Survival Action Steps If You Are Totally Out of Funds

Survival Action Steps If You Are Totally Out of Funds

by Cathy Harris, Syndicated Columnist

July 6, 2022

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What to Do if You are Totally Out of Funds

Get A Job: If you have been laid off because of COVID or another reason, then apply for several jobs to make ends meet. Get 3 or 4 (or even 5 or 6) part-time jobs to make ends meet. 

The reason that many people won’t return to work is that they raised the amount of their unemployment benefits because of COVID — so many people make more sitting at home and drawing their unemployment benefits.

But you can’t just sit around at home when this money starts to run out. There are a ton of businesses with HELP WANTED SIGNS so go out and work full or part-time or just to obtain health insurance.

Everyone has to make sacrifices so if you are an ‘abled-bodied’ individual — without any type of disability – GO OUT and GET A JOB.

Apply for a Bank or Credit Union Loan: Many times banks or credit unions will give you a home improvement loan before they will give you a personal loan or some type of other loan — especially if you have a credit score of 650 or above. Therefore, apply for a loan to make ends meet.

Apply for Payday Loan: If you have a bank account, you should be approved for a payday loan of at least $150 to $200 or more — but you will have to pay back 30% to 40% of the amount you requested within a few weeks or the interest will continue to add up.

These loans are very problematic for many communities because they can keep you in a cycle of poverty.

Get a Title Loan: If you have the clear title to a vehicle you can get a loan for several hundred dollars. The amount probably depends on the shape and type of vehicle.

If you don’t make the payments, of course, you will lose the vehicle so again these types of loans can be problematic for many communities.

Reach Out to Family and Friends: Borrowing money from family and friends can be the best way to end up an outsider especially if you don’t pay back the funds. But if you are seriously at your wit’s end, then call your family and friends to try to get a loan.

If you have small children or if you have been trying your best, then chances are they might come to your rescue.

Reach Out to Food Banks: Some food bank lines today are getting longer and longer so don’t think that you will be able to go there every week and get foods. However, go to food banks if you are totally out of funds.

Some food banks will have plentiful supplies while others might not have much of anything. Most of the foods they hand out is processed because it will be in a package, box, bag, can, jar, or some type of other container.

Therefore, if you consume these foods for a sufficient amount of time, these GMO processed foods will make you sick. 

The goal is to keep searching for food banks while you seek out other sources of income. Keep in mind that many other families are also in need of food during these hard times so only go to these places on a temporary basis.

Reach Out to Churches: Churches like to see suffering because many of their leaders there are FREE Masons so many of them especially the larger ones are only there to receive your donations. Again, many enjoy seeing chaos and turmoil. 

Many Christians have left churches so churches are nothing now but indoctrination camps, just like TV’s, Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

But still see if you can get churches to help your family out because some are still Godly. They might be able to get a family to sponsor your family, give you funds or foods — especially if you attended the church before you ran out of funds so reach out to larger churches in your area.

Sell Personal Belongings, Foods, etc.: Initially you can hold a garage sale or several garage sales and get rid of personal items. You might be able to raise a few funds in this manner — but you need to look long-term.

You can sell what you already have growing in a garden or on your land. Sell extra foods you have stored or is growing in your garden or in crops. 

Purposely, plant foods just to sell them — so investigate what are some of the FAST GROWING foods for your area and get out there and plant it.

You can sell foods at local Farmer’s Markets, under a shade tree at weekly Community venues, or sell it on the side of the road — just like our ancestors did years earlier. 

Look at Your Skills or Talents and Make Items to Sell: Everyone has some type of talent or passion which is of value to others. Therefore, create a type of service or product to sell. Start sewing, crocheting, canning, or gardening businesses and sell your services and products.

People want to start growing foods but most don’t have any idea how to get started. You can come in and show them how to grow foods in pots, containers, raised beds or in the ground  — outside or even inside the kitchen or by using grow lights in another room. The sky is the limit!  

Check out and read my two gardening books at (click here). Also, read how to grow foods in an apartment (click here).

Tell Your Story and Ask for Donations Online: Go online and tell your story on or use these accounts to collect funds —, Venmo, Cash App, etc. 

Many good, kind-hearted people might help you out initially, but you need SOLID ACTION PLANS to take care of your family.

Just let them know you have other ACTION PLANS and you just need temporary help or funds to relocate the family to another side of the country. If you have small children then say so. 

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Paying Your Monthly Bills: Most electric, gas, or water companies will allow you to pay a third or half of the bill if you call them and set up a ‘payment arrangement’. That will buy you some time to come up with the rest of the funds.

Car About to Be Repossessed: If you have a car and you know the notes are at least 3 months behind then you need to look at the fact that it will probably be repossessed. You can hide it in a garage or with a family member, but if they know where you work, they might come and get it on your job — unless you hide it on your job. 

If times are looking really hard where you are about to be homeless and about to lose your car, then move into your car and go west where there is good weather for living in your car. You can get odd jobs on the way. Read “How To Successfully Live in a Car” ( and “How To Save Your Home” (

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