Divine Feminine Female Workshops:


-Marriage Responsibilities

-Preparing Natural Meals/Community Gardening Project

-Grooming/High-Frequency Clothing

-Table, Phone, and Computer Etiquette

-Charm School for Girls

-'Rite of Passage' Training for Boys

-Homeschooling vs. Private and Charter Schools

-Trade Schools vs. Colleges and Universities

-Humanitarian Projects (Mobile Learning, Education Centers, StarSeed Schools) 



-Starting Businesses

-Bringing Back Midwives and Doulas

-Healing from Past Life Traumas

-Spiritual/Writing Workshops/Retreats

-Elder Responsibility (#Village Concept)

Health Workshops:

-Top Steps to Rejuvenate and Reenergize Your Body through the Detoxification Process

-Top Steps to Clean Up Your Environment and Recover the Energy and Vitality You Had 10 to 15 Years Ago

Top Steps to Bring Down Your Numbers Naturally in 6 Months (weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, and triglycerides)

-Top Steps to Build a Strong Immune System

-Top Steps to Treat Depression Naturally

-Top Steps to Live to Be 100 Years Old

-Top Foods that are Genetically Modified/Engineered/ Altered

-Top Side Effects of Eating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

 Business Workshops:

-Top Sign of the Time Businesses You Can Start Within Two Weeks for Youth and Adults

-Top Steps to Take to Start Your Own Business

-Top Steps to Write a Business Plan

-Top Steps to Find Financing for Your Business

-Top Legal Aspects of Your Business

-Top Free & Low-Cost Marketing Tips

-Top Business Myths, Mistakes, and Scams

-Top Steps To Form Business Alliances, Strategic Partnerships, and Co-Ops with Other Businesses

Self-Publishing Workshops:

-Top 7 Steps to Publish a Book (paperback, e-book, audiobook)

-Top Steps to Open Your Own Company (Self-Publisher)

-Top Steps to Write a Book About Your Life or Industry

-Top Steps to Become a Ghostwriter, Editor, Proofreader, Typesetter, Freelancer, Columnist, etc

-Top Steps to Write a Business Plan

-Top Steps to Find Financing for Your Writing Business

-Top Free & Low-Cost Marketing Tips

-Top Legal Aspects of Your Writing Business

-Top Myths, Mistakes, and Scams in the Writing Industry

Available as E-book, Paperback & Audiobook


How To Write A Book - Audiobook Sample


Are you ready to make your dream of writing a book come true?

It's unfortunate that people have had to build new careers to take care of their families.  One of those careers are writing books. 

Did you know one of the best ways to get your issues or story out all over the country is by writing a book?

Have you submitted your work to large publishing companies or agents only to be turned down again and again?

Did you know that you can write a book and keep all your profits? It's called "Self-Publishing."

Who Should Read This Book

It was written for anyone who needs to know how the book industry works.

Fiction and Nonfiction writers with a book concept who need to know the next steps.

Writers with finished novel manuscripts who are starting to consider submitting to editors and agents.

Writers who are currently submitting their work and not getting the responses they expected or hoped for.

Previously published authors who have been out of the game and need a refresher for the digital era.

Other Questions Answered

What are the top ways to get all my questions answered in the writing industry?

Why are there so many lawsuits in the writing industry?

I want to open my own publishing company so can I just borrow an ISBN from another publisher?

What are the benefits of self-publishing my book?

What are the disadvantages of self-publishing?

What are the largest expenses in self-publishing a book?

Should I save money by just doing an e-book?

Should I use vanity publishers?

I am thinking about using one of the Print-On-Demand (POD) companies to put my book out.  What do I have to look out for?

How important is the title of the book?

How can I find out if anyone else has the title of my book?

How important is the book cover design?

How do I copyright my book?

What size should I make the book?

What goes on the back of the book?

What print size should I use?

How do you set the price of your e-book or paperback book?

How do I find book printers that deal with small print runs of 100 or 200 books?

Can ghostwriting for others be a profitable business?

Can the editor and typesetter be the same person?

My editor refuses to sign a contract with me to edit my book.  Should I go ahead and use this editor?  How do I find another editor who will sign a contract with me?

What are some non-traditional distribution avenues?

How do I get my book in schools and libraries?

When should I include an Appendix in my book?

Which book printers should I use?

What if I don't have enough money to pay to print my book?

My book just arrived from the printers, what internet sites do I need to post the book for free?

I plan on giving seminars and workshops when I start my publishing company.  Is it a good idea to give these seminars and workshops before my book is published?

What are some helpful books in the publishing industry?

I have so many book ideas but what’s a good way to pay for them all?


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