Which StarSeed Are You?

Some famous StarSeed variants are Blue Rays, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Sirian, Arcturian, Orion, Venusian, Avian, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, Lightworker, Lemurian, and Atlantean, Maldek, Feline and Lyran, Reptilian, and Draconian.

Each of these StarSeeds have specific traits and personalities. So, if you want to figure out which StarSeed you are, it’s best to study them carefully.

Blue Ray StarSeeds (The First Wave of Volunteers)

Back around World World II, there was an influx of souls that came in with less of the 3D polaroid way of thinking. They came in with higher vibrations to assist humanity with the Ascension Process.

They typically do have Spirit Guides working with them from other planetary systems – sometimes two or three planetary systems.

They contracted to come to this life to help with the Ascension Process and they keep a lot of their higher vibrations that they would have had in another star system.

It has always been the plan for Earth to ascend and for us to move from a 3D reality. We have always had other star systems watching over us to help protect us from other star races (Draconions, Reptilians, Tall Greys) seeking to harm us.

So when they started to drop the atomic bombs in World War II, no one liked our timeline so they started sending in early scouts.

They came in right after World War II with the “Baby Boomer” generation and they were the “First Wave” or the “Blue Ray StarSeeds.”

Dolores Cannon spoke of the “Three Waves of Volunteers” in her book, which was the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow (Diamond) Children, but she did not discuss the “Blue Rays,” the actual ‘First Wave of Volunteers.

The Blue Ray StarSeeds primary mission was to upgrade and fix the DNA of their family bloodline in order to prepare the way for the Indigo Children to come through.

Blue Ray StarSeeds are the True Empaths, StarSeed Children, and Old Souls amongst us, and many refer to them as the ‘Alchemists’ or ‘Transformers’. They are fully dedicated to transforming the ‘broken’ or ‘damaged’ into works of art, innovation, and beauty.

The Blue Ray StarSeeds were born into a family with a lot of trauma, mental abuse, addictions, or a history of narcissism. The reason they were born into these families was to help clear out darkness from ancestral lineages.

The Blue Rays can transmute the darkness a majority of humans are afraid of. They are the feelers and harmonizers in our society, more so than any other StarSeed type.

They are often seen as rebellious or the ‘Black Sheeps’. Unlike other StarSeeds, the Blue Rays are not from a particular light system, galaxy, or planet.

The Blue Rays do not belong to just one StarSeed group. They have experienced many of them. The Blue Rays can be a mix of many StarSeed types such as Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, Andromedan, Arcturian, and Lyran.

Their energy is wholly pure and they can travel through many different dimensions, StarGates and Portals, so they are the intergalactic travelers of the StarSeed races.

They rarely call one place home as the entirety of the universe is their home.  See more on Blue Ray StarSeeds in Vol. 18 https://cathyharrisinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/LoveandLight-Vol.-18.pdf

Indigo Children

The first scouts of the Indigo  Children came in in the 60s with the “Hippie Movement”“Make Love Not War Movement”.

That was the beginning of the Indigo movement. The bulk came through in the 70s and 80s. Keep in mind that not everyone born during that time was Indigos. Most were but not everyone.

Chances are you are a StarSeed and you know someone who is an Indigo Child. Just some of the common traits of Indigo Children are they have always felt they were destined for something big. They may not have been able to articulate what that was but they knew they were here for a purpose.

Their collective purpose was to uproot old structures such as work, education and legal systems that lack integrity, so the most important characteristic of Indigo Children was their integrity.

They live with a strong value code and instinctively see lies and manipulations. Indigo Children see what is wrong with the world and they want to fix it.

They saw all the paradigms that had been set up by generations before and they said they did not like that.

They said women needed equal rights; racism needed to go away; domestic violence needed to stop; child molesters should be punished; and homophobia was non-sense.

They came in to bust down the oppression and those different paradigms and timelines that have been on Earth since its incarnation.

Most are Empaths and are very passionate, and kind, with high IQs that resist authority. They were also very opinionated and compassionate about what they believed in.

They came here with the job of having a lot to say so they took a moral and ethical stance. Indigos were the warriors here to rock the boat and kick butt.

Indigos came in with a warrior attitude but as we progress, we are moving away from that. We no longer have to be warriors, however, there is a lot going on in the world right now.

But remember we are creating a more beautiful, kinder and loving world as we move into the 5th dimension.

Crystal Children

Crystal Children started arriving in the 80s and 90s. They came with high vibrations, and they were going to show the world what Ascension looked like.

They came in with a more expanded way of thinking. They came in knowing that we are abusing our planet and that we should not body shame, fat shame, or slut shame.

They have an entirely different way of viewing everything than ever in history before. They came in to bring in an even slightly higher vibration and to start ushering in that new paradigm – that new way of looking at things.

They are generators and channelers of energy. They are here to help raise the vibrations of the earth. They can walk through a crowded mall and affect everyone.

They don’t really like people so they would rather stay home or work from home. They live by themselves, and many don’t get married or have children because they don’t want to produce karma. They are just here to help.

Some characteristics of Crystal Children are they are usually kind, loving, and compassionate. They may have many psychic gifts and are in touch with their intuition.

They can have even-tempered personalities and be ‘idealists’ versus ‘materialistic’. When there is conflict as long as a resolution is reached, they tend to forgive pretty easily.

A lot of that generation has learning disabilities. They may have had ADD, ADHD, or autism. Many were told that autism has nothing to do with vaccines.

What they were told is that a lot of the souls coming in, the StarSeeds, had such high vibrations so their human bodies kind of ‘short-circuited.’

Several psychics have been working with them communicating ‘telepathically’ and teaching them how to incorporate their energy into their bodies so they can function better. And because of this, many have become verbal for the first time.

They can be fearless and a little naïve. They don’t realize the danger they are in because they come in with such a trusting open heart. They just trust everyone and everything and don’t think anything bad can happen to them.

They usually have food allergies and sensitivities, and because of this are drawn to a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Because of them, many of the impurities in foods and in the environment are being removed, especially GMOs.

If Crystals aren’t working on their missions, and they aren’t working to keep their vibes high or stay in touch with the Spiritual side of themselves, they can turn inward and be prone to depression.  

Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children are the most current wave to hit the Earth. They haven’t all been born yet. They are just starting to hit the Earth.

The best way to describe these little souls is pure love. Rainbow and Crystals have a thinner veil than the rest of us – probably did.

So, they come in less polaroid – higher vibrating – and more in touch with their true nature. They are teaching us to share unconditional love to elevate the energy and enter the new age of this planet.

Their mission is to heal humanity by revitalizing humanity with a loving higher consciousness. They are born with super high dimensional consciousness so that they can impart love, empathy, and peace from the moment of their arrival.

They will probably also be drawn to a vegan and vegetarian diet and will be very environmentally conscious, service-oriented, very trusting, and will probably have a lot of psychic gifts.

They are sensitive and most are empaths, so they feel things that are said and done in a way that previous generations didn’t – not as much.

They are most in touch with their higher selves so when something isn’t nicely said — they feel it. They get triggered more easily but that comes with the territory.

(More StarSeed descriptions coming soon).

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