Which StarSeed Are You?

Which StarSeed Are You?

How Many StarSeeds Are Currently On Planet Earth? #StarSeedActivations

Some famous StarSeed variants are Blue Rays, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Sirian, Arcturian, Orion, Venusian, Avian, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, Lightworker, Lemurian, and Atlantean, Maldek, Feline and Lyran, Reptilian, and Draconian.

Each of these StarSeeds has specific traits and personalities. So, if you want to figure out which StarSeed you are, it’s best to study them carefully.

One thing is for sure, many StarSeeds will never know they are a StarSeed especially if they never embrace ‘Spirituality’. There are no exact figures especially when it comes to how many #StarSeeds are actually on the planet today.

Galactic Commanders, Galactic Jedis, Conspiracy Theorists, Past Life Regression Therapists, and many others have all quoted different figures.

We just know that StarSeeds are here to help the Earth ascend into the 5th dimension and they volunteered to come here from other solar star systems to do this. Therefore, we need to do what we can to activate all StarSeeds — to help them remember who they are.

This is what they said:

-Remember when Val Nek, a commander with the Galactic Federation, told Megan Rose that 70% of the people on Earth don’t have a soul, which means they are Non-Player Characters (NPCs) (possibly clones, etc.), which I discussed in my newsletter at Volume 7https://cathyharrisinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/LoveandLight-Vol.-7.pdf

-Ismael Perez, the author of “Our Cosmic Origin,” a Galactic Jedi, who said he was sent in to activate the StarSeeds, and said there are around 60 to 70 million StarSeeds on Earth.

Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper, a former Radio Host, Conspiracy Theorist, and Whistleblower said WE ARE ALL STARSEEDS and that none of us are from this planet.

-Dolores Cannon, a Past Life Regression Therapist, and author of “The Waves of Volunteers,” who passed in 2014, constantly states in her works left behind that “Earth is a School” and you come here to learn a lesson.

She also states that there is NO HELL, that the ‘low-vibrational’ 3D Earth is also ‘Hell’ (Matrix, Rat Race, etc.). She said there are many StarSeeds on Earth, but said a majority of the people are Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

She also called them “Back Drop” or “Back Fill” people, which we create to bring into our own movies. Read more at Volume 8https://cathyharrisinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/LoveandLight-Vol.-8.pdf  

To Figure Out If You Are A StarSeed

You are a StarSeed when:

-Earth was never your first home. You have a deep desire to be home, but you don’t know where home is – possibly on another planet.

-You feel out of place. No one understands your cosmic mind.

-You love being alone in solitude, peace, and nature. You avoid places with lots of people.

-You are fascinated by Space, UFOs, Science Fiction, Crystals, Time Travel, Fantasy, and Magic.

-You prefer looking at the night sky to watching television.

-Night dreams often reveal worlds and times never visited before.

-You always felt like your life had a greater purpose, but you weren’t sure what it was.

-You have a large compassion for all life forms and animals.

-You have a highly intuitive sense of mind and can sense the energy of other people and animals, places, and objects.

-Your life is full of synchronicities and you often see 11:11 or other numbers repeating themselves. You often feel De Ju Vu.

-You are fascinated with crystals and other types of healing. You avoid putting prescription drugs in your body.

-You are constantly searching for Spiritual knowledge and you are obsessed with bringing your body and mind to a higher state of consciousness.

-You feel a great event is coming up in the future that will change everything we know about life and humanity.

-You are smiling right now as you read this because you know you are unusual and you are not alone.

If you spent your childhood feeling like you did not belong…If you used to look up at the sky all the time longing to go home…or if you took special interests in fields such as astrology and numerology, then chances are you are a StarSeed.

You are probably a StarSeed if you have a big head and long arms like ETs. Many will have different color eyes or other features different from the rest of the population and again these are all signs you might be a StarSeed. 

These also could be ‘tell-tale’ signs you are a StarSeed:

-Are you a Baby Boomer who believes in ‘justice’ and were the family’s ‘black sheep’ like the Blue Ray StarSeeds — who are here to transmute dark energies from ancestral lineages?

-Do you believe in “Make Love – Not War”? Are you a ‘warrior’ whose goal was to uproot old structures at work, in education, and in the legal system and bring in integrity? If so, then chances are you are an Indigo Child.

-Do you have psychic powers and prefer to work from home and not be around people? That could make you a Crystal Child.

-Are you without an ego and do you love everyone regardless of what, which might make you a Rainbow Child?

-Do you like to dress up, wear costumes, and look different and you are a FREE spirit that would rather live off-grid? You also defy authority and your greatest enemy is the Reptilians. That might make you Andromedan.

-Are you working with energy, and you love the podium and often make rash last-minute decisions? That might make you an Arcturian.

-Do you have a humanitarian heart and are very feminine with blond hair and blue eyes? That might make you a Pleiadian.

-What features do you have? Do you look like a cat or a lion? That might make you a Lyran.

-Are you an introvert and you look like a bird? That might make you a Red or Blue Avian StarSeed.

-Do you have RH negative or RH positive blood, which many have traced to the Anunnakis…so you are definitely a StarSeed.

-Are you a high-dimensional being who might be from Sirius A or Sirius B? Sirius A beings have canine and fox-like appearances, while Sirius B beings appear to look like water beings in brilliant shapes of blues and greens.

Take These Five (5) Steps That Can Help You Figure Out Which StarSeed You Are

These steps could help you figure out if you are a StarSeed and which one:

-Step 1 (See Which StarSeed You Resonate With): Read this blog post completely again — and see which StarSeed resonates with you.

-Step 2 (Conduct More Research): After you read this blog post and you think you might resonate with a certain StarSeed, then go on YouTube, www.DuckDuckGo.com, or Brave.com and look up the type of StarSeed you believe you are.

Look at several videos and read several articles and books. How do you feel? Does the type of StarSeed still resonate with you?

Step 3 (Take An Online StarSeed Quiz): I did several of these and every single time I came back an Andromedan, which I am mixed with. You might not get the right type of StarSeed you are from these online surveys, but it is a good way to get you started with your StarSeed research. 

Step 4 (Other Tools To Help You Figure Out Which StarSeed You Are): Remember you can be a mix of several StarSeed types. Just understand there are over 130 different StarSeeds so you might want to seek out a professional or a psychic to help you figure out which type of StarSeed you are.

Some of the other Spiritual tools you can use are pendulums, oracles or tarot cards, etc. before using ‘telepathy’ to speak with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. 

-Step 5 (Ask Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides): Remember your Guardian Angels have been with you since you were born so they know you very well and your Spirit Guides have been with you this lifetime and might have been your relatives who crossed over and volunteered to be Spirit Guides.

They are always with you and they know where you are from. Before going to bed ask your Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides to send you signals that you are indeed that StarSeed.

When I did that, the very next morning before I was fully awake, I had an entire symphony of bells playing in my ears (ringing in both ears for hours) and I could not move for hours because of all the downloads I was receiving.

I figured out I was a Blue Ray StarSeed, who are the Baby Boomer “Black Sheeps” just by looking at all the traits and using my intuition. 

Once I found out the Blue Rays came in with the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation and they were the Black Sheeps and since I am a Baby Boomer and Black Sheep, I dug deeper. I watched every video and read every article online about the Blue Rays and most of it resonated with me. 

The Indigo Children could have been the children of the Blue Rays but Blue Rays could also be Indigo Children. So I also figured out on my own that I was one of the Indigo Children (the #Warriors) because in every single workplace I ended up in (Military, Federal Government, etc.), I filed workplace complaints and tried to bring in ‘integrity’.

Don’t Allow Labels To Define You on a 5D New Earth

Remember on a 3D ‘low-vibrational’ Earth (aka “The Matrix”) how people were obsessed with titles such as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Presidents, Vice Presidents, etc., and many presenters especially those with degrees would make videos with all their diplomas, certificates, and accomplishments plastered on the wall in the back of them?


Therefore, it will be important not to get attached to ‘labels’ such as Lightworkers, StarSeeds, 144,000, etc. that we give ourselves. These are all surface-level words that describe a much deeper phenomenon.

It doesn’t mean that you are Spiritually superior to anyone else. It means you have a unique essence — that you were meant to shine in this world. Knowing that you are a StarSeed can just help you understand your mission on this planet.

Where Do StarSeeds Come From?

A StarSeed is a being who has come to Earth from a distant planet to help humanity make the next evolutionary leap in consciousness.

The StarSeeds are here to help us make the next big leap in our spiritual evolution — to help us ascend to the 5D New Earth.

Their home planet is located in a distant solar system that is light years away from Earth. They have strong connections with Earth and the people who live here.

Unlike “Earth souls”, who are said to reincarnate on Earth, StarSeeds believe they have reawakened from another planet to be born here.

StarSeeds believe they are conduits between divine realms and the Earth and that they can transport between galaxies via meditations.

StarSeeds also believe they can communicate in “light language” a form of communication that is said to bypass human limitations and be the language of the soul.

StarSeeds Are the Re-emergence of Gods and Goddesses

StarSeeds are the re-emergence of the Gods and Goddesses of mythology. Gods and Goddesses are ETs or Extra-Terrestrials (also called inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional beings). They are one in the same.

Many of us have lived thousands of lives on Earth and in other solar planetary systems and many of us were also ETs before. Remember not to use the word ‘Alien’ because it is just like calling the ETs the ‘N-word’, according to David Wilcox.

The Return of the Divine Feminine


The planet has been ruled too long by male masculine energy and that is why it is in such bad shape. The 5D New Earth will be the return of the Divine Feminine Female.

This will be a more caring world because of the return of the divine feminine energy that has been missing. #MommasAreHome.

Mommas and other women will show up in families again and build protection walls around them while holding them accountable for their actions. 

Blue Ray StarSeeds (The First Wave of Volunteers)

Cathy Harris, New Earth Educator, Speaker, and Author is a Blue Ray StarSeed and one of the Indigo Children. The Indigo Children can be the children of the Blue Rays or Blue Rays can be both a Blue Ray and Indigo Child.

You can be more than one StarSeed or a mix of StarSeeds. Cathy’s daughter is a Crystal Child but also was visited by the Andromedans and told they were her #StarFamily.

Unlike other StarSeeds, the Blue Rays are not from a particular light system, galaxy, or planet. They rarely call one place home as the entirety of the universe is their home. 

The Blue Rays do not belong to just one StarSeed group. They have experienced many of them. The Blue Rays can be a mix of many StarSeed types such as Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, Andromedan, Arcturian, and Lyran.

Their energy is wholly pure and they can travel through many different dimensions, StarGates and Portals, so they are the intergalactic travelers of the StarSeed races.

Back around World World II (#BabyBoomers), there was an influx of souls that came in with less of the 3D polaroid way of thinking.

They came in with higher vibrations to assist humanity with the Ascension Process. They typically do have Spirit Guides working with them from other planetary systems – sometimes two or three planetary systems.

They contracted to come to this life to help with the Ascension Process and they kept a lot of their higher vibrations that they would have had in another star system.

It has always been the plan for Earth to ascend and for us to move from a 3D reality. We have always had other star systems watching over us to help protect us from other star races seeking to harm us (Draco Reptilians, Tall Greys, etc).

The bad ETS were taken off Planet Earth by the Galactic Federation, which works with the Military/Space Force and the Earth Alliance — so you are safe. 

When they started to drop the atomic bombs in World War II, no one liked our timeline so they started sending in early scouts.

They came in right after World War II with the “Baby Boomer” generation and they were the “First Wave” or the “Blue Ray StarSeeds.”

Dolores Cannon spoke of the “Three Waves of Volunteers” in her book, which was the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children, but she did not discuss the “Blue Rays,” the actual ‘First Wave of Volunteers.

The Blue Ray StarSeed’s primary mission was to upgrade and fix the DNA of their family bloodline to prepare the way for the Indigo Children to come through.

Blue Ray StarSeeds are the True Empaths, StarSeed Children, and Old Souls amongst us, and many refer to them as the ‘Alchemists’ or ‘Transformers’. They are fully dedicated to transforming the ‘broken’ or ‘damaged’ into works of art, innovation, and beauty.

The Blue Ray StarSeeds were born into a family with a lot of trauma, mental abuse, addictions, or a history of narcissism. The reason they were born into these families was to help clear out darkness from ancestral lineages.

The Blue Rays can transmute the darkness a majority of humans are afraid of. They are the feelers and harmonizers in our society, more so than any other StarSeed type. They are often seen as rebellious or the ‘Black Sheeps’. See more on Blue Ray StarSeeds in Vol. 18 https://cathyharrisinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/LoveandLight-Vol.-18.pdf  

Indigo Children

The first scouts of the Indigo  Children came in in the 60s with the “Hippie Movement”“Make Love Not War Movement”.

That was the beginning of the Indigo movement. The bulk came through in the 70s and 80s. Keep in mind that not everyone born during that time was Indigo. Most were but not everyone.

Chances are you are a StarSeed and you know someone who is an Indigo Child. Just some of the common traits of Indigo Children is they have always felt they were destined for something big.

They may not have been able to articulate what that was but they knew they were here for a purpose.

Their collective purpose was to uproot old structures such as work, education, and legal systems that lack integrity, so the most important characteristic of Indigo Children was their ‘integrity’.

They live with a strong value code and instinctively see lies and manipulations. Indigo Children see what is wrong with the world and they want to fix it.

They saw all the paradigms that had been set up by generations before and they said they did not like that. They said women needed equal rights; racism needed to go away; domestic violence needed to stop; child molesters should be punished; and homophobia was nonsense.

They came in to bust down the oppression and those different paradigms and timelines that have been on Earth since its incarnation.

Most are Empaths and are very passionate, and kind, with high IQs that resist authority. They were also very opinionated and compassionate about what they believed in.

They came here with the job of having a lot to say so they took a moral and ethical stance. Indigos were the warriors here to rock the boat and kick butt.

Indigos came in with a warrior attitude but as we progress, we are moving away from that. We no longer have to be warriors, however, a lot is going on in the world right now.

But remember we are creating a more beautiful, kinder, and loving world as we move into the 5th dimension.

Crystal Children

Crystal Children started arriving in the 80s and 90s. They came with high vibrations, and they were going to show the world what Ascension looked like.

They came in with a more expanded way of thinking. They came in knowing that we are abusing our planet and that we should not body shame, fat shame, or slut shame.

They have an entirely different way of viewing everything than ever in history before. They came in to bring in an even slightly higher vibration and to start ushering in that new paradigm – that new way of looking at things.

They are generators and channelers of energy. They are just here to help. They are here to help raise the vibrations of the Earth. They can walk through a crowded mall and affect everyone.

They don’t like people so they would rather stay home or work from home. They live by themselves, and many don’t get married or have children because they don’t want to produce karma. 

Some characteristics of Crystal Children are they are usually kind, loving, and compassionate. They may have many psychic gifts and are in touch with their intuition.

They can have even-tempered personalities and be ‘idealists’ versus ‘materialistic’. When there is conflict as long as a resolution is reached, they tend to forgive pretty easily.

A lot of that generation has learning disabilities. They may have had ADD, ADHD, or autism. Many were told that autism has nothing to do with vaccines.

What they were told is that a lot of the souls coming in, the StarSeeds, had such high vibrations so their human bodies kind of ‘short-circuited.’

Several psychics have been working with them communicating ‘telepathically’ and teaching them how to incorporate their energy into their bodies so they can function better. And because of this, many have become verbal for the first time.

They can be fearless and a little naïve. They don’t realize the danger they are in because they come in with such a trusting open heart. They just trust everyone and everything and don’t think anything bad can happen to them.

They usually have food allergies and sensitivities, and because of this are drawn to a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Because of them, many of the impurities in foods and the environment are being removed, especially GMOs.

If Crystals aren’t working on their missions, and they aren’t working to keep their vibes high or stay in touch with the Spiritual side of themselves, they can turn inward and be prone to depression.  

Rainbow Children

Dolores Cannon calls the Rainbow Children #TheNewChildren. Rainbow Children are the most current wave to hit the Earth. They haven’t all been born yet. They are just starting to hit the Earth and they are the FIRST GENERATION born without an ego.

They were born with their DNA intact so once we have the Solar Flash and Ascension Process, they will easily be able to manifest their ‘Supernatural’ gifts. This is why the advanced StarSeeds need to be activated and be ready to work with the younger StarSeeds so they will use their powers for good.

The best way to describe these little souls is pure love. Rainbow and Crystals have a thinner veil than the rest of us – probably did so they come in less polaroid – higher vibrating – and more in touch with their true nature.

They are teaching us to share unconditional love to elevate the energy and enter the new age of this planet. Their mission is to heal humanity by revitalizing humanity with a loving higher consciousness.

They are born with super high dimensional consciousness so that they can impart love, empathy, and peace from the moment of their arrival.

They will probably also be drawn to a vegan and vegetarian diet and will be very environmentally conscious, service-oriented, very trusting, and will probably have a lot of psychic gifts.

They are sensitive and most are empaths, so they feel things that are said and done in a way that previous generations didn’t – not as much.

They are most in touch with their higher selves so when something isn’t nicely said — they feel it. They get triggered more easily but that comes with the territory.

Pleiadian StarSeeds

The Pleiadians are higher life forms from the Pleiades, which have some of the brightest stars in the sky.

Pleiadian StarSeeds’ characteristics include the physical body of a human born on Planet Earth so they look more like us than any other StarSeed. 

Some experts believe that the history of the Pleiadians demonstrates that they are the distant cousins of humans, which would explain their motivation for helping humanity achieve world peace and prosperity. 

Pleiadians are 6 to 7 feet tall, and many have blond hair and blue eyes, and the women are very feminine. Most are beautiful, kind, and aware, which opens up more options for them. They are very emotional beings with a Humanitarian Heart.

They tend to be imaginative souls that originated in the fifth dimension, lived many past lives, and reincarnated on Earth to advance mankind toward the Golden Age of Transformation with their higher knowledge and limitless potential.

There are MILLIONS of Pleiadian StarSeeds incarnated on Earth right now. The Pleiades are a gateway to Earth. Any soul who has no experience in humanoid 3D bodies comes to the Pleiades for training.

That’s why there are so many of them. Not all are native Pleiadeans. Lots of souls just passed through this civilization as a “boot camp” for their Earth mission.

Pleiadeans look very similar to humans. They eat food, have sexual procreation, and their culture is quite similar to humans – but way more advanced spiritually and technologically.

So the ET souls go there to experience how to use a humanoid body, form sexual relationships, and learn how to take care of the physical body before they jump onto the Earth and experience strong negative energies and rather primitive technology.

Andromedan StarSeeds

You might have heard that the Pleiadians are our future selves visiting us. It’s the same with Andromedans, but they are our very, very, future selves.

The Andromedans believe StarSeeds and their work is very important because what happens on Earth impacts other galaxies. There are around 800,000 Andromedan StarSeeds on Earth, making it one of the rarer StarSeed races.

In comparison, to the Pleiadians, the Andromedans can also be 6 to 7 feet tall and they also have a Humanitarian Heart like the Pleiadians.

There is no set Andromedan StarSeed appearance, but most Andromedan StarSeeds have an oval-shaped face with a thoughtful look on their face.

Many Andromedans StarSeeds are thin and have a hard time putting on weight but just like any other StarSeed, physical appearance can vary.

They are not afraid to stand out. This is not true for all Andromedan StarSeeds but for many. They are a bit rebellious, and this is often reflected in their style.

The Andromedans are a beautiful, heart-centered race and most are 12th dimensional. Yet, when they incarnate on Earth, they become 3rd dimensional, just like everyone else.

They are true freedom seekers who want to embrace creativity and passion no matter what. They are known to be quiet warriors.

The mission of Andromedan StarSeeds on Earth is to finally bring peace to Earth, so it’s no longer enslaved by the Reptilians.

The reason why Earth life is extra difficult for Andromedan StarSeeds is because Reptilians are Andromedan’s worst enemies. (All the bad ETs were removed from Planet Earth by the Galactic Federation).

Andromedans are not the type of people who need to manipulate or control people. They just want to be of service and want what’s best for humanity and Earth.

Most people around them seem brainwashed by the media and blind to what is happening on the planet. The worst is when people are silenced for speaking the truth, and warning people about the dangers.

Just like Pleiadian and Sirian StarSeeds, Andromedans are highly creative and always full of ideas. They are drawn to acting, writing, and other creative work where you can express yourself freely.

They are good at decorating and combining colors. However, Andromedans are not only creative but also Master of Science. This is why Andromedan StarSeeds are very analytical.

This combination means the Andromedans have a good balance between the left and right brain. This is a very rare but a good thing, and very much needed today.

Andromedans hate authority, and sometimes they just want to break out from the system and live off-grid perhaps as a Nomad or in the mountains or countryside growing their own food.

Many Andromedan StarSeeds are long-term travelers and Nomads. They love traveling because they love freedom. After all, it reminds them of being back on their spaceship, traveling at the speed of light.

Andromedans are extremely union consciousness-oriented, much more so than other races, and that’s because it’s so far away from other places. So, they are very spiritual and loving without much ego.

Sirius StarSeeds

Blue Rays have a strong connection to the Sirus StarSeeds. As with few other StarSeeds, the Sirians are a group that varies greatly in their appearance for a handful of reasons.

Like the other hybrids originating from the Lyrans, they are humanoid in most of their features. That is, they are bipedal (have two feet), standing erect with swinging arms at their sides.

Another reason for said discrepancies in their physical features has to do with whether or not they hail from the planets of either Sirius A or B.

Diverse as they are, they do have several commonalities. With those coming from Sirius A, one can observe many with canine and fox-like appearances, having some relations with the Lyrans.

In the case of Sirius B, they have been noted to look like water beings, who appear in brilliant shapes of blues and greens.

They are also said to have extremely pointed ears, and they helped in creating the original Hebrew race, along with the Dolphin’s marine life in a previous genetic experiment.

Here, we see another correlation to so many other StarSeeds in that they are typically named after the star system that they hail from. In this case, Sirius is also known as Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star respectively.

They work closely with the Pleiadian StarSeeds in divine harmony to assist humanity in integrating the higher dimensional frequencies of love and light from their home world.

It should be noted that whereas the Pleiadians incorporate more of the divine feminine energy, the Sirians anchor in more of the divine masculine.

Here, they play a pivotal role as lightworkers in the process of Ascension by helping people ascend and transcend through their spiritual awakening.

The Sirians are responsible for building a school on Siria for the Ascended Masters (Jesus, Mary (the mother of Jesus), Budda, Saint Germain, Hare Krisha, etc).

Jesus was incarnated on Siria. The Sirian High Council is at the highest level at the 11th and 12 dimensions. They are the overseers and can be viewed as the Earth’s watchers and guides as they help in this process along with the other StarSeeds.

They can also be viewed as spiritual warriors and guardians amongst us to this end. They transmute drama and chaos being natural healers as well, but usually in times of dire need.

The Sirian StarSeeds are a group of highly evolved spiritual beings that are every bit as benevolent, loving, peaceful, and innovative as their counterparts.

It is believed that in previous incarnations they played a large role in ancient Egypt, assisting in the creation of our great Pyramids as long as providing the people of Earth with advanced technologies and their wisdom along with several other celestial beings.

The Sirian StarSeeds are a group of very diplomatic beings. They come oriented with a strong sense of having a larger purpose and meaning in the lives that they reincarnate into, and are dedicated to the end in things that they believe in.

Arcturian StarSeed

Arcturian StarSeeds are human beings born on this planet who have been seeded with Arcturian souls sent from the Arcturus star system.

Arcturian StarSeed is the name given to souls from Arcturus who have incarnated on Earth with human bodies. They can also be called Arcturians, or Arcturiens.

Arcturians are of average height around five feet tall and have a bluish skin tone. They have cat-like eyes that can range from light to dark colors such as red, green, or brown.

Most of them are slender in build and thin. Arcturians are humanoid-looking but have four fingers and a thumb.

Arcturian males usually keep their hair long while the females often keep theirs short or in a bun.

Of all the StarSeed beings Arcturians are probably the most interesting. Their abilities on Earth with a human body vary greatly.

Arcturians have a long life span and can live for up to 900 Earth years. Arcturians do not age as humans do because their energy is timeless. If there is one StarSeed soul that connects with energy, then it’s the Arcturians.

The Arcturians are the most predominant of the StarSeed souls to use energy in its most powerful form.

Some Arcturians are known to be just energy beings, with no physical body, and are not visible to the naked eye and can only be seen as energy signatures.

They have a deep connection to energy, and this is because they are energy masters and serve as conduits for divine energy through healing, balancing, and seeing the world with love.

Arcturians are very powerful with their mind and can influence people’s thoughts. Arcturians are known for their ability to be telepathic and have the ability to see both chemical and physical energies.

They can also teleport when they want to move from one place to another quickly and might do things that seem unusual or uncomfortable for people to maintain the balance of their energies.

If you have a friend that just up and changes plans and takes off in the middle of things, then you can almost guarantee they are an Arcturian.

They might need space to take a long walk in nature, meditate in silence, do some yoga poses without speaking, or spend a few hours alone.

They have a strong sense of self-worth and are natural-born leaders. They reasonably present their strong opinions, making it difficult for others to argue with them.

They will stop at nothing to bring their agendas to life. Their supreme confidence allows them to feel comfortable on stage and behind a podium. 

Arcturians are often drawn to the human experience and can be found working in all sorts of areas. They are engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

They love logic and orderliness, which allows them to see patterns, find loopholes, and decipher codes that no one else can.

They can easily absorb and understand all types of esoteric mathematics, including – sacred geometry, numerology, astrology, etc.

They feel a strong calling to become an expert in psychological healing so they can spread as much of their light over humanity as possible.

Lyran StarSeed (aka ‘The Cat People’)

Lyran StarSeeds is a rare StarSeed race that existed long before the history books of this planet were first written.

The Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy. Their knowledge is said to have contributed to Atlantis and Lemuria. They come from several planets that are linked with the Lyra star system.

They now exist in several different galaxies and thousands of different planets on dimensions up to the 9th dimension.

These ancient humanoids are very humanlike in appearance, although many of the Lyran race have ‘cat-like’ features and air about them. Others have more bird-like features.

They are said to have recently transitioned to this higher plane, which is one of the reasons they are interested in helping planet Earth evolve its consciousness.

The Lyrans understand that the level of consciousness on planet Earth affects every other part of the universe, as everything is intrinsically linked.

For this reason, they volunteer to come to our planet for the blossoming of creative energy.

Lyrans have an adventurous nature which makes them lack the fear of change. They do not understand why some people around them seem to live in a state of constant fear of what tomorrow will bring.

The reason Lyran StarSeeds are confident and fearless is that they have a deep understanding of the transient nature of physical reality, based on their ancient wisdom.

This could mean that Lyrans feel alienated from the masses. They may wonder why people get so upset about trivial things. They understand that fear is a part of life, but they can choose to let it govern them or use it as fuel to push forward.

Lyrans see things from all points of view without casting judgment, and so find it hard to tolerate people who are convinced that their worldview is the right one.

Lyrans tend to sympathize with the underdog as they understand that anyone’s wrongdoings are due to their association with their ego, which is encouraged by the collective state of consciousness on this planet.

Lyrans like to lead and spread your light. They are a problem-solver. Lyran StarSeeds are very solution-oriented and are good at getting things done, as they can absorb information very quickly, like a sponge.

It also helps that they are extremely intelligent. They sense an underlying truth in art. When they watch a movie or listen to music, they feel that there is a deeper value than mere entertainment.

Maybe they feel strong emotions when a certain song plays. This is because Lyrans see the beauty in every part of the universe and feel a deep sense of connectedness to the creative energy that music, books, and films are produced by.

They believe in human potential and are optimistic about human nature. They accept that there is good and bad in the world but believe that humans have the potential to be much more than they are currently.

They get excited when people succeed or try to better themselves. This is a strong indicator that you are a Lyran StarSeed, because of the link that you feel to humans and how strongly you want them to fulfill their potential.

Lyrans are quiet and reserved. They have probably been labeled as an introvert or loner. They get energized by spending time alone and don’t care about being the center of attention. They dislike authority figures and are not a person happy to obey authorities.

As a Lyran StarSeed, they have a deep self-assurance which means they have no interest in boosting their self-image or making themselves popular among others.

This particular trait is a gift, as it allows Lyrans not to get sucked into the toxic, self-obsessed nature of some societies. The reason they can overcome challenges is due to the millions of challenges Lyrans have faced in their long existence.

Their happiness doesn’t depend too much on external circumstances. They can detach from manmade constructs like money, status, or possessions and instead derive happiness from within. This is one of the main reasons people gravitate toward Lyrans.

Orion StarSeeds

Orion StarSeeds are a fascinating type of StarSeed, hailing from the gorgeous Orion constellation.

Many StarSeeds believe they have fought in the Orion Wars and there are books on the Orion Wars.

Orions are often misunderstood. They’re dubbed one of the coldest StarSeeds, rarely showing their emotions and only caring about knowledge. Yes, they hide their emotions but they’re most certainly not cold.

Deep down Orion StarSeeds are loving, caring, and benevolent. It’s just they struggle to trust those around them to open up. This is why they present a logical, indifferent persona. 

The story surrounding the original Orion civilization sheds some light on the way they behave.

The Orions are made up of many different species. These clusters include the Orions, the Greys, and the Mintakans. The Greys are not a ‘light-bringing’ race, like the Dark Reptilians.

They value greed, power, and control. They dominated the original Orions and put constraints on them. It’s for this reason the Orions wanted to leave their home constellation. This growing desire to leave their incarnation cycle manifested into them entering Earth’s incarnation cycle.

They left the Greys behind, but they did not escape the subconscious trauma left behind. This is why many Orions reincarnate on Earth with trust issues, and difficulty expressing how they truly feel. 

Orion beings have a strong sense of self and aren’t afraid to show it. Ego, though it’s treated as a bad word, isn’t always a bad thing when expressed in moderation.

Some forms of ego are necessary for survival in this world. Too little and you could struggle to assert yourself, leading to diminished self-confidence in your natural given abilities.

Too much and you could seek constant validation and approval from others. The key to Orion StarSeed’s success on planet Earth is finding the balance between overconfidence and needing one’s ego stroked.

Orion StarSeeds can be found in any field, but their logical nature makes them drawn to practical positions such as Medicine, Journalism, Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science, Law, Banking, Investigation and Detective Work, Biological Sciences, Criminology, etc.

Venusian StarSeeds

Not much is known about what the Venusian looks like. What is known is that like many of the other StarSeeds, they are humanoid in their appearance.

They are also well-known for their great height, standing at some ten to sixteen feet tall. They are also known for being extremely slender, and beautiful beyond comparison.

They are in tune with their divinity. They are free-spirited and spiritual, and they radiate love and compassion and are drawn to metaphysics. They are interested in natural healing and holistic practices and are attracted to the arts.

Many StarSeeds on the Earth have a connection with Venus. Many on the Earth plane have passed through Venus as part of the process of downstepping their vibration to the denser vibration of the Earth plane.

Hathor Egyptian goddess, sky deity with sun, cow horns. Ancient Egyptian god of music, dance, joy, sexuality, beauty, love, motherhood. 3d realistic lion vector illustration isolated white background

What else is commonly associated with Hathor, who was  the ancient Egyptian God or Goddess of many realms: mother to Horus, god of the sky, and Ra, the sun god; and goddess of beauty — includes cosmetics, sensuality, music, dancing, and maternity.

She is often depicted wearing a headdress of cow horns with a sun disk between them, or as a cow or lioness, which is a balance of masculinity and femininity.

Hailing from Venus, the planet of love, sensuality, and adoration, Venusian StarSeeds are one of the most sensual, and loving types of StarSeed that exist in the cosmos.

But did you know they’re also one of the most ancient too? Born from a lineage known as the ‘Hathors’, Venusian StarSeeds have direct ties with ancient Egypt. Similar to Blue Ray StarSeeds, they are the true feelers and harmonizers of this planet.

Thor was also a Venusian. Venusian StarSeeds has some of the most compassionate, nurturing, yet mysterious souls you can meet.

Avian (Blue or Red Avian) StarSeeds aka ‘The Bird People’

Like the Lyran and the Alpha Draconian respectively, the Avian is a group of celestial entities that originate not from another planet or galaxy, but rather, from another universe entirely.

And, in the same way, these ancient lifeforms are master creators and geneticists that have played a monumental role in seeding the universe, creating many different species throughout the multiverse.

They entered our universe many billions of years ago. Not only is the Avian from an entirely different universe, but they dwell in higher dimensions and realms of reality generally between the sixth and twelfth dimensions.

However. the vast majority of them remain as an elite group in the twelfth dimension. Many of them evolved from small birds, and in the seeing of the universe, the birds of our planets can be viewed as a gift from them.

They also have a vastly expanded consciousness, able to see the more abstract and larger pictures of all of the multiverse, and can move throughout the universe and consciousness via thought because of their developed sense of consciousness.

They are known for being able to communicate via thought, and telepathically, and have even developed their kind of sign language.

Being able to travel and teleport via the processes of their minds, they carefully consider what worlds they will inhabit via this methodology.

As with other celestial beings, they are mixed with human beings, which has been a similar trend for the higher dimensional StarSeeds, and part of their incentive for doing so is that of helping to regulate the electromagnetic atmosphere of our planet.

(More StarSeed descriptions are coming soon).

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