFORMS, REFORMS. Don’t forget that I am a “Whistleblower” ( so I know all Whistleblowers are genuinely good and truthful individuals.

Whistleblower laws in this country still remain weak. Some of the whistleblower law firms trying to strengthen the laws include:

-Government Accountability Project (

-Project on Government Oversight (

-Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (

There are Whistleblower law firms and Whistleblower News Channels in every city. Don’t forget that the ‘best outlet for a whistleblower is the media’. If you can’t get your story in the media, put your story up on YouTube and other social media outlets.

DUMBS or D.U.M.B.S.: These are Deep Underground Military Bases (Military DUMBS) that can go miles and miles under the ground. Many were built and used for other purposes many, many years ago. All the bombings that you heard that sounded like earthquakes over the past three years were the Military blowing up caves, tunnels, and DUMBS so they could not be used for Human, Sex, and Child Trafficking — ever again.

Gesara Announcement: Basically, because the banks have been committing fraud against — not just you but your ancestors, GESARA (Globally) and NESARA (U.S.) will be about giving the money back to the people. The Gesara announcement will announce that we are now under a new financial system, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and all our debt (mortgages, car notes, student loans, credit cards, etc.) will be forgiven. There will be a ‘debt jubilee’. The funds coming back to us is the funds that were defrauded from us and our ancestors by the Deep State Cabal banking system that have been taken down.

Quantum Financial System (QFS): The Quantum Financial System like the Med Beds came from ‘Offworlders. I believe the Pleiadians. The old banking system, which was headed by the Deep State Cabal, was taken down and we now have a new financial system that will also stop “Crimes Against Humanity.” The new QFS system will be able to tell when ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ (Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, Pedophilia, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Gun Running, etc.) are committed and can stop it immediately. We are no longer a debt slave, so we are FREE and “Sovereign” and transitioning into a NEW BANKING SYSTEM — the Quantum Financial System (QFS). We are going to be our own banks. There will be no more corruption. We are getting ready for our perfect world of abundance.

Emergency Broadcast System (EBS): The EBS is also called the Emergency Alert System and Emergency Wireless System (EWS), which provides the President and Federal Government authorities a readily available, reliable, and low-cost means of emergency communication with the American people. Upon activation of the EBS equipment, a station would listen and record the accompanying audio message and could then retransmit this message for their audience.

Martial Law: Martial law is the replacement of civilian government by military rule and the suspension of civilian legal processes for military powers. Martial law can continue for a specified amount of time, or indefinitely, and standard civil liberties may be suspended for as long as martial law continues.

Disclosures: Disclosure is the process of making facts or information known to the public. Proper disclosure by corporations is the act of making its customers, investors, and any people involved in doing business with the company aware of pertinent information. Upcoming Disclosures are when President Trump will take over the TV, airwaves, internet, cell phones and other forms of communication to show the public recordings of Military Tribunals and Public Executions.

Redemption Centers: First, let’s look at the word #Redemption. It means atonement for guilt. There is a Redemption process coming called Redemption Centers. We all have to go through Redemption Centers to claim our Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (U.S.) money that has already been paid for. It is called a Quantum Financial Access card. You must go to the Redemption Center appointments — unless you are sick, disabled or homeless, but if I were you, I would try my best not to miss the appointment. It’s important to get processed at that time so you can receive your $8500 or $10,000 of Rainbow Currency and your Quantum Access Card. Otherwise, there might be a delay in receiving any of this. You can’t say no or they, the Military, will come and get you. Just remember this is not a scary process. It is just evil can’t exist in the #New5DWorld. They must keep evil out, and they figured if they do it like this then they can keep evil out.

Pure-Heart Test at Redemption Centers: God has asked that you have a ‘good heart’. So, whatever you must do to get there – whether it is repenting, forgiving others or what, then prepare now. Forgive others and get rid of the bitterness in your heart. If there is bitterness or offense in your heart, that could be a disqualifier. There could be 5, 3, or 2 more doors. One door leads to the second (2nd) station. Others might lead somewhere else that isn’t good or a transporter door. Take this message to heart.

Vibrations Test at Redemption Centers: They might have mobile units to deliver the cards — maybe — but I don’t know. Family members cannot pick up your Quantum Access Card or access your information because each card will carry your vibrations. Your vibrations are unique to you. Your vibrations will be checked to see how big of a Humanitarian Heart you have. This is why everyone will receive different amounts.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): NDAs, or non-disclosure agreements, are legally enforceable contracts that create a confidential relationship between a person who has sensitive information and a person who will gain access to that information. A confidential relationship means one or both parties have a duty not to share that information.

Trust: A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. The Fiduciary agreement is often defined as a contract where a person transfers the ownership of one asset to another person, named the fiduciary, who will be in charge to exercise ownership rights on his behalf and re-transfer the asset to a named person at the end of the contract.

Humanitarianism: Humanitarianism is an active belief in the value of human life, whereby humans practice benevolent treatment and provide assistance to other humans to reduce suffering and improve the conditions of humanity for moral and emotional reasons. Humanitarians are unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others. To be a Humanitarian, you can’t be afraid of the poor and underprivileged, those that are denied the enjoyment of the normal privileges or rights of a society because of low economic and social status.

Med Beds: This is the NEW updated Med Beds from the Military Secret Space Force Program. Just like the NEW Quantum Financial System (QFS), the Med Bed technology was also gifted to us by another civilization – #OffWorlders, the #Pleiadians. If you still think that all ETs are demons or devils, then you are not going to fare well on this new 5D earth. If you believe in Med Beds, then you need to also believe in ETs. Even though this is new technology, it still has been around for over 50 years but will take all of us time to get used to a NEW WAY OF HEALING.

Maritime and Admiralty Laws: Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, is a body of laws, conventions, and treaties that govern private maritime business and other nautical matters, such as shipping or offenses occurring on open water. International rules governing the use of the oceans and seas are known as the Law of the Sea. We were under laws from the Roman Days, which were given to us by the Crown of England and this is why everyone was ending up in jail.

Constitutional and Common Laws: Common law is derived from rules and regulations, whereas constitutional law is derived from the Constitution. Common law is not explicitly documented, whereas constitutional law is clearly written in the Constitution.

 The 3rd Dimension also called “The Matrix”: The 3rd Dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted. Because so many of us have lived in this 3rd dimensional reality for so many lifetimes we assume this is all there is. We live in a very limited, restricted reality of experience and this is where there is turmoil, chaos, and sadness.

The 5th Dimension also called “Golden Era,” “New 5D World” and “New 5D Earth”: All of these mean the exact same thing. The 5th Dimension is kind of like a fairytale…Humanity will live in harmony and peace while respecting all people and Earth and living in oneness with everything around them. There will be no more control, corruption, hunger, poverty, separation, or crime. Everyone will be living without fear and judgment but living with alignment and connection with Mother Earth. This is where there is peace, joy, and happiness.

The Ascension Process:  This is the first time that Planet Earth has ever gone through an Ascension process. Many #StarSeeds (read Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves of Volunteers”) volunteered to come or to be reincarnated on Earth to help others ascend into the 5th Dimension.  It’s estimated that every third baby born since 2012, is probably an Indigo Child or a StarSeed who came in with their DNA already changed, which means they have extraordinary gifts, which they will manifest during the Solar Flash. Once we wake up from the Ascension Process everything around us should be beautiful just like dreaming a vivid dream. There are currently two Earths running side by side with each other – the old 3D Earth, where there is turmoil, chaos, and sadness, and the Spiritual 5D Earth, or #PlanetTerra, where there is peace, love, joy, and happiness.

Solar Flash: The Solar Flash, which should occur by the end of the year or next year, is a two-way process. First, it will be an external event. We have seven (7) chakras. The Solar Flash is about doing the Spiritual and external work that will collapse the seven (7) chakras into oneness – into a single white light and that is us the 144,000. That will be a cue for the sun to release the signal and activate the dormant DNA. Currently, we are only using 4% of our DNA. Wait until we start using the other 96%.StarSeeds and Non-StarSeeds’ DNA will be upgraded to the next stage and there will be different levels of upgrades during the Solar Flash. It will wake up everyone worldwide and snap them out of their hypnosis and/or mind control and the Fifth (5th) Dimension “StarSeeds” will become “immortal.” Once we have the Solar Flash, we will be able to heal ourselves with our own frequencies and manifest whatever we want as we become ‘Superheroes’, the “New Guardians of the Earth,” where many StarSeeds:

-Will become psychic

-Be able to teleport themselves into other dimensions

-Be able to astral travel

-Be telepathic (read others’ minds)

-Be able to use telekinesis (move objects)

-And will be able to see into the future as we start to age regress (get younger) with our crystalline bodies.

I will be updating the articles at as I receive more information. Good luck with all your endeavors! You can contact me from the website link or email me at

Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at She offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening and Business. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and several other nonfiction books at You can email Cathy at or and bring Cathy’s Caravan ( and Mobile Learning Clubs to your city.

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Cathy Harris is a New Earth Educator, Speaker, Author, GMO Educator, and Holistic Healer at and she offers seminars, workshops, and consultations on Health/Gardening, Business, and Spirituality. She is the author of 6 health books, 2 business books, and 20 other nonfiction books at You can email Cathy at or and bring Cathy’s Mobile Learning Clubs ( and Cathy’s Caravan ( to your city.