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Three-Year Van Life 90-Minute Documentary


Cathy Harris

An Angels Press Production

 Filmed, Edited, and Produced by Cathy Harris

3-parts (30 Minutes Each) from 2019-2022

Part 1 – Buying a Van, Picking Up Bed, Van Tour, First Battery Bank, Second Battery Bank (30 Minutes) (click here)

Part 2 – The Holistic Healer, GMO Food Educator, and Gardener (30 Minutes) (click here)

Part 3 – The Speaker, Spiritualist, and Traveler (30 Minutes) (click here)

This 90-minute 3-part docuseries (30 minutes each) highlights my first three years living in a van from 2019-2022. Before this time, I had no idea that Van Life existed until a family member informed me of this intriguing, alternative lifestyle one day.

During the chaos of the 2020 pandemic, like many across the country, I also dealt with challenges and turmoil along the way. But one thing that remained crystal clear was my desire to live a life of purpose by putting positive messages out into the universe. But to understand my journey, it’s important to revisit where it all begins.

For New Year’s Eve in 2019 at the age of 62, I was living in Senior Apartments in Orlando, FL. I had only moved there about 6 months earlier. During this time, I spent my days sitting back and trying to manifest more peace and happiness into my life as I reflected on what 2019 would bring me. However, I also felt restless, knowing there was something more that I could be doing to give back to the community.

Growing increasingly restless about my surroundings, the closer it came to midnight on New Year’s Eve 2019, I decided to order the 10-hour audiobook entitled “The Happiness Project.” This book discussed steps that you could take to bring more happiness into your life, and it also suggested that you do your own Happiness Project and Happiness Box, which included collecting small items and trinkets that simply brought you joy.

The message struck a chord with me. It showed me that I was ready for something new – something that would bring adventure, excitement, or even a Pilgrimage into my life. After completing the book, I deeply felt I now had an outline to create a life that was waiting for me – a life with more fulfillment, and I knew the opportunity was right in front of me if I had the courage to follow it.

Over the next few weeks, I kept thinking about the “Happiness Book” and knew when the opportunity for a more fulfilling life presented itself, I would indeed be ready. Flash forward – exactly one month later I received a call from a family member who knew that I wanted to travel and teach again on the opened road. However, unlike in 2013, when I taught and traveled to 15 states by car and stayed in hotels for an entire year, I wanted to embrace a new traveling lifestyle, one that would provide me with more freedom and affordability. 

Enter the Van Life idea. This family member explained to me how people, of all ages and backgrounds, were living and traveling in Vans and RVs, and they were totally happy living a simple and authentic lifestyle. These people were okay with going against the grain of society and following the beat of their own drum. And hearing this was inspiring!

After conducting extensive research, seven (7) months later I set out on a journey that would not only feed my spirit and soul, but hopefully would inspire others to follow their heart’s desires and seek out adventures and pleasures along the way, no matter their age, ability level, or economic status.

This is my story.



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