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The Three (3) Times I Did Not Feel Safe on the Road 


Letting Go of Fear

Sep. 10, 2023

Hello Family:

I am going on my 4th year of being on the road in October 2023, so I finally found time to tell you what happened to me in Livingston, TX when I was only 5 days in my new vehicle, a 2019 Dodge Ram Promaster.

The other incident was in my 2nd year in 2021 when I tried to travel with a camping group but realized I prefer to be on my own as a #SoloFemaleTraveler (Read the blog post at the end).

The 3rd incident was on the 4th of July weekend in 2023, and it happened in Flagstaff, AZ.

In U.S. history, they had “Sundown Towns,” which are also called “Sunset Towns,” or towns that excluded nonwhite people—most frequently African Americans—from remaining in town after sunset. More generally, sundown town is used to describe a place where the resident population was through deliberate action made to be overwhelmingly composed of white people.

I came to my conclusion that Livingston, TX was probably a “Sundown Town,” not just because of what the guy did to me at Walmart, but I found it troubling when the female workers at laughed at me because I was registering a Van instead of an RV. But isn’t a built-out Van, especially a professionally built-out Van, also Ran V?

Also, the workers at the RV Park were very unfriendly to me because RV Parks don’t really like to cater to Vans. They spoke to me negatively when they said they only have 3 dry camping spots. The only person I found friendly and upbeat in the town of Livingston, TX was the Walmart manager who gave me permission to camp out in the Walmart parking lot for 2 days.

Everything especially traveling and camping will be fun and exciting on a 5D earth. Much of this negatively along with these “low vibrational individuals” will be going away on a 5D earth but until we have the Ascension Process, especially the Solar Flash, I caution #SoloFemaleTravelers and a Woman of Color to be careful on the road.

Please share these tips with your daughters and sons also. Nomadic rules to live by on the road:

BEWARE OF SUNDOWN CITIES: If you are in a small possibly ‘Sundown City,’ especially if you are in the state of Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. (small cities anywhere), then the RULE OF THUMB FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR is DON’T ALWAYS SHOW YOURSELF; park around others; and be tucked in by sundown.

HAVE A CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON PERMIT WITH YOU: As a Nomad park near others especially if you think you might have to use deadly force so that you will have witnesses. If you are protecting yourself from a man or animal, you can use deadly force. If you witness others being attacked by a man or animal, you can also use deadly force in that situation. Just make sure you have a “Concealed Carry Weapon Permit” and join “Legal Defense for Self-Defense Associations” from your state so you will have an attorney on call if you need them.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCOUTS AND LOOKOUTS ARE EVERYWHERE: Just remember that Human Trafficking scouts are working full-time to kidnap women, girls, and boys. They drive up and down freeways watching you get gas at truck stops, watching you in stores and restaurants, and watching you on freeways so always pay attention to your surroundings. The people working in stores and even in restaurants at truck stops could also be Human Trafficking scouts or lookouts. Also, be careful of these small-town police departments.

RULE OF THUMB WHEN STAYING AT TRUCK STOPS: Never spend the night at a truck stop if you get gas there, especially if you go inside the store because Human Trafficking scouts and lookouts are everywhere, and they are always watching you. Instead, pull in your parking spot for the night and jump in the back seat then gas up the next morning and keep it moving. Try not to spend back-to-back days at a truck stop going in and out of stores or restaurants. Never let them see what you look like. Share video and info with others. 

PACK YOUR OWN LUNCH FOR THE ROAD: There is nothing inside of these stores or restaurants at truck stops anyway. Most of the cold and hot foods have SEDATIVES in it so if you consume these foods while you are driving, you will fall asleep behind the wheel, so again, avoid going inside of stores and restaurants at truck stops. Pack your own high vitality, long-lasting foods for the road.

DISGUISE YOURSELF AS THE OPPOSITE SEX WHEN TRAVELING LONG DISTANCE: We all know that men are better protected on the road than women. Many times, when I drive long distance and know that I will be using truck stops, I try to wear caps, no makeup and purposely try to look like a man. I pay for gas outside only and never go inside stores at truck stops.

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