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Everything has been a lie since you were born. Find out the truth about Hollywood and Entertainers and why "Natural Born" and "Biological" Men and Women are not allowed to be on TV, even Reality TV, on Commercials, or on Magazine Covers. We have been denied job opportunities in these industries.

This is your 5D New Earth Pledge so REPEAT AFTER ME:

"We will no longer idolize, bow down to, or worship Movie Stars or Entertainers on a 5D New Earth. No one is higher than me and no one is lower than me.  WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!" #CancelHollywood.

The End of Hollywood


Who Is Who in Hollywood?


Transgender Breakdown Groups:

-Transvest7770 on Telegram

-The Shills Have Lies on Instagram and YouTube

-Conscious X 777 on YouTube

-Bright Green Barbi on Instagram

-Transgenderism: The Bitter Truth on Facebook


-Famous Transgender Disclosure Transvestigation Transhumanism Transformers on Facebook


Why I Do the Transgender Breakdowns

The reason I started breaking down people when I lived in Atlanta for 20 years was because many of the men said they were afraid to even approach women.

They said they were afraid to approach women because they did not know if they were born a man or a woman so I started breaking down people at

Imagine picking someone up and taking them home and you end up having two penises in the room. How would you react? This is a real issue for single men, especially in areas like Atlanta (aka "Lil Hollywood"), and some have even been harmed because of this.

Everything has been a lie since you were born. Actor John Wayne was one of the most masculine men in film history but he was born a female. Look at the female legs.

Clint Eastwood, another masculine male, is a woman. Actor Anthony Perkins (aka "Norman Bates") from the "Bates Motel" movie was born a female. Look at the curvy female body.

The Transgender community wasn't just the movie stars, entertainers, or other celebrities, it was the CEOs and other Elites.  It is all of them.

Natural-born and biological people can't be on TV, even on Reality TV, on Commercials, or on Magazine Covers. It was never allowed on the Planet so these practices are in EVERY COUNTRY. Therefore, an entire group of individuals were denied job opportunities in these industries.

Only the LGBTQ (plus) (Gay, Transgender, etc.) communities were allowed on the World Stage. They sold their souls to be on the World Stage and they also corrupted your families.

They have now also taken over the lingerie and cosmetic industries. All sports figures are also inverted.

Just remember many were transgendered at birth so it was generational and none of this will matter on a 5D New Earth because we will love one another and live in harmony -- regardless. However, many feel the truth still needs to come out so join the groups below to find out the truth.


Many are wearing Masks. They kill off one character to live as another character. Some are even playing as many as 5 characters.

Meet the largest Adrencochrome distributor for the West Coast...Michael C. Rockefeller aka "Tom Hanks." You still watching her movies?

The Obama girls did not belong to the Obamas. They were rented and they were not even girls. They were boys.

Kamala Harris was born a male. She was Gitmoed shortly after being elected. Her role has been played by #StillAlive - Aaliyah (#BornMale) and Prince (#BornFemale).

The AKA sorority put Kamala Harris in office because they wanted the first black female President. How did that work out?

Bernie Mac is now playing the role of 'Lil Yachty'.

This is not the same person. They are wearing a mask or this is a clone of Diddy. Diddy was also born a Female.

T.D. Jakes (Snakes) was part of the Red Shoe Club club. They found child trafficking tunnels under his home (also Joel Osteen's home). She was born female and was arrested for 'Crimes Against Humanity' and was replaced.

The role of Stevie Wonder is being played by Denzel Washington, who was born a female, and Andre 3000, who was also born a female. This explains why Denzel always had the 'overbite'.

All sports will also fall. This one right here had the Satanists feeding on your 'loosh' for days. According to Conscious X, he (she) played at least 3 different roles. 

Most of the male Sports Figures were born females. Brady, Lebron James, Curry, Shaq, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, etc. were all females.

The Superbowl is the LARGEST human trafficking day of the year. Many owners and coaches of organized sports are now Gitmoed for 'Crimes Against Humanity.' It is just a matter of time before all organized sports come tumbling down. 

Rihanna, born a man is wearing a #MoonBump. Asap Rocky was born female.

tWitch, Ellen Assistant, never existed. He was Mos Def, who was born a female, the entire time.

Whomever he is. He played Kayne West's mother, who never died.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 08: Singer Kanye West with his awards for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Album with his mother Donda West pose in the press room at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on February 8, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Kevin Hart was arrested for 'Crimes Against Humanity' and replaced with a double. She was born female.

Katie Holmes's straight-across male clavicles and Tom Cruise's wide female curvy hips. Their daughter was born male.

Three (3) men with male confrontational eyes.

Have you checked out Tiger Woods's big female hips and tiny female hands lately? What about his daughter's big long, giraffe male neck?

These are three (3) women. All wrestlers and boxers are inverted including Floyd Mayweather, Andre the Giant (#StillAlive),  Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Michael Spinks, Joe Louis, etc.

They call it a 'Humiliation Ceremony' but if you really think about it, all females desire to eventually wear a dress. John Cena wasn't naked. sHe had on a full-body suit. 

According to Conscious X, sHe doesn't even exist. His/her role is played by Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon (who were born females) - just to name a few.

Simon was born a female. She was arrested for 'Crimes Against Humanity' and replaced. Look at those female tits. 

He (yes a 'He') is suffering from andrenochrome withdrawal and was arrested for 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

The Williams Brothers

The Same People?

These are all women.

Nicole Brown Simpson was Megyn Kelly the entire time. No one died even Ron Goldman. O.J. just left the movie. She is still with us preparing to play another character...probably a female.

These WERE NOT the same people?

These were the same people?

They used a dummy...

Trayvon Martin did not even exist. The father was a FREE Mason. The mother received a ton of funds for the Trayvon Martin Foundation and she ran for office. They both look inverted. It was all a psyop to feed on your 'loosh.'

Many of the Crisis Actors receive prestige, fame, and fortune or they receive funds. Some have their homes paid off. Others might go into Witness Protection or fly across country to participate in another Crisis, where they might be a man or woman. 

They feed you False Flags also called 'Psyops, Hoaxes, and Scam' events over and over again through the media so they could keep you in a saddened 'low-vibrational' state of FEAR.

This way, the Satanists, could feed off your 'loosh.' Just remember the 'Media' was also a part of the Deep State Cabal. They also have been taken down. #Gitmoed, #Executed, and replaced with Body Doubles or Actors. 

Some of the major False Flags included:

-Black people came from Africa on Slave Ships

-Columbus Discovered America

-George Floyd

-Trayvon Martin

-Sandra Bland

-Rodney King

-OJ. Simpson

-5 Memphis Police Officer Shooting



-Oklahoma Bombing

-Boston Bombing

-Columbine School Shooting

-Sandy Hook School

-Uvalde School Shooting

-Vegas Shooting

-Jeffrey Dahmer

-Ted Bundy

-Charles Mason

-Gabby Petito

-Kyle Rittenhouse

Saving Planet Earth

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 By Cathy Harris, Love and Relationship Coach at



-MEN females don’t have big skulls with square jaws, with a slanted back forehead and receding hairlines like you. Women’s skulls are smaller with oval and pointed faces and straight foreheads.


-MEN females don’t usually have big ears like you. Women have smaller ears.


-MEN females don’t have prominent eyebrow ridges or sunken in eyes like men.

-MEN female's eyes are closer together than men. Men's eyes are further apart.


-MEN females have a smaller mouth than men. Men's mouths are larger than women. Therefore, their tongues are larger and longer.


-MEN female’s chins are not as big or long as men. Men have square chins and women have pointed chins.


-MEN females don’t have those big, long, thick necks like men. Women have small thin necks.

-MEN females don’t have visible Adam’s apples or visible train tract throats, which is caused by testosterone. Women do have an Adam’s apple, but it is not visible and is usually further up in the neck.


-MEN females don’t have wide or broad shoulders like you. Women’s shoulders slope downward.

-MEN have broad shoulders that are straight across, therefore, you can fit 3 heads on men’s shoulders. 

-MEN female hips are larger or the same size in length as their shoulders. 


-MEN females don’t have surfboard, straight backs like you. Women have curves in their backs after the shoulder blades for child-rearing.


-MEN females don’t have straight across collar bones that sticks out. Women’s collar bones go downward in a V and is not that prominent like men.

-MEN females don’t usually have a bony chest area.  


-MEN females don’t have a straight, long torso like you. Females have shorter torsos with curves.

-MEN females don’t have six packs.

Only men have six packs.

-MEN female's navels go below the hips. Men navels go above the hips.

-MEN females don’t have Adonis belts (the V that goes downward) like you on each side. Watch for women in bikinis. These indentations that pop out on the sides are ONLY IN MEN.


-MEN females have cellulite especially on their thighs, but men don’t have cellulite.

-MEN females have a gap between their thighs for childbearing. This is how the pelvis is made.

-MEN females don’t have bony knees, but men do.


-Men's upper arms are usually muscular, but not always.

-MEN females don’t have long arms like men. Their hands usually stop at their crotch area. Men's wrists go to their crotch areas so their hands pass the crotch area. 

-MEN females don’t have big wrists, big hands, and big feet like men. Women usually have smaller wrists, hands, and feet.

-MEN females’ index and ring fingers are usually the same length, whereas in men -- the ring finger and index fingers are usually a different length. Usually, the ring finger is longer than index finger -- but not always. It all depends on the testosterone intake -- they have endured during their lifetime. 


More Ways to Tell the Difference in Men and Women


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Robin's Story:

Chasing Men Away

Dear Cathy:

My name is Robin and I am a 44-year-old African American female fitness trainer. My body looks great so I would also like to meet a man with a nice body. I work out a lot at the gym and meet my clients there, who are mostly females. I believe I might be chasing men away from me because of how I look at them. I will admit that I do “mean-mug” men, not just some of the time, but I have found myself doing this a lot. What do you suggest I do to get away from mean-mugging men? Mean-mugging men, New York.

Dear Robin:

You answered your own question about why you are still single. If you want to meet a man with a nice body, the gym is the place to be. The definition of “mean-mugging” is to glare at another person with a sour look on one's face.

Men are very visual so no matter how great your body looks, if you are mean-mugging men, they will not only find you unattractive, but they will also think you are going to be too much work to build a relationship with, so they will simply move on. 

Not just move on but when they see you at the gym, they might even make a comment to other men, that every time they see you, you have a sour look on your face. Just remember one of the best ways to attract the opposite sex into your life is to SMILE MORE and stop “mean-mugging.”


Paula's Story:

Dating a Younger Man

Dear Cathy:

I got a divorce after 30 years. I am now in my early 50s. I moved across the country to live with my son, and now I am dating a man 25 years younger than me.  I have not told anyone, including my son and my other children about this man, but he has made me very happy. He does not see the age difference as a problem, but I am sure others will. What do you think? Dating a Younger Man, Texas

Dear Paula:

We live in a society that judges women who date younger men, but not men who date younger women, so age is irrelevant when it comes to love.  If dating a younger man has made you happy, then be happy. You are too old to worry about what other people might think of you, including your own children. 

Life is meant for you to live, love, and be happy. This is your life and at your age, you are setting all the rules, so be happy. There could be a blessing in disguise here also. For instance, dating a younger man should keep you feeling and looking younger, and because of his age, hopefully, he doesn’t come with too much baggage.

Other women and men, unlike yourself, don’t dare to do what you are doing. Many remain in loveless marriages, day in and day out, out of a sense of obligation, even though they are not happy.  Not only did you choose to move across the country, but you allowed your heart to be opened again, which is a rarity in these days and times. 

Remember that most people never leave the areas that they grew up in. Therefore, all your efforts to create the life that you truly love should be applauded. 

Cynthia's Story

In Love With My Friend’s Ex

Dear Cathy:

I have been friends with my friend for over 15 years. She got a divorce and is now married to a wonderful man. She never had kids, but now has two stepchildren. I am secretly dating her ex-husband, who was married to her for 20 years. I wasn’t attracted to him when they were together, but now I really love this man. 

I don’t know what to do about our situation. Do you have any suggestions on how we should handle this? How do I tell my friend that I am in love with her ex-husband or should my new mate tell her since they are still friends? Ex-husband Jitters, Boston

Dear Cynthia:

Falling in love with a friend’s ex-husband is a very complicated situation. No one would actually choose to fall in love with a friend’s ex-husband. Since it has happened to you, then you need to deal with it, and you should be the one who breaks this news to her.

One woman’s loss is another woman’s gain and despite what you think, she might be happy for you so you need to let her know what has happened. However, you might be left with the choice of choosing to stay friends or giving up your new mate. Therefore, you need to ask yourself, how important is her friendship?

True love is a rarity and it only comes around once for many people in this lifetime, so I would think about your decision wisely.  Meet with your friend or send her a written letter and explain to her what has happened. Let her know that during the time of her marriage, nothing out of the ordinary or no attractions took place. 

She is now married to another man and is probably happy, so again, she might just be happy for you too, especially since she and her ex-husband remained friends after the split. If that doesn’t work, then you might need to avoid her by not hanging out in places, where you know she will be. You also need to understand, that true friends don’t stand in the way of another friend’s happiness.

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